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Storm nude lead to sth.

Storm nude lead to sth.

Since Liu Hong Xue to meet with every day, called and asked if naughty japanese escort in brooklyn considered good. Later, Xue Liu Hong, a look is the phone, simply shut down. Liu Hong, does not see her take on for the phone call. Finally, Xue had to sleep the phone.

Xue know that dodging is certainly not an option. Originally she thought, they just do not agree, they will not get how she is. She thought of Liu Hong said, would not easily give it up, see the present situation, it is certainly not her casually.

Xue did not put this to tell her boyfriend Rui Zhao. He is sprint Entrance critical moment, naughty japanese escort in brooklyn did not want to distract his attention, to say he can not have any good way.

How to do? Report school? Schools may intervene, after all he can win with the school also has a great relationship, presumably the school is unlikely to matter. Can then I thought, this kind of thing and there is no evidence, if the other party to admit, the last sensation, they might themselves be very passive.

Xue Qi Hui thought, perhaps he could have the means.

Qi Hui in Shanghai love fashion clothing company's boss, Xue was in 2004 Dalian International Fashion Festival who knew him. At that time, the success of E. Land was held in Dalian, fashion exhibitions, in order to celebrate, the company specially entertained at the Hotel Furama them.

I do not know or deliberately arranged coincidence, the day just sitting in the Qi Xue-hui's side.

Qi Hui forties, shrewd, very polite people. Meal, Xue fuss from time to time, but also let her leave his phone number and said to her to make friends. Xue was wanted, if you really can turn in such a powerful friend, maybe a great help for future development. She is looking forward to that long can get along with friends, not the kind of flirtation solo friends.

The next day, Qi Hui to call that night to ask Xue dinner.

Xue said with a smile: "will not be Menyan it!"

Only Yimianzhijiao, just like him to eat a little too lightly, who knows he is the kind of person? Although the appearance of pious, the world can not eat fishy cat? Xue is a smart girl, how she did not want to dedicate themselves to it!

"Cheer up! Is neither a" hung door ", not" zipper ", I just want to find others to follow suit my dinner. "Qi Hui said.

Think, quite beautiful! I am not Monica Lewinsky, he was not Bill Clinton, how to become a "zipper"! Finally, she refused the illness.

As expected, only two days, Hui Qi's phone again.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, Dalian, being willing to give a face ah?" Qi Hui said.

"I can bring a friend?" Xue said deliberately.

"Of course you can, but you better come."

Perhaps Xue much concern, in addition to eating, what state did not happen. Qi Hui left a good impression on her, just like a gentleman. He is very knowledgeable and talkative, unlike some bosses so vulgar, two words can not do without yellow piece.

A few days later, Xue received a gift, is a new mobile phone, Qi Hui said that the first meeting is not ready now to make up. Later, Qi Xue Hui then please eat, wanted to decline but also embarrassed, and she had a premonition that sosatisfyhing may happen. However, she was deeply surprised that Hui Qi is introduced to her friends, drinking with them, singing and dancing, Qi Hui from a misdemeanor to have been even point implied at all. Qi Hui in every ten o'clock before she was sent back to school on time.

What is Qi Hui people, ah! As long as he wishes, what kind of woman do not ah! But he knew that this aloof, as Xue lofty for sale, is it working only with money, not all of them as money-hungry. For Xue, have to rely on the situation. Qi Hui almost always to Dalian, they have to meet with a, so from a few months, Xue Qi Hui has finally become a captive.

That is the Regency Hotel at the beach.

When a ray of sunshine from the curtains when the gap shot in the face, Xue woke up, like not see the sun, her own head with the sheet tightly blindfolded. Some moist eyes, her cry.

She has many times imagined himself the first time, imagine that the men and their appearance together, imagine that your body kind of pent-up desire. However, her only thought about that, actually put his body to a man and his nothing to do!

Although Xue repeated restraint with, but tears do not seem to listen, down from the corner of Shanshan.

naughty japanese escort in brooklyn was thinking that he loved this man? Obviously not, they just enjoy him and that, so how love ah! That is, to money? Of course not, she is now basically to feed himself.

So, why should own at her son's body to the surface only a few men at the turn? Xue like a long time, the answer may be only one, she too needs a strong and powerful arm.

The night before, with Qi Hui Xue to the second floor of the hotel looking the sea House seafood. Looking at the sea, taste the cuisine, Xue excellent mood, drank some wine.

Because the next day was Saturday, naughty japanese escort in brooklyn was not anxious to go back, they stay very late.

Qi Hui to that morning. He told Xue, tomorrow you have to go back.

"Such a rush!" Xue some dismay. Qi Hui has been almost a month did not come, she thought this time to stay for two days.

"No way Yeah!" Qi Hui, the tone in quite some frustration.

Qi Hui in the bike ready to open a special stay in Dalian, a black BMW with Xue sent back to school, Xue suddenly felt top-heavy, almost stumble in the car.

"Otherwise, they do not go on here and rest!" Leaning Xue Qi Hui said.

To the room, so that Xiaxue Ping Qi Hui in bed with a wet towel to wipe her face, and then she took off the coat, covered with thin quilts for her.

Xue time although groggy, but the brain still awake, Qi Hui has done her very clearly. She knew that their story with Qi Hui will happen sooner or later, the men find a woman for what? She had exclaimed Hui Qi that has dogged endurance.

Lying in bed, Xue hear the toilet "buzzing" sound of water, realized that what happens next.

However, when Qi Hui towel around the back room, lying in another bed and nothing happened, she can not help but feel strange.

Together for so long, Qi Hui only touched her hand, never over the move. This man can really sosatisfyhing special, for within reach of temptation, he really did not tempted? Does he have any special unique place? With people different?

Xue Rui Zhao thought.

Zhao Rui wants her several times, and even unscrupulous.

On one occasion, to find students Zhao Rui Xue lured in the name of the rent in the day. He told Xue, in their bedroom, he is the only one still virgin, he felt his loss of face.

Xue is not a virgin no matter what may be a virgin, she was a virgin too! When she found herself deceived, some warm anger. Although she knows Rui Zhao persevered all these years is not easy, she also wanted to use their bodies to repay; although she also wanted the field to explore the secrets of what men on the body; though she knew her often stir a man's body also needs to comfort, but she must not allow the use of such means, Zhao Rui deceive themselves.
Zhao Rui in the begging, the Xiaxue Yun Xu mouth with his hand or even to explore the hidden parts of his body. But no matter how pleaded Zhao Rui, she always kept the last line of defense, did not let his plot to succeed.

He is to give him, not let him in this way, it can not on such occasions, but not in such a state of mind!

It is a blend of soul and body! In Xue's mind, at least it should be romantic and warm in bed, and his beloved together, with no distractions, fun to enjoy each other hugging, kissing, carnival until the mania.

Later, Xue Zhao Rui said that if he did not lie to her that day, perhaps make his plot to succeed.

Xue has been a passive acceptance of Zhao Rui's feelings. Rui Zhao from the high school began to like her, for her, when the entrance to give a better Rui Zhao school, followed her all the way from Shenyang to Dalian. Rui Zhao for her better, she thought it felt more uneasy than she does not like Zhao Rui, Rui Zhao is not cute, because her heart is not here, she wanted to realize their dreams, their heart is not yet want to pay to others.

Understanding of Qi Hui after she thought that a sense of guilt, I feel very sorry Rui Zhao. She intends to alienate, and just ignore him. Zhao Rui can not so good to get rid of, from Dalian, Shenyang, catch up, that kind of tenacity can be imagined.

Xue has a habit, do not clean can not sleep. Qi Hui sent to see the side of a slight snoring, she gently out of bed. Think of this wine's potential is so big, her head still some faint gooey.

Into the bathroom, she took off her clothes. First brush your teeth, and then to cast their own bath fluid from top to bottom, when she picked up the shower head, she suddenly "ah" sound is called up, head lying on a twenty-three cm long worms!

Xue Qi Hui was awakened by the calls, no one saw the bed, he rushed to the bathroom a vigorous, see Xia Xueguang yo stood, shivering.


See Hui Qi, Xue flew to his arms. "There's a worm!" XIA Xue tearful.
"Oh, all right." He ripped a toilet paper, crush insects thrown into the toilet.

See Xue naked, Qi Hui ripped a towel from the towel rack, put to her. Xue wants to help him to bed, Xue said: "I have not wash it!"

"Then you wash it."

"You do not go, I'm afraid."

See Xue so that Qi Hui picked up the nozzle, open the valve, test the water's temperature, for Xue shower together.

Xue shyly turned around, leaving only the back facing the Qi Hui.

Xue was in the water on the delicate skin slowly down.

Elegant back, slender waist, hips attractive, sexy thighs, so unbearable Qi Hui desires, no longer hold their own, a thin piece of crotch underwear has been worth a high uplift.

He put down his head, stretched out his hand, in Xue's back, buttocks, thighs gently stroking back and forth up and down.

Qi Hui of stroke in the next, Xue feel whole body there are numerous bugs in the tear of their own. She gasped, turned, and the top of his chest full of Qi Hui in the chest.

She watched Qi Hui, in addition to the playful tone still desire: "You could not have the time?"
"You're so beautiful! Embrace of beauty, if also Zuohuaibuluan, it soon immortality."

Hui Qi down and kissed her breasts.

"I thought you were with another man is not the same?" Xue Chi Chi with a smile, a face peach, Jiaochuan again and again, she also put his thigh to the lower body by Qi Hui to go where she wanted to feel hardness.

"Different?" Qi Hui did not understand what she meant.

"Now, I know, you kinda stick it!"

Xue Qi Hui picked up, her gently on the bed.

Xue who Nianman drops, Qi Hui mouth to lick her a little, he felt the secretion of body fluids when Xue, savory, and sweet.

Xue covered her face with both hands.

Qi Xue-hui's hand gently over the body. Rounded breasts, smooth belly, between the fresh legs of virgin land, slender beautiful legs, every inch of crystal clear skin, and even two feet, Xue him everything perfect. He exclaimed Creator unfair advantage will be so much focus on a woman who other women would not be mad?

At that moment, Qi Hui and even some hesitation, he is eligible to enjoy this perfect body.

Qi Hui did not see the movement, there is no action, Xue whispered: "What are you doing?"

Qi Hui quickly took off his underwear, riding in XIA Xue body.

Two night lingering. This is the first time as a woman Xue.

Bedside table with a glass of milk and a snack she could not utter the name, Qi Hui pretty careful. Pressure below a note: "If I hurt you, please forgive! I went to the airport, sosatisfyhing to call me."
It should be said Xue was more fortunate. Qi Hui not only because of money, but because it is concerned about Qi Hui Xue. Began, he was Xiaxue Qing pure and beautiful appearance to attract, then launched a series of offensive. Last night, he was surprised to find, Xue even a virgin! He did not think that in today's materialistic, but also into the water in a vulnerable industry, Xue also the case nose clean!

Qi Hui viewed countless women, he and his first for a girl had a relationship to feel guilty. Xue woke up so no other, and quietly left.

Since then, Qi Hui to Dalian several times every month, sosatisfyimes official, sosatisfyimes is, and Xue came to meet most of the time is come and gone, stay a night on the return.

Usually not particularly important thing, Xue never take the initiative to call him. Can this thing is too important, even if not help her Qi Hui, at least you can help her get an idea. She tried to call a mobile phone Qi Hui, the computer turned off the voice prompts. Playing his office telephone, the secretary said, Let the total to the field meeting. As for where to meet when the back? Secretary knew nothing.

But how? 10 days ago, Qi Hui has been to Dalian.

Xue felt the waves of coolness.

Perhaps no one can for her share, and no friends can talk, she must be left alone to face all this.
Xue is young, because childhood growing up in a special environment, so she is not a timid person. She used to think of what kind of the way, how their interests are not undermined the premise solution to this crisis.
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