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Daze my twin's young sister

Daze my twin's young sister

My sister and I are twin brother and sister. As we grew older, mature slowly, cheeky chinese escort in brooklyn has become more beautiful, beautiful oriental body reveal the kind of sexy and charming. I have often thought that such a good beauty Pizi, let others enjoy the white, not white blind you! So I have been looking for an opportunity to start to enjoy my sister charming figure! Finally one day her chance! My parents went a long break to go traveling to three months to come back. I thought to myself: This is a great opportunity, then do not start now, when!

cheeky chinese escort in brooklyn has not come home to take advantage of, to all things ready, for the XX point up on yellow
To say! After a while, I heard the doorbell rings, it is running around tending to open the door, is really my sister back (because our family always someone at home, so my sister has never been without a key)! Sister came in, and I hit a hello, then go turn on the water bath. Sister, put away the water, they go to her room to take things. So I hurriedly prepared aphrodisiac scattered in the bathtub and then I continue to see me sitting XX yellow fiction! After a while, my sister out of the bath, wearing a bathrobe thin as onion skin, and that the line is more charming it! Sister that looked charming figure, my cock slowly to the tent! Right on cue, a few minutes, my sister has facial flushing, restless legs began to move up. At this time, I used a pre-prepared under the drugged drink, ended in front of his sister and asked her: "how, Lan Lan (my sister's nickname)? Ill? Drink it first ! "sister do not suspect fraud, one breath he gave the drink drink down. Because I was under the drugged than larger, less than half a minute, then pour in the XX sister sleeping on the past. I shook her hard, a little reflection and no. So, I hold to my sister put the bedroom.

I have enough time to do what I want to do arbitrary things to work. To such a beautiful, soft girl on his back on the bed, my heart pounded, really a little scared. But when I see this pretty face, eyes closed and lips like cherries exquisitely carved body, overwhelming desire of all, my dick tent up early. I am shaking hands, took off his sister that the gauze-like robes, white cotton bra thing that catches my eye, and then light the dark button release bra, a pair of dazzling white breasts jumped into my eyes, sister skin like satin, smooth slender Yu Jing, upright instead of sagging breasts, firm elastic, two pink nipples the size of like a cherry general. Closed long eyelashes, Peugeot's face, so beautiful! I swallowed deeply. What a modern Sleeping Beauty!

What do first? From the top Come on! I Chuixiao let this Sleeping Beauty! My sister's body to the bed over a little, standing before her head, hands leaning over the side of her head, just in front of my pants, I took to erect the penis erect in front of her, one hand head, the other hand grasp my dick rubbed her beautiful Qiaolian to erase, closed her eyes and face, nose, hair brush to wipe between the end, stopped in her cherry-like a small mouth. I start gently by hand to open her lips, then opened her neat and white grid of small broken teeth, also just, "Puchi" soon, my second child inserted into it, my sister's mouth tight tight wrapped my penis, there is no trace of cracks, pumping my cheek with the ups and downs, soft and moist Xiangshe a ride in my penis, the teeth and gently rub with my "Yuzhu" , and then looked at her closed eyes, she was unconscious I do not know this brother Chuixiao in it. I think this is definitely her mouth penis first contact with a man Oh! Unconscious of her tongue motility, but conscious of sucking more than interesting. My sister's head with both hands clinging to speed up the frequency of pumping up the lower body, destroy the long penis deep into her throat, her pumping penis with saliva flow down along the mouth. My left hand is not idle, turns kneading pair of breasts rubbing and pressing her small nipples, in my hard work, the sister of one pair of soft, smooth and elastic the more touching breasts, the more the more rubbing Ting, nipple pink color gradually changed from bright red, papillae high tilt. I think she did so in this life is too stimulated! Pumping more than fifty second child I could not help but think the next shot, I think it can not, I do not cool enough, so stop pumping, so that her second child with her warm wet mouth in Bari, on the pulse of the penis beating, feeling her sister's mouth brought me a strong sensory stimulation. Rest a bit, I cling to her head and began a second round of bombardment. My sister's face as a movement has become more rosy. Has been almost more than three Choucha under, along with my body like an electric shock convulsions, my fine off a loose, hot heat wave flooded out, I will insert a penis deep throat sister, where an ancient brain The shot out, and I raise her head, so that the shares of semen into her esophagus, not a drop left. Due to excessive excitement, or quite half of the penis it. I have it in his mouth gentle little sister for a while, only reluctantly from a place brings me joy is taken out.

Today cheeky chinese escort in brooklyn is wearing a white silk of the briefs, bulging wrapped her 'forbidden', I slipped out of her panties, so her sister's pants on the expansive exposure in front of me. Slender legs end, a cluster of dark inverted triangle of grass was covered with her soft mysterious 'restricted', I can not help stroking her pubic hair, black shiny smooth and delicate, soft as silk generally, sister The genitals are the same as touching her face shape, really beautiful! Further down is to make my dream around a few months to weigh the soul 'Taoyuan hole' it! Sister, a close genital slit covered all the mystery. I crouch down, force broke her legs, it deviates to the maximum, fast as 180 degrees, and I put it into the M-type ride hanging on my shoulders, now, I
Eyes off the beautiful sister only five centimeters away from the genitals, the nose is almost always met! I think if my sister know that she will be exposed to this position in front of her brother, she died of shame. I poke her labia with both hands, the top is the sister of the labia clitoris, there are grain size, which is the most sensitive areas of the girl, I will not let go of. Sister is a lovely baby pink labia, and both sides of the vaginal labia were closed, I opened with two fingers to her lips light, exposing the vagina closed. Sister's vagina is very dry, I carefully pry inside the scene, moving away from the vaginal opening is the location of three Cunxu, dark pink color with a small film that my sister is still without this beautiful humane the facts. Which I'm sure my sister is really a virgin, I found this a pleasant surprise.

I then Couguo head against her sister's vagina blowing. So she ever tried to play, I saw my sister's vagina gently Douzhen, my tongue stuck to her sister's lips, inhaling the smell inside, her sister's vagina virgin came bursts of breath, I put her sister's labia for more open to the little finger gently teasing her clitoris, what about electric shock-like feeling all over her sister's body and mind, I do not rush at once won her virginity, because of this type must be a good stock good play, I will gradually inserted into the little finger of a sister's vagina, to ensure that it does not touch the hymen twitch back and forth gently, her vagina becomes gradually heat up, the sister in a coma and slowly from the deep vagina at the outflow of some transparent liquid. the body is the most honest! Sister's breathing began to increase, but also with her breasts and down her breathing! I stick to some of her little finger out of the sexual secretion, licked a finger on the transparent liquid, a little fishy, ??but very tasty, they bent down to his lips against her sister's labia, gently Xichuo, the vagina by a sister outflow Aiye eaten clean, then tongue into his sister's vagina to light, light teasing her sister's clitoris, where her sister received such a provocative, even in a coma, her body twisted gently. A piece of crimson his face again. Aiye flood pouring from the sister's vagina. OK, now that I play with cool friends, I want to give my beautiful sister Kaibao it! My sister's feet for the largest separation, anger directed at the expansion of the penis to the day, a full eight inches long, as this is going to Kaibao beauty and excitement, I prepared a white handkerchief back on her sister's vagina mouth, to pick up virgin blood as a souvenir, everything is ready after a hard distended glans the same as eggs, light touch on her labia. Broken at the moment has finally arrived, I grabbed her sister's breasts with both hands points, took a deep breath, then slowly transported waist power to pierce the penis sister's body, although there Aiye moisture, but her sister's vagina than imagine a more Jinzhai, despite my strong a plug, but still only inserted into a penis Cunxu, sister hot Yin Roujin sandwiched my penis, I like to further hinder like, half out of my penis, and then severely force a plug, a small penis again into many, really tight and I can not help but surprise sister vagina Jinzhai level. I have been forced Choucha, plus Aiye lubrication, after a ten-under effort, and finally encounter obstacles, my penis arrived in a small film, I know that have touched her sister's hymen, I would penis slowly out until it stops in her vagina! I took a deep breath, his hands grabbed her breasts, waist, sank, my penis deep into just what it was I felt the resistance of the cannon pierced. Inserted in the end I quickly stopped. Sister hymen collection was twenty years I suddenly boom wear. I saw her sister unconscious in a tight brow, nose issue 'hum' is heard, but did not wake up. I see nothing, it gently out of my penis out, and her virgin mixed with bloodshot eyes fall out of my earlier Aiye also put away the white handkerchief. I have a good handkerchief carefully folded away.

No hymen barrier, my penis started out further inserted into my waist for a more substantial pumping until my penis squeeze into six Cunxu, I have found the top end to her sister's vagina, I stopped all Choucha, enjoying the shade of her burning flesh coming squeeze, sister of the shrinking female flesh squeeze, stop the stimulation of my penis. really good tight, I almost vent friends. I hold your breath, tongue tight to withstand the palate, and concentrate on the penis once again launched a campaign to nine shallow a deep form of Choucha with, when to look deep, the sister unconscious in a coma in the total issued croon sound so did almost more than two hundred, I also changed nine shallow one deep shallow three to five deep, acceleration Choucha penis pussy with her sister, saw her breathing gradually increased, until unconsciously hum up, dazed to the body muscles tight tucked under my penis. My sister was the rise of involuntary Yinsheng get more to hard pumping, and she is no sense to indulge in the pleasure of being raped them. Friction between the penis came close and gave me a strong sense of conquest pleasure, gradually and burned with her sister's vagina becomes more substantial contraction, rub my penis crowded. Meat in her sister's negative to the peak of contraction I feel a hint of warm liquid micro-hole heart by her hitting my penis, I know that my beautiful sister did to me vent out, and she went from her sister's overcast made the climax of the meat squeeze, tight tucked my penis back and forth Taonong, I then stopped the action a little rest, while enjoying the climax of this beautiful woman, her passion to be completely calm again after the penis to make faster Choucha. See her fu chaos of hair, pretty face, white buttocks, breasts and plump, all this makes me feel very stimulated. Her sister's body is really great! Every time I enter, have made me want to die feeling inside her pussy and I will leave the penis pumping to near her sister's vagina, and then plug it back to her Nenxue vigorously, the thick penis filled her vagina Jinzhai , leading to her sister's vagina at the end - the cervix. I have the power to the body of the penis into her vagina at the end, the egg-like penis off to her sister's womb, constantly hitting her hole heart, and she was dazed to be tucked under the body's muscles tighten my penis. Sister's mouth has also been the issue of cute groan. She Aiye thick penis dripping down my ground. The bed. Handkerchief, followed by more than three under intense Choucha, my sister has been doing my second vent out, I have reached the limits of his hands tight around her body, barbed penis deep into her sister's uterus at the , where they shot for the crazy vent, whitish semen kept playing in her uterine wall, first fill the entire uterus, and then back filled her sister's vagina, I really shot a lot of volume, was filled with more than Her entire vagina and then back out from the vaginal opening. My sister is too busy to get pregnant. Really cool too wait any longer, they launched. I pulled her sister's body, remove the camera photographed her nude, especially gonorrhea semen from the sister's vagina overflows out of the scene, it is rare indeed, and she was unconscious in bed, I was shot to fill each position! That white and rosy skin, no flawless disposable, like a jade carving on the good, exquisitely carved. Small and water chestnut clear red lips, straight open with, such as SOS-like, it is like to bite immediately. Smooth neck soft, smooth and delicate belly, rounded slender thighs, Fengting Buttocks, clear bump is tall well-proportioned body, and that the evocative triangle, it is like a mysterious valley of the mountains, good a beauty raped map ah! I desire to see rising up again ... ...

I dropped the camera once again fell on her body, lips, nipples towering light bite my sister, and kept in the waist and lower body at her sister's friction, confused Aiye turn my cock wet, and then I can not help but laugh up, because I do not know their own but also what to do, and then raped her once. Anyway, my energy is still very abundant. I stretched my hand toward that sacred hole to explore ... ...

Gentle sister to sleep ... I just feel that the pore is very small. Heart secretly happy, think of a moment on the road will enter this into the small door, can not help but be more excited and my face turned red with emotion, holding his hand that said things started for the door in the meat stretched it out, while the United States Brilliant sense of invasion, the only feel surrounded by waves of temperature and humidity, I turn her legs apart, her hips high in white tilt, so that I can insert the Holy Land. After that, I gently align the seam of her pussy, the cock again mercilessly into her sister's vagina penetration, leading to the uterus! And then began pumping back and forth hard. Again and again to play loud to make her bones puncture, 'What a beautiful Saoxue ah! 'While I was praised, even while struggling to thrusting.
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