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Single aunt pregnant with my child

Single aunt pregnant with my child My childhood living in the country three years ago, I was fifteen years old in the year, parents are suffering from a serious illness, unfortunately, have Sashouxiqu. Elderly grandfather can not supply my school, had to take me to the provincial capital aunt there.
Aunt, aged 42, is the first batch of students after the Cultural Revolution, in a study of organs, a senior engineer.

In college, my aunt is a famous beauty, Yi Miqi height, Painting the figure, large and bright Dan Fengyan, a long black shawl made of oil, and wherever, can lead to a hot boy the eyes. Third year of college, the aunt talking about an object, is the school's top students, but also a very good boy.

They are very, very in love, the school say they are a Shenxianjuanlv, I do not know how many boys and girls envy.

Unfortunately enough, they graduate a year later, in the week before getting married, my aunt's boyfriend in the street to buy a car accident when the wedding supplies, and destroy young lives. Aunt lose, do not swear in the future to find a boyfriend, single life. Thoughts of her heart on her boyfriend all used in the work have been very prominent in the flat part of the core technical staff. Aunt of high wages, bonuses high school I did not supply any problems. And my aunt had no children, I became an orphan, my aunt took me as his own children. In my grandfather sent me to the day, my aunt would smile grandfather said: give me your grandson when the child. Grandpa do not agree, saying: I can not do, so I can not cut off a grandson of incense on the graves. Aunt really think of me as her own child, I not only bought the best clothes, gave me to the best schools. But I do not live up to expectations, academic performance has been stagnant. But can not blame me, when the basis of poor in the countryside, and how hard school can not keep up. My aunt seems to understand the difficulties, never to blame for poor test scores I, on the contrary always encouraged me not to lose heart, to actively catch up.

Fast forward three years later, eighteen-year-old high school I graduated. Although attended the college entrance examination, but from the scores of a large portion of poor children. Aunt to comfort me: it does not matter, and then review a year, admitted for next year. One by one to see other students get the college acceptance letter, I am very very depressed and disappointed. See my aunt at home Mende Huang, said: you do not at home all day, and go find your classmates play. Looking to find it, much better than bored at home. But do not go to college students looking to play, only to find a few like me to play the students not admitted.
That night, I went bright home. Knock on the door several freshman will not open. I think it might be bright people out of the house, was about to turn back, when the door was suddenly opened. Bright stuck his head, and looked nervously at me, and look outside, asked: no other people, right? I nodded and said: who else. Bright one pulled me into the door, shut the door hurriedly, mysteriously said to me: Come, I father my mother something out, I let you see good things. I smiled and said: You can have anything good? He took me by on the sofa, said: wait a bit you know. Then turn on the TV. Oh, that he was looking at the video.

Video put out. I just looked at it, I felt a sudden blood on the Bay is also a big head up. Was originally put on TV is pornographic videos, a naked man, a girl in desperately torn clothes. Girls struggling, persevering effort inadequate, man stripped naked by the end pressure in the body, the thick penis into the girl's lower body. Bright asked me: how, well, right? Although I bad mouth said, his eyes are not willing to leave the TV screen. The man holding tightly naked girl, kept in Choucha. I think my penis has gradually rose up.

I was afraid shiny look out on the hand on the penis, pressing tightly. However, the heart buried for 18 years but suddenly blooming sexuality, how are irrepressible. Back home, lying in bed, how do I also could not suppress their sexual desire. In addition to my aunt, I did not had dealings with another woman, so my heart can not help but think aunt. Although 45 years old aunt, but in my eyes, naughty japanese escort in Long island was so beautiful, so young.
I know this idea is evil, but I do not control their own brain. That night I wet dream, while in a dream to have sex with me is my aunt. The next day, my day did not dare to face her aunt.

From that day on, I see the yellow video on the addiction, often to the house look bright. This kid does have the ability bright, thinking nothing, by not re-sample the video. The most exciting people and dogs is a war film, starting with a woman with a male dog to mate. I really opened the eyes, the dog had sex with a woman can do! Male dogs that do almost the same man, a woman knelt down just one, it quickly with a pair of front legs and hugged the woman's waist, the penis into the woman's vagina. I see the male dog's penis colleagues about the large and small, but the root has a thick knot, all buried in the woman's vagina. Later, a man with a bitch mate. Men naked, pulled in front of the bitch, bitch slowly body lying on the body, setting off its tail, the thick penis into the bitch's vagina. With male and female mating, men kept Choucha, fierce sprint final, all fired into the semen in the bitch's vagina. I asked the bright, this bitch will be pregnant? Born children look like? Shiny do not understand, just say: probably not pregnant, I seem to read from a book, said mating between different animals are not pregnant.

I desire more and more intense. Hot summer weather, my aunt wearing a short skirt walked in front of me, so I could not be more self-suppression. I really want to be an aunt in his arms, naked pressure up. These days, I secretly to the street to a small bookstall bought some pornographic magazines to see, to grasp some of the techniques. I masturbate every night, sometimes several times a night to shoot fine. Later, an article inspired me. The article said that his wife is a dead man, for he was twelve-year-old daughter played Xie Xin, secretly bought some sleeping pills into her daughter's job, the other daughter, raped her after sleeping. Daughter even after waking do not know how, to twelve-year-old daughter has been pregnant. I thought: I have to go buy some sleeping pills so that my aunt eat, not to become a good thing? The thought of this, I was moved to the night did not sleep.

Went ahead the next day after breakfast, so my aunt had gone to work, I took to the streets to find a pharmacy. After a few pharmacies in the running, and finally bought a twenty sleeping pills. Day is spent in uneasy. Non-success, in one fell swoop! I pressed the twenty sleeping pills into powder in a small package wrapped in paper, and hides in the pillow, like eating dinner when the meal go down to the aunt. Unfortunately, say, six o'clock in the afternoon, my aunt called and said the unit to work overtime, do not come back for dinner, and told me to just eat at home. I was extremely disappointed! Original thinking can become a good thing tonight do not seems to become. I am listless, careless instant noodles to eat a little, sitting in the living room watching TV. TV also could not stand, then returned to the bedroom, put out of view several pornographic magazines. Who would have thought more clearly, such as fuel, growing sexual desire, like aunt began their relationship with the idea of ??the more intense. TV stand, sleep and sleep, I tasted a taste of Day Break.

Ten o'clock, my aunt did not come back; eleven, and my aunt still did not come back. Until twelve o'clock the bell rang over a long period of time, I stumbled on the sofa when you want to fall asleep, my aunt came to open the door only.
I quickly walked up and said: aunt, you came back? See I have not slept aunt, has been waiting for her, very pleased, said: plus a full day and night classes, just getting worn out, okay, tomorrow morning to rest, not to work. Asked me: obviously, you eat yet? I said: eat, eat instant noodles. You do aunt? aunt sat, and said: I have eaten, but food not very good. You give me a glass of water to go, did not spare one day some water, almost died of thirst.

I am an ecstasy: chance again! I took the cup, first put sleeping pills in my room out, then go to the kitchen pour. When I started shaking the sleeping pills poured into the cup, and stir with chopsticks, when my heart hanging up. I put the glass on the front of my aunt, looking forward to my aunt immediately put the drink down. But my aunt is not urgent, then turn on the TV and began to read. I said: aunt, do not you tired? Also how to watch TV? Aunt for a chuckle: too tired, the moment could not sleep, watch TV, relax, so instead of sleep faster.
Obviously, it is late, you go to sleep. I said: aunt came back, I am not sleepy, I would accompany my aunt for a TV to see it. Aunt laughed: You're a child, all points, but also to accompany me to watch TV? I want to look for a bar.

Aunt watching TV, but I always focused on the sleeping pills that put a cup of water, looking forward to my aunt drink it right away, so dark and dreary. Aunt, but could never move the cup. After a half an hour, it seems that my aunt's sleep is also up, naughty japanese escort in Long island  stood up, stretched, said: Well, sleep it. Then go out into the bedroom to go. I saw my aunt did not drink, Xinxia Da emergency, quickly said: aunt, your water, not drink it? This reminds aunt not to drink the water, reach for a cup, and said: just the water is cold. Breath into a full glass of water and drank it all. This put my mind completely.

Returned to the bedroom, I am restless heart was particularly severe. Wait for half an hour, I estimate the effects of the medicine out, went to my aunt on the bedroom door gently listen, there is no sound. Knocked on the door, and no movement.
I know the potency of the real attack of sleeping pills. Ecstasy, I am busy strip back their own bedroom, again with the aunt secretly bedroom door key out of key is used, the door to her aunt. To be safe, I hard knock the door of her aunt, or no movement. My heart is ecstasy: successful, aunt soon become my wife. My aunt opened the door gently. Auntie lit a small indoor wall, is not dark. I saw my aunt lying in bed sleeping, wearing only a small body belts, did not even wear a bra, look just like a sleeping beauty. Aunt forty years old, she was still as good as keeping the skin such as fine white fat.

I went to bed, covered with the aunt who had a newspaper, then gently press in on her aunt naked body, rubbing her hands a pair of breasts, and she could not help hard mouth to mouth kiss. I suppressed the number of days of sexual desire to be released in full tonight. Penis getting hard, and a bit much. I thought: Do not wronged it.
My aunt put the penis on the vagina. Tips for sex, I see a lot of video on a, is no stranger. My aunt's hand gently separate the labia, the glans on the inside, gently creep. Aunt's vagina getting moist, while starting out with water. I know mate of the time is ripe, it will be out of my aunt's legs and then sub-divided, lower body gradually augmented. I know that can not be fierce force, as the aunt of the vagina will tear. My aunt the penis into the vagina gradually. Well, I suddenly felt a little inside the barrier, as if the hymen. Nice, my aunt is still a virgin. This time I'm completely taken up her aunt's body.

Aunt forty years in the years ahead, for the first time by a man invaded the Holy Land, and is smaller than her twenty-year-old nephew. I think this can be considered under the aunt worth. I Tude a hard, once drilled into the penis. Aunt threw a body seems to move, I know I have broken my aunt at the child's body. Aunt has now become a real woman, and I have become a real man, but also from the standpoint, we were also a pair of truly become husband and wife child. My wife's aunt firmly pressing body, lower body hard to the inside top.
Aunt wife's vagina is very tight, my penis tightly surrounded. I feel better very, aunt and wife to hold hands tightly, kept Choucha with. Eighteen years of madness, tonight finally released out. The aunt who, I enjoy life in the extreme. I became the aunt of a man, my aunt became a woman.
Aunt, when forty years of a virgin, I was finally a breakthrough tonight was my possession. I share with my aunt's body, I enjoy his wife's body. Finally, sexual desire has finally reached its peak, my wife's aunt severely in my vagina all the sperm injection. Impulse finally slowly subsided. When my aunt's penis in the vagina gradually becomes soft, I then remember the fear. This is the crime of incest. She is my aunt pro, how will my penis into her vagina go it? Moreover, the aunt was a virgin, a forty years maintained at the child's body, naughty japanese escort in Long island  can forgive me? My body down from the aunt, aunt of the lower body first got toilet paper wipe.
My aunt's pants stained with semen, but also stained with her virgin blood. This is the combination of evidence, I could not bear to lose, they pressed on my pillow. I take a wet towel to wipe her aunt's lower body, packed everything, sure did not leave a trace in only after the return to my bedroom. How I can not sleep, her first possession of a virgin, and that feeling is beautiful, the whole body really floating feeling. I think: Do aunt found.

I got up early the next day. The door to my aunt to see, without any movement. It seems my aunt do not get up. Until eleven o'clock, my aunt just came out from the interior, a little bit of a crooked one oblique. I am busy to meet her, rhetorical said: aunt, how? Aunt said: Nothing, just a little stomach discomfort, a little pain.
I know that my aunt was a virgin, do not know the mystery, to say the two of us at home, she would not want this talent. It did, my aunt did not actually lose your virginity to me that she had, she kept forty years at the child's body also took possession of me to go. My aunt's ignorance emboldened, after more than a month already, I also used several means to share the same aunt's body. Aunt from the first possession of about two months, one day was eating breakfast, my aunt suddenly throw up. I hurriedly asked: how the aunt? Aunt said: no, a bit sick?

I was shocked: how, aunt pregnant with my kids? But I do not dare saying killed, only pretending to know when he said: It is not a cold? Aunt said: It may be cold, all right. Aunt nausea half a month's time, finally got better. Aunt to eat a lot of drugs, also played several bit, she thought drug use played a role. I knew that the fetus has already begun in her long. That was my child, my aunt combined with the results. However, my wife did not know. I am afraid that this kind of thing in the world and it is rare. Now, more than three months pregnant aunt. naughty japanese escort in Long island  has not yet aware of. I think, as the fetus grew up, she will know sooner or later. Should I tell her the truth?
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