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Complete the truth of love

Complete the truth of love

The first time I heard Mei Ling's voice is Jinjiao Men's day.

Mei Ling is the school's announcer, the voice came from the speaker soft gentle, slightly more low sounds make people drowsy. I thought this girl must be looked petite, some from the south.

That report is a new day, I carrying large bags of luggage through the school's radio room to the old quarters to seize their own sites. Accommodation in high school career, let me know in the dormitory occupied a favorable position for a long life in the end how important the university.

So I just hurried glance towards the radio room, I'm sure sitting there wearing a pink dress, a girl is her, but that face I did not always look as compared to satisfy my curiosity, with a bunk near the window for me to be more affordable.

But that voice was my ear firmly remember, after a long period of time from my bedroom are the earliest people. Of course, I have not a good habit to get up early, I actually lazy, too lazy even to sometimes go to the toilet without toilet paper will, which I can testify the same dormitory roommate, he had many times taken the trouble to send me to the toilet tissue , the cost is two dollars each.

I get up early every morning because of her radio, that time is when I am most excited about, either because of holding back or hold back fine short I must be Yizhuqingtian, smiling while I get up in the mind side of obscenity ning language that Wu sound, by the time people do not prepare yourself will rub Flanagan long silence war mace.

This habit continued until I had the first woman. This woman is not Meiling, men are usually the first woman he wants will not be on that. I have not exactly had never been seen to conquer the target, like a rustic carrying a hoe into the imperial tombs, see the coffin boards are a wonderful reflection of the home you want to hide. Looking back now time hunger was so incredible, as if suddenly Duanzhuo Qiang hand cramps soldiers fire at any time possible.

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My first woman professor's wife is C.

I occupied the year she was a virgin, aged 41, was abandoned as the cooked tomatoes in the fall, into a dark purple no one willing to pick. Professor C actually funny to me to learn nothing, even his lesson I have never heard of. I went to his house because he caught the young men, carrying a Sidney & William brand of piano to his fifth floor of the home. Camisole wearing her daughter that excited look red tide, almost lying on the piano up on us a lift up.

Corridor is very narrow, we need to stand up to the past piano, C Professor Ai said the red hand to help you look. Ai red is her wife, an elegant woman like the piano, piano ass like rounded corners at the arc, as winds. Ai red stood beside me, tightly attached to a hand of three fingers resting on the piano body, his face told us that concern the careful careful not bump into the piano.

I Juezhepigu up rubbing her thigh hard, his eyes stuck out half naked in his daughter's white breast, the second lift his piano as if shaking hands. I think I have to practice the old urchin Zhou Botong about each stroke of talent, because I can also work side by side with one mind with the eyes of rabbits jumping around rape that the breast. My second child dawdle with smooth piano, every thrill on the stairs on the first-order increase of one point, if he lived in the 13th floor I believe I will be in  semen shot to the corner.

So when I put down the piano is slightly bent, as if tired of the look. Ai red asked me to care about, I think sentimental chinese escort in mahhatan just politely ask for it, I do not want to really know is that the thing bent over to the tilt. I also would like to politely say that on a toilet, the water here to drink too much before.

We are in the praise that piano, I used the toilet praise the sound of water dripping in the toilet, the reason that dripping is because in fact I did not much urine, Flanagan stiff crying to me with a weapon on the battlefield sake determination. I look at it on hand to appease, to placate the time of course a little bit longer. So the details determine success or failure, I just do not pay attention to detail, this lazy and I have had a close relationship. I forgot or was too lazy to go to the toilet door locked, Ai red came on so easily.

I think sentimental chinese escort in mahhatan may be necessary to look at the hands of the towel wet, wipe it used to stand by our brand name ravaged countless hands piano. She probably thought I was finished long ago spread the urine out, did not think I was shamelessly torn with a number of years to accompany his brother. She is my brother, who broke out of the straw will come in time, when I was amused eyes, think back to many years raising her daughter's rabbit, white rabbit on the TV drama imagination was caught when and how his body twisted struggling.

There is the famous Einstein's theory of relativity, which in college when I did not already know, but until that day in the bathroom of her home I was a better insight into the essence of the theory of relativity: time in two very embarrassed when to stop.

If Qiazhao table count, then the moment may not exceed one second what one second is gratitude for it? Wind is from the girl's skirt when you quickly glance at the time, a glimpse, you will find something more to say looking forward to a sequel, although the author reiterated that no longer write.

Ai red on and I stood face to face, as if one pair of devotion to the couple. We are not just the couple hugging together, but separated by the middle of a foot and six inches of clearance, that is, a towel and straighten the distance.

If the words of Professor of the C may be different, if he did not wear glasses, then even more fortunate, and his pair of close to eight Baidu myopia may not be found I was directed at his house clean and sprinkled with white walls, a not liquid urine. Ai red is not a short-sighted, which soon turn red from her face can be concluded that the same goes pale as the face of the wall inside the face as they seem to instantly turn red, like magic, full of passion and my ejaculation can not contain the same .

During that time I may be more abundant intake of protein, semen also has an in an spewing, it seems to show that it is in front of a woman instead of millet and AK47 rifles. Ai red vision loss to remain in the non-stop jumping the gun, basically she has put me under their arms as a prisoner, yes, she was completely the upper hand, even while I am in their arms their dignity also with the pay out.

If I had a seam inside the toilet so I could squeeze the same as Sijiao, if there is a hole in the ground like a mouse, as if I have to drill down, or I will be swimming again, but their home sewer and relatively large, I You can walk down the same pipe fish.

At that time there are two holes of the toilet, toilet flushing, respectively Ai red mouth and legs the middle of the outlet. Both are essentially different, one is not only enter, one entry and exit, I can not enter the two holes, one I would get out into the other, if I entered, and then I certainly have to back into a prison.
I have no choice but to throw in front of her face, as long as a few seconds of time, after a long period of time I have been very confused, what is the reaction Ai red or deliberately pretending slow reaction slow, actually been looking at I finished shooting semen. She can use a second time to turn and run away or do not have a second cried out loud, like a widow for many years to see paragons of chastity on people in her house screaming as loud smear of semen, yells until the entire village people know.

sentimental chinese escort in mahhatan was not called, after the exhaustion in my blanket watching the grin, probably want to laugh, then I could not very properly laugh out of it and take it back, so it becomes like smiling face Fei Xiao, but some of favor the idea. Made me think that she actually put in the hands of the towel and handed me, seems to me to clean up the mess. I believe this is absolutely her good intentions, if not her piece of towel, I may use their own underwear or clothing or to wipe up. After that I will use half bags of washing powder to wash clothes, because the sperm gets on your clothing is difficult to clean, contaminated clothing thing comparable to the effect of gum.
Polite and she did not expose me to thank me publicly make a fool I took a towel, and sympathy with the piece of towel fighting just ended my brother, also left no doubt on that towel Ai red finger marks, including her volatile nail polish out of a man is said to stimulate sexual desire of the gas. What a good woman.

I do not know how this good woman is married to a whole larger than her fifteen of C professor, she has never explained this to me, Oh, sorry, I never asked her this question. I just guess, Professor C had perhaps good use of her right!

In short this good woman to do so a good thing up after the problem has become serious, we were both at the same time become a betrayal, accompanied by her blushing face, it is undoubtedly a betrayal. I scramble to pick up, she turned our backs out of people's movement panic view. If we just touch each other each other's nakedness, and I kissed her breasts.

Fortunately, that frame Splendid piano distracted everyone's attention, give us two unrelated men and women provide the conditions to cover up affair, which makes the AI ??was not acting out of the suspect red. Although this came out from the inside, and she gripped my cause for alarm, that I fled in panic to the moment I just borrowed this from the Fang Keli Zhang Dainian editor of the "Chinese Culture" Professor's house falls on C, the final It was this book led me and Ai Lun adultery is not red.

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I first met Mei Ling is what the seedlings in a literary society called the seminar.

At that time the school has a variety of societies everywhere, climbing, debate, astronomy, environmental protection, boxing, poetry, drama, philosophy, nothing is prepared, If you could call on the community management of family planning can form a miniature Aunt of society. Which of course includes literary society, Mei Ling is a member of the Literary Society in.

As for why I joined the Literary Society, said a bit funny, not just funny, just a bit ridiculous. It is said originated in the sixth grade I wrote an essay, and the dog is about to discuss how to get along with a a physical problem.

I hit it off and the Mei Ling, I was after that discussion, she cited as a friend, and I also coveted for her looks, the two hit it off that what is congenial taste. Quickly established a close relationship between the different, of course, this relationship is built on purely spiritual, and worldly lust without any physical contact, I firmly believe Meiling purity, like a lily on a cliff on Tianshan snow lotus as pure and natural.

This is separate from the later we get along to some of the details can be seen. I can not close her hand above the knee shoulder any of the following parts, as she attempts will be viewed as an insult. Yes, I have as an attempt to insult her twice, once close to her two Acacia red beans, but was repulsed a slap in the face, I'm not painlessly, but the fear of her eyes the look of meaning are words She said: I will respect you love me, I do not want it, I was a virgin too!

Is this sentence I ate a dead set of reassurance, I began to look forward to the future in the long run this mellowness dignified woman, I'm sorry slip of the tongue should be the girl I eventually became a mother. You know, in such a society, girls do not find the street accosted the driver to open Audi has been a blessing, let alone hit one in kindergarten are not able to find a virgin!

I just have not had a girlfriend girlfriend bitter torment hard position to maintain their own virginity. If there is no AI in red outside the gate of the day say hello, maybe I can keep virginity to the time you see this article.

That day she wore a very decent and dignified means is that not too much exposed, such as breast exposed only one-third, skirts cover the half of the thigh and leg protection are also close to the skin of the stockings . Her enthusiasm and I chat, content little post-modernism, East West, a hammer a wooden club. Smile is sweet.
But there is a sweet man can not smile, is this kind of AI red, noble restrained smile was teasing me into misunderstanding, because I think she smiled like Pan. Maybe I'm too long, sexual repression, so that was hallucinating, and wishful thinking in each other's words capture the meaning of temptation. So my book, she said she still wanted me to find a suitable home, when I pick up when excited in my heart that she is clearly implied in me. My analysis, if I did not mean her, I always pick up a large can, without having to emphasize that I am looking for the right time. Note that this right, it is a meaningful phrase meaning meaningful Nanjin fantastic.
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