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Sister of the lovely girl series

Sister of the lovely girl series

"Ding Ling-Ling ..."

I Yi Gulu climb up, alarm clock on the pointer half past seven, thirty minutes short of the school will commence. I must be arranged within a short time my little sister Snooze to get up, wash, eat breakfast, take her to school.

Originally when these things are the responsibility of the parents, but God do evil, their parents two weeks ago to visit friends and relatives when the crash to the United States, so my brother is only affordable when all the responsibility. I usually always lazy, but now they must become diligent up. Although last night I order a company's emergency operations, almost midnight just to go home.

"The young girl, get up!" I first knock a young girl's bedroom, then went into the bathroom holding a toothbrush and razor, mirror quickly tidy appearance, and then began to prepare breakfast.

"Brother, I'll have a ham sandwich and a cup of tea." A nice soft voice into my ears.

"Come, come." I snappily turned and looked to the sound source.

Little sister, the United States wearing light blue jeans, tight white shirt, Qiao Lian flowery, graceful curves of the body so that my brother is also for themselves. Although only a small US-17 year-old girl, still in high school two older, but the physical development of the already very mature, and 168 centisatisfyers tall, slim waist, hips and firm, especially her bulging chest expansion, a pair of girls Huge rounded breast of youth, it is impressive, simply can be called big breasts.

Sosatisfyimes I would wonder, I wonder how could develop into such a sister, is it because I like to see A piece of Japan, especially those who like to see Big's AV actress of film, so we also arranged around me one?

Mel looked at me scramble to prepare breakfast, round eyes considerably water Lingling cheerful smile, think of sosatisfyhing even I do not know the, red, petite lips with unspeakable sexy, pretty tied up in a pony tail hair revealed white neck, beautiful face people s heart.

"If the U.S. is willing to help me a small trumpet, also willing to die I had." I do not know how, my mind suddenly had a thought.

I was shocked, quickly warned himself: "No cranky, this is my sister ..."
Although emergency remind myself, but I really could not help but want to have a pair of sexy little sister on the Big kneeling in front of their own, are working for their own oral sex, purple thick cock in her sister's kept out of the mouth, covered with small beautiful saliva, issued Yinmi Shuiguang.

Ah ... ... intense pleasure came from the lower body, such as a lightning blow in my mind. I can not bear, belly, a fever, gonorrhea of ??the semen into the mouth of a small warm and humid United States.

Little America "ah" sound Jiaoheng, all of my sperm swallow, his face red or flushed look at me ... ...
"Brother ... ... hurry up friends, I want to be late ... ... ..." I sweetly impatient sister to wake up, Mom, this is how the case, in broad daylight for the incest kinky dream, really abnormal, alas !

Suppressing the body overflowing with passion, I pretended nothing had happened to her sister on the early side, said: "Well, little beauty, fast food go to school."

Busy day in the company, after work, similar to bar colleagues happy. Originally I wanted to find a crush to play a shot, but think of the recent results of a small United States plumsatisfyed, her school teacher has told me to call, if we do not work next year will rise three, and now, but the critical moment, before a parents wore, of course I do not have to worry about, now do anything, and I had to go back with my sister homework.

After dinner, I accompanied a small United States in the living room doing homework. Because it is in their own homes, the United States to wear very casual small, tight-fitting cotton tank top, white shorts, tied into a pony tail beautiful long hair loose in the back of the head at random. Through that white tank top, barely visible inside the pink bra and full of the tall arched curve, sexy hot pants, the plump round Alice abundant buttocks that outline faintly visible.

God, a small US-punch delivered, youth unlimited carcass, the show lure of kicking me out of the endless waves of intoxication, could not help but cranky. A moment, I really want to go to toward the front of the girl hugged and kissed her mouth, rubbing her Big, of course, that plump and full, rounded very carefully caressing Alice's plump ass to play with some.

But alert the reason I can not do this incestuous acts, so as not to damage the small U.S. life.

Accompany the process of course is very boring review, but can not do anything. Sat on the U.S. side, as long as there is even a small United States do not understand their homework on the place, I would immediately answer. After all, I was also a graduate from Fudan University, to deal with these high school homework is not a piece of cake. However, I am discouraged that I do not know how little the United States, that are not simple math problems, but also how the college entrance examination like this ah?

I saw a frustrated look, a small U.S. timid authentic: "Brother, I'm sorry friends, all my fault, I too benzene it!"

I waved his hand and said: "Forget it, little the United States, after much effort on the line." In order to alleviate the pressure on small U.S., I said: "Anyway you into university does not matter to the company's work was a good brother . Otherwise, brother to send you to study abroad. little beauty, you are my only sister, brother always take care of you. "

U.S. can not help but seem small, nestled in my arms, then channel: "Brother, you very well."
Holding a small United States is full of wonderful elasticity and youthful carcass, I could not paste in her mouth sweet rosy lips and gently kiss. Like a lightning flash, a small body gently shocked the United States, surprisingly, she did not put me away, but the stretch arms around my neck, gently closed his eyes.

Days, I was doing this even? I suddenly wake up to the front of this red, sweet mouth, plump and graceful carcass belongs to my sister, ah, how can I ...? However, a small U.S. Why not resist? Does she ...?
I can not believe, but when I re-snout small beautiful lips, I could feel her tongue has tentatively stretched over, so I naturally first his tongue into the mouth of a small United States, began to vigorously suggestive. Meanwhile, my hand slowly to decline with, suddenly slipped round her plump little ass, and slid between her legs, probing gently rubbing a bit of her smooth slender thighs.

Small U.S. if a shock, a stiff body, opened his beautiful eyes, my eyes looked shyly, in her eyes, I saw not the blame, but blurred and hazy shy desire.

I could not bear, after a hard left hand, pull the little beauty sitting on my lap. When that round plump little beauty best bottom sitting on my lap, the little beauty also trained enjoin soon, backhand grabbed me and we kissed in the mouth tightly together. Soft, abundant buttocks aware I have a hard penis rise up in resistance, a small U.S. nervously writhing body, charming show is full of charming cheeks blushing, but she still did not try to break free of my embrace and caress.

I have forgotten is sitting in arms who only know there is a beautiful girl is looking forward to my further action.
My right hand a small clutch of U.S. soft thin waist, right across the thin little vest and bra to fondle her breast was full of tall, slightly panting little beauty, gently kissed me.

Mel and I are a little nervous, it certainly is going to happen for both sweet and romantic, full of fear of taboos.

Gradually, a small U.S. can no longer tolerate my touch, shortness of breath up, his mouth from time to time and groans of ecstasy once or twice: "Brother ... you ... good or bad ..."

I hug the little beauty in my legs tightly, warmly caressing her. I stroked the U.S. is too small Johnson blow, could not help plump body twisted, mouth and kissed my mouth, Jiao blow, blushing sounded. I slowly opened with trembling hands a small beautiful vest, take off her shorts. The United States with my small hands hips, put that little vest and hot pants close gently slipped out.

Then the whole body leaving only a small U.S. white lace bra and briefs, tender young body fat as smooth as jade, a glamorous girl almost naked body lying in front of me on.

In the United States with a small, I solved that small chic lace bra, very shy little beauty with one hand trying to cover the bare pair of Big TV drama. Of course I refused, her hands off: "Little America, so look at your brother's breast."

US-spoiled camel small twist of the body, his mouth like a baby ecstasy sound issue: "Well no, brother, you good or bad, to see her sister's breasts ... ... ah ..."

Having said that, but naughty japanese escort in Queens put that pair of extremely plump, huge breasts show in front of me. I believe we have seen the Japanese AV actress Anna Oura Big, small, and her beautiful breasts almost, at least some one.

Soft white, smooth with a small U.S. Rufeng breath trembled slightly, small nipples like two ripe grapes, the introduction of coveted. This is a small beautiful breasts do? I have been looking forward to long and desire of Big Breasts, finally unfolded in front of their own. Although small, only 17 years old United States, naughty japanese escort in Queens has owned a pair does not belong to young girls, breast full of lust and sensuality!

I hold the pair of large milk. As a shock-like, dumb pleasure spread through the body from the palm of your hand an instant. Small U.S. Jiaoheng a cry, a disturbed body torsion. My hands touch the small beauty breasts, fingers rubbing gently by: Mel body twisted, completely immersed into the excitement and thrill of being pleasant and enjoy my caress.
I do not know when, I fell in with the United States and the small sofa in the living room. Lying almost naked in a small US-yi, I buried her face in between a pair of towering Ru Feng, greedily sucking charming frankincense, mouth trembling Rufeng four weeks in swimming.

Small U.S. issued ecstasy breathing and moans. Kiss my lips and tongue licking it deep cleavage, up from the roots of breast kiss lick away. Tongue at the tip of the nipple and pretty dark around the areola.

At this time the U.S. has been unable to restrain a small, hasty panting, Unconventional a small Shengjiao up. I greedily opened his mouth, the little beauty into the breast with his mouth, tongue licking round yo nipples, suck, sucking, biting.
The United States has long been a small bar of soft bone crisp, fragrant perspiration dripping, Jiao blow. After a moment, my greedy mouth and down Wenqu, lips, tongue, their path, all the whole body trembling little beauty.

I licked her small navel kiss, kiss lick on the soft belly, and finally the United States that small little lace panties stand in the way of my progress. I face the United States to be affixed in a small narrow briefs that God wrapped in dense parts, separated by a thin lace, kiss her lower body, I felt her warm and wet pussy.

The bottom of a small U.S. briefs have been wet, I do not know sweat, or the United States from the vagina by a small outflow Yinye wet. I am deeply fascinated by, and while kissing licking her smooth thighs and rounded plumpness abundant buttocks. While the United States Kuajian slowly slipped out of small briefs.

Small plump beauty abundant buttocks upward tilt, combined with my last one to her modesty thing stripped.
A vibrant young girl all undressed body in front of me. This is what I dreamed of many times in her sleep the beauty of the carcass. White, smooth double-stranded, the sparse pubic hair was black inverted triangle cover, patrol the valley that mysterious, slightly protruding clitoris as cute as cardamom.

I appreciate the, praise of, could not help my face buried in a small U.S. Kuajian, leaving sparse fluffy pubic hair tease Chuzhuo my face, sucking the body that intoxicating incense. I am proficient with a small wet tongue licking beauty pubic hair, and kissed that micro-lung mons pubis, labia majora kiss licking smooth, nimble tongue to separate lubrication, wet labia minora, such as kissing licking small cardamom the clitoris.

This is what I played on the outside and the tongue of many women kinky techniques.

Mel probably did not think I will kiss lick her pussy, torsion of the body, such as current as the continuing bursts of pleasure hit, Buttocks stop twisting up quite get, so torsion, his hands clutching my head, body Jiaochuan issued joy.

U.S. small clitoris is a small kiss me lick up too strong, I went again into the small beautiful vagina tongue mouth, blowing gently stir it with a fold of the vagina wall.

"... Ah ... ah ... ... brother ... I can not stand ... do not ... ah ..." the United States issued a small cry of love, I am holding a small U.S. soft white plump abundant buttocks, his tongue as long as possible to force a small probe into the vagina U.S. in, sucking kiss licking her smooth delicate vaginal wall.

The United States as a shock to the body like a small tremor, bent sleek smooth white thighs, the plump Buttocks higher, so I completely suck kiss lick her vagina and vaginal wall. She torsion of Jiaoqu, Jiao blow, their plump breasts with both hands clutching kept squeezing, rubbing, forced to send a plump up very abundant buttocks, so that my tongue to probe more deeply into the kiss her vagina licking her vagina, wrapped sucking her clitoris.

With the waves of the body's trembling, small vagina flowing out of the United States a Unit Yin Ye, confused inside and outside her vagina smooth, slimy, made me face, mouth, which shares Yinye along the perineum flow to the anus, in white, juicy ass against the background of that small, dark red anus, such as budding lavender chrysanthemum buds, fascinated people. Ah, this is a small beauty beautiful sexy ass!

At the moment, the United States begun to taste the erotic sex little taste has completely high, and I understand that the time has come to put a few clothes naked body. When the United States to see my Kuajian small piece of thick, when the stiffness of the penis, could not help but surprised.

"Brother, your big cock!" U.S. small curious eyes wide open, staring at my enormous penis erection.
I am proud smile. Many girls say that my penis is like a small wooden club, like, every time which makes them very tough battle, but every time he saw, they have put it down, real estate broker with the mouth and try to soothe, let me enjoy the Yan Fu.

"Little America, on behalf of his brother suck on!" I requested.

Cute little beauty nodded, gently hold the penis real estate broker, began to lick out the uvula glowing glans.
Then, naughty japanese escort in Queens slowly put my penis in the mouth with a.

Strong dumb pleasure hit his mouth, the glans is a small U.S. oral sex for me, this is my dream. So while I caress the small beauty of the body, while said to her: "ah, good comfortable!"

Beginning, a small U.S. movement relatively unfamiliar, are not likely to get, I told her to move the mouth, tongue to lick, suck and while they contain, so that men will be cool. Very cute little beauty promised, and to do according to my words, my huge hard penis licking was wet, it is so cool. Of course, a small U.S. technology is inferior to oral sex I often fooling those women, but this is pure and charming girl, hard handling my cock, any man would Shuangwai Wai's.

U.S. open eyes small, very hard licking my penis and testicles, my hands are pitching, desperately rubbing her big breast, pinching her nipple, and finally a strong stimulus that I cried: "Little America I want to come up! "
Voice I hear, I quickly grew out of the U.S. population of the penis, the mercy of her lying on the sofa, then the United States single-handedly round the small rounded thighs, one hand leaning on the front of that huge penis aligned slippery hole, suddenly insert, Just listen to "AIDS" is heard, uttered a sharp little beauty Tongjiao, thick penis is inserted into a small look at the roots of the vagina in the United States, once inside her vagina up to make it full.

Inside her pussy out in bright red bloodshot.

After the beginning of a small melon-breaking U.S. almost fainted, I can only clung so hard and firmly insert the penis in her vagina. I lie in a small beautiful body, penis in her vagina slowly pumping the same time beautiful face and kissed her rosy lips began to gently action.

Small U.S. furrowed brow, then channel: "Brother ... ... sore, you light a little, not too hard, I am afraid of ... ...
So on ... ... ... ... "

The girl's vagina Jinzhai warm, thick my penis tightly wrapped, with the rhythmic contraction. When the glans penis touches the vagina at the end of that group of soft, warm, indistinct on the meat, the meat went so far as that group of small rosy mouth, like the United States wrapped sucking my penis, with truly ecstasy .
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