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Music teacher and I

Music teacher and I
That is what happened last month. As I was Dugao San. Immediately at the entrance Pro, so the pressure is very big! Even my girlfriend did not have many days to come to me! So I am depressed! She is also a third year student! This time of who are very nervous! As before, it is impossible to indulge your friends. Day in the life of the school in addition to learning or learning made me dizzy for.

A rainy afternoon, I finally can lightly to point it! School because the teachers to a meeting today, so the class will be fun to get going. Some are playing games, and some objects and their tugging back and forth. Gansha have.
And I lie on the table to sleep. Too sleepy it! Do not know how long. Was awakened by a burst of sounds. I looked up! Found that all the students in cheers! Later learned. The original leaders of the school entrance before the review was too afraid of us feeling the pressure! Ready to open in recent days, a party! To relax. I am also very happy.

Two days later! Party at it! Been very busy. We are very happy to play. After the party!
Two students left the classroom with my cleaning there is still a man. The house a mess. Montreal all plastic bags and hair Kepi. This time of the boys, the phone rang it! To something like home.

He told me he simply said: "Long ah! Sorry ah! Something my family was excused! You a person can do it?"
I said: "Fuck! When Hou go! Want my exhausted ah!"

He did not speak! Very embarrassing way.

I had to return to the sentence: "Well, well! Not the whole way it! I can not stand! You go! Ask me another day Internet ah!"

Then he smiled and said: "No problem. How many points on the line ah!" Then they hurry gone.
Oh I sigh. Continue sweeping the classroom. At the right time! The door came a teacher. That is our class music teacher.

naughty japanese escort in bronx looked at me and said: "Zhang Long ah! Tape recorder to help me get this."

I said: "Good! Will come to the podium next to the recorder showed her."

She took the tape recorder! Looked at the classroom. Said: "how would you clean a person ah!"

I said: "That man has something to go home!"

She said: "It can be tiring of you! I will return to help you."

I quickly turned down: "Do not do ah! Teacher! You to busy your right. I am a man nothing." Teacher smiled and said nothing and turned away. I looked at the messy floor. Shook his head! Then sweep the floor.
20 minutes later. To Saowan it! The mop it! I picked up the mop to the water spray. Back at the right time is found inside a man dragged to it! I hurried into a look! The original teacher of music in Korea.

I was taken aback. Quickly said: "the teacher ah! Really do not ah! You go faster!"

She said: "To have come! Also take anything! Say also cleaning Wanla fast!"

I can not find reason to decline. Had to say: "Oh ... thank you ... that is really the teacher friends."

naughty japanese escort in bronx smiled and said to me: "Do not! Teacher should be. Then they turned to drag the podium."

Then I found. Today, the teacher wearing a black leather leather pants. The age of 21 she was put on this dress look glamorous. A pale yellow hair around the temples, is particularly charming.

Her back to me. Mop drag is to take the podium, naughty japanese escort in bronx hunched. The beautiful buttocks are tightly wrapped in black leather pants. Tower stands as the valley as the sky. Between stock and two pair of slender legs to form a charming curve. See my blood boil. Kind of fire between his legs like a feeling.

I really want to rushed forward. Clawed her pants. The swelling of my cock hard to die inserted in her attractive in the gluteal cleft.

Not perceptible to the teacher what the drag turned the podium over to walk behind me. Seemed to move the table.

I clearly see that the teacher is black leather wrapped chest tall Breasts, wore the same tower as the two black leather. Erotic lips that from time to time with her little red tongue licked, get me horny.

I stared at her eyes peering in the mature body. naughty japanese escort in bronx did not feel I have something wrong, I move back to the table. That chubby buttocks also kept swinging. My cock erected tall, do not know that I was carried away by passion, or how the fans.

I went straight to the teacher, I wore my pants severely swollen cock inserted in the teacher's hips. The teacher quickly turned and saw my flushed face and my Kuajian the stick.

She was surprised, in the eyes go past a Jisi blame and anger.

I suddenly know what to do. Mouth hesitant to say a few words: "the old teacher ... ... ... ... ... ... you are very attractive person. ... ... I did not fall upon the control of ... ... ... ... ... ... not afford." Then I quickly eat their words.

naughty japanese escort in bronx did not even angry. But smiled and said: "Nothing ah! Well ... you ... this little child is normal."
I do not blush to speak. Do not know I was stupid or deliberately, looked up and saw the teacher chest wall lime.

I reached out a hand and said: "The teacher your clothes dirty, I help you pat." This film does not matter, actually photographed her up shares of the breast. That soft with the hard to the touch so I can not help asking squeezed.

Teacher Jiaohu loudly: "ah ..." I looked up and saw the teacher that blushing cheek. Looked at her sexy clothes could not cover the body.

I also attend to what ethical matter, to hold fast to the teacher, in her creamy Qiao Lian crazy kissing.
I pushed hard for the teacher. Said: "I am your teacher, how could you. Kuaifang Kai me."
I looked at her confused. Said: "The teacher in Korea, you know? I first saw you at the right time was your fascination. Age and ethical limitations can not I have an obsession with your friends. I want you! I want you," I do not know unconsciously I actually call out a certain baffling is the issue of pornography in the lines.

I am excited to teachers across the clothes feeling that mature body. Sometimes slide her hands tall chest straining upon her. Gradually, the teacher stopped the fight.

I do not know if she was touched by my work out or lust. She actually muffled sigh.
I looked around. Found the door not closed. I ran to shut the door. Locked from the inside, they immediately ran back, leaning on the table that will be semi-sexy body in his arms, put her black leather Paxia, which is a white sweater.

I tear up the sweater. Saw a black lingerie, embroidered swan pattern, I tear up the underwear, "wow ..." I could not help exclaim out loud, inside a red red bra that covered half of the cover Banlu towering Jiaoru , exudes a mature woman unique body fragrance that reveals a pink soft white cleavage is so the hook, I tear up bra with his teeth.

"Ah ... ..." a pair of cone-shaped breasts bounced out, and that milk and tender body in vain, that Rujian a trace of a pale pink. I will be hands covering her breasts, kneading excitement that accompanied the rugged waves teacher language: "ah ah ... ... little rascal ..."

I am even more excited, and seize it for Jiaoru rub against each other, teeth grinding teacher a gentle tear LIMA.
Cover the teacher's right hand gently upon her right breast was pink Rujian.

The already large breasts teasing my hard even under the more quite, as if to milk can be squeezed out. I will head deeply buried in the teacher that fragrance bursts of cleavage, the mature woman fragrance smell the TV drama, TV drama sexy taste of flesh.

So play for half an hour, my cock hard sore.

Teachers also flushed two legs stop friction, so I know play it again, I'll word within the.
So I reach out to the teacher's black leather pants Yexia, turn inside the knitted wool trouser, pants all Paxia. Finally, one being sexual secretion was soaked wet white panties in my eyes.

I will then underwear Paxia, which is a cluster of lush dark jungle, following which reveals that the blood-red pink hole, stop pouring out white liquid, a very strong smell and flavor and Grievance to.

I inserted a finger in the teacher's pussy like a piece of stick inserted into the skin like the whirring of the mud.

I advise turning the plow to pull the plug, issued a scarred voice.

Eyes half-open eyes half closed with the teacher, creeping out of the lips dripping drops of water, sounded flushing, facial expressions, uncomfortable in with enjoyment, mouth issued obscene voice: "ah ... you will be very little Mao Haizi, ah ... ... ... ... ah ... I'm so sad ... confused teacher ah ... ah ... Come ... ... ... ... ah ... ah ... ah ... "

With the sound of the waves in that language, I will that hole with your fingers next to the two hypertrophy of the labia majora or so opened, exposing the inside of that thick white liquid and a mass of obscure meat tenderizer, I will head buried in between her legs.
My tongue licked lightly on both sides in that Xuekou, teachers seem to stand such a stimulus, two legs fiercely clip, which makes my neck sore, so one clip, a jet out of the dark pussy an raging sexual secretion splashing in my face.

I will aim Xuekou mouth, will jet out of the sexual secretion that not a drop left of the drink into his mouth, thick choking smell fishy show I am sick.

I looked up and take a breather, I did not expect the teacher folder on two legs more tightly, but also hand hold my head. Wearing of the pubic hair that had my nose! I want to sneeze. Which shares a growing number of sexual secretion coming down all the power of my mouth.

I started to feel there is no feeling of nausea it! But a pleasure, so I crazy teacher that white thick drinking sexual secretion, not when the teeth bite inside it with meat tenderizer.

Teacher crazy turn of the hip, sexy body that has become increasingly hot.

I suddenly remembered an important place did not have to cool, then raised his head hard! Bankai teacher's legs, the teacher said: "My teacher in Korea ah! Flow of water below you can really taste good, I want to lick your ass! Can not turn ah let me see!"

Laoshi I heard some words obscene Such is Life, the motionless! It just rubbed his hands on Breasts.
I had rolled over her hard, her legs bent, and that huge white buttocks high tilt, I grabbed her hands half of the hip peak force to break apart on both sides, kneading with abundant buttocks the white double-hill; oppressed by both sides of the bulge Rouban, issued seductive light, twist bottom.

I was forced to seize two meat mound, poke to the limit level, and then frantically licking expand open secret valley, feeling kind of dumb to teachers shout: "I want it ... ... ... ... Come Do not get another of the ... "
And so I did not go, and still feel like not strong enough! Rubbing her white buttocks two groups.
I removed the head, the left hand fingers and thumb with his right hand inserted into it! Straining to break apart on both sides, mouth align teacher in Korea show that juice dripping asshole, while licking mad fierce suction, and occasionally will hand over her smooth back, enjoying the slippery feel.

At this point the teacher has been in Korea before and after the stimulation, she saw a spine, hands grasp the sides of the doom of the tables and chairs, two legs clamped hard, it would have been a lot more support asshole mouth open a lot.
Her lustful shouted: "... ah ... ah ... well ... sick again ... ... ah ..." once again a large number of vaginal sexual secretion poured out, drop in the concrete floor below us.

I saw such beautiful scenery prostitution, licked her harder Sao Hong Hong's asshole, my right hand went around to the front of her, reached into that wet Yin Xue in the churning. My fingers often a move, they bring out a bit of sexual secretion.

She's rubbing it hard with both hands on the Breasts, looked from the side, she was licking it with tongue rosy lips, her chin on her saliva has been covered.

I will head up and looked around and found that the students do not know which foot will be forgotten in the table cells friends. So I took over, would spit in the ruler, from her ass on the slowly inserted into it.

The angular grid size may be blown meat inside her asshole. She Di Hu a cry: "Well it hurt ... ... ah ..."

I do not care that can be two-thirds of the ruler are stuffed inside.
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