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Coquettish secretary Works

Coquettish secretary Works

Recently the company has a beautiful new secretary, sentimental chinese escort in ny called Chen Xiaofen, and 20 or so, the Department was still in college to study at night, long well, sentimental chinese escort in ny is also very good. She is mainly responsible for the affairs of the business sector.

One day 9:30, the company most people have gone, Chen Xiaofen recent information on the company's customers in order to its input into the computer, so this day will be prepared to stay late to go to the full. In Chen Xiaofen packed things to go when he suddenly heard the door open sound. "Who this time? Also stay here?" Chen Xiaofen feel very strange.

At this time the library door was pushed open, come in a? Ten-year-old middle-aged.

"Oh! Wu, you have not walked." Chen Xiaofen asked sweetly.

The Wu Wu were named Most recently, he was promoted to business manager.

"Ah, recently busy writing some of the planned application! I use about photocopy machine" Wu to photocopying machines, began operating the machine.

Chen Xiaofen bring bags of Wu said: "Wu! I now have to go back, and trouble to help me when you go about locking the door."

"Wait a minute, Xiaofen, if the machine is broken!"

"I look at, ah .... seems to be jammed ..." squatted in Chen Xiaofen inspection machine, Wu Chen Xiaofen from top to bottom to see the shirt seam huge breasts, and with the repair of the machine action in the side to side with. Wu can not help but stared, throat unconscious purr, his lower body started feeling has changed.

Chen Xiaofen in repair the machine, suddenly catch a glimpse of the side of the crotch began Peng Wu, the Fenlian evil red,sentimental chinese escort in ny know what happened, just want to quickly fix the machine to avoid this embarrassing scene. "Wu, Well! I'm leaving," Chen Xiaofen would hurry out of the library.

Wu quickly went over to see the hand holding her slender waist. Yang's men just an temperature, spread Chen Xiaofen of him, making her whole body trembled involuntarily gently, while she also secretly like Wu, but Wu is a married man, and she quickly said, "Wu manager, I beg you to let go! "But Wu not only does not let go, but according to the arm around the waist of the palm of your hand gently on her side of the breast? pinched together.

Wu Chen Xiaofen feel the hand on the breast? Twist, but really shy and uncomfortable. She now is a virgin, usually up to only use masturbation to solve, so provocative now Wu, pussy face like thousands of ants crowds, pussy began to wet up.

Wu pair of shy to see her appearance, I thought she must? Personnel also a bad idea, great love hearts, palm also? Clenched more strength. "You do not walk through the intercourse it, want it?" Chen Xiaofen low Fenjing shame, again and again a few points, but thought, then shook his head again and again.

"Then you could not stand, is not with their own hands to solve it?" Chen Xiaofen of Fenlian is red over the ears and nodded.

"That's more uncomfortable wow! Xiaofen I love you, I resolved to back you okay?" Chen Xiaofen shy not go on. Fen Lian Wu lifted her, kissed her lips, kiss Fenlian Zhang Hong Chen Xiaofen was, emerged in both eyes look frightened and hungry, pussy out while sexual secretion, even panties are wet. Wu saw her with a scared look shy, that she has been making major passion in urgent need of men's caress, then reached out and patted her ass, the kind of soft, flexible and have a sense of touch, making the Wu have heart shock. He had wanted to hand draw back, but looked down at the fragments p fun, but she bit his lips, shy Su Zhetou, did not express disgust or dodge, so Wu began to ask gently mold together.

Chen Xiaofen feel the warm hand stroked Wu in their own hip, there is a comfort, so she did not get away, filled with nothing, like, so Wu enjoy touch. But the more touching Wu harder, not only touching, more? Pinching ass meat, more tentatively down the slide, move to ditch in the middle of her ass, gently with your fingers where the touch. "Ah ... ah ..." Wu was encouraged simply lifted her skirt, hand on her Fentui and gently stroked it. Chen Xiaofen to the girl's modesty, had to remove his hand and said, "Do not matter, Wu! Good embarrassing!" "Xiaofen, it does not matter, I feel, afraid of?" Wu a pick up her Jiaoqu, on the copy machine, around her fierce kiss, one hand inserted into the skirt pick open briefs, touch long pubic hair, fingers, just hit the hole Taoyuan, has a bit of a Shiru moisten.

Chen Xiaofen never been a man's hand touched their own vagina, heart is both happy and afraid, one clip the legs quickly, let Wu has the next move. "Do it! Ah ... you let go ... Oh ... I am still a virgin friends .. I'm afraid not ... you ..." "hee hee ... You tucked my hand told me how let go of it ... "Chen Xiaofen broke away Wu's fingers had wanted, but his palm came on the pressure in the vagina of male heat, has made her body grow numb, her inability to Tuiju it! "Ah .... please stop ... tickling ... I beg you ... I can not stand up ....." Chen Xiaofen touch when in the bath? Had their clitoris, she has experience fingers touched it, linolenic acid on body itch tonight by men's fingers? clenched is tingling, itching harder and harder acid, and its taste varies. Wu's finger does not stop, continue gently? Dug her hole Yuen Chun, Shiru moisten, soapy,? With, digging .... Ran Ran Chen Xiaofen body shiver suddenly, exclaimed, "hey yo ... what flows out of the ... ah ... well ... uncomfortable, "Wu laughed," That is your sexual secretion flow out, you know? "Wu said, the fingers went, the vagina and then further Some ...

"Oh! Hurts ... Do not go in, it really hurts .. I beg you, okay, do not it! To hand out .." Chen Xiaofen time is truly in pain, she was feeling pain by Wu and do not prepare, the faster mini briefs her to pull down. Next to her pussy covered with soft thin pubic hair, Wu then lift up her hips, her panties completely off, stripped her body clothing, they would have to clean off yo. Wu Chen Xiaofen legs will be pulled next to photocopiers to separate himself crouched among her legs, her pussy while watching the first. Raised her pussy high, covered with a shiny glow, soft thin pubic hair, slender gutter, pink labia majora are tightly closed with, Wu Yin hand poke the big pink lip, a clitoris as large as red beans, raised in the gutter above the micro-hole open was next to two bright red labia minora, labia majora tightly attached on the bright red vaginal wall meat is shining sexual secretion of Guangmang issued.

"A beautiful pussy .... big beautiful ..." "Do not disgrace Kan Ma ... Oh well ..." Chen Xiaofen of Fenlian cheerful spring, bright red mouth slightly upturned, straight nasal breathing, such as powder blue, a pair of huge pear-shaped Jianting breast, pink nipple like the size of seeds, Gao Qiao stand in the circle of bright red areola above, coupled with her delicate white skin, white, white, red red, black, black, three-color matched, really Guangyan bright, beautiful, fans Sharen carry on. See Wu was the scene pair desires excitement, immediately Fu Xiashen to suck her nipple, areola and lick her breasts, licking was Chen Xiaofen body felt dumb, feel groaning up ..

"Ah .... ah ..... ...." Wu Wu stood up for Chen Xiaofen said," You look at my big cock! "Chen Xiaofen enjoying being closed by Wu asked lick sucking pleasure, heard open my eyes, immediately shocked! Shy of saying "ah! How big, and so long!"

"Do it! I'm afraid ...." she said, will hand over her mouth to her pussy.

"Come on! Hole does not itch, do not you do that? '" Is itchy, but ... I ...." u do but, only I can stop this guy before you itch, "Wu mouth to answer She then hands again? pinched her clitoris, sucking mouth has kept her bright red nipples. Do a general acid by Wu Chen Xiaofen itching, shivering. "Let me back you itch it!" "Do it! Wu!" But Wu Chen Xiaofen regardless of the feelings, be forced to poke her legs, the Taoyuan Cave has opened a small mouth, small red shade lips and vaginal wall, meat tenderizer, so beautiful, well sultry ...

Wu, holds a large penis, with glans rub gently in the shade number of accounts covered under the glans sexual secretion to act? Some more lubrication. Wu Ting moving slowly to the bottom in advance, as there are sexual secretion of lubricating the glans, "rush to eat" sound, the big penis has entered. "Ouch! Oh ... do not ... it hurts to pull out a ... fast ..." Chen Xiaofen pain head cold sweats, quickly hand to file pussy, big cock and then let him piece inserted in .

But what a coincidence it ran her hand a big penis Wu, quickly retracted the hand, she really only shy and frightened, I do not know what to do. "Ah! And pressed it! So thick, and so long, It's incredible ..." Wu Chen Xiaofen pick up the hand of the big meat stick, the first spring in Taoyuan first grinding a grinding hole, and then the positive, so that he insert.

"Wu, yo you good or bad, do teach people to do these Xiuren." Wu straightened ass, penis into the vagina to go inside again, he began gently rotating, grinding, and then a little harder inside a large cock into more than two inches. "Oh! Not a ... it really hurts .... do me any ... woo ..." Wu Fen Lian pain to see her pale, trembling, my heart could not bear, so stop the attack, his hand stroking Her breasts? pinching her nipples.

"Bear with me, after you? Rain comes, happy lot! '" Woo .. your so thick, I stuffed pains and swelling, painful death, then I do not dare to do, did not think sex is so painful! "" virgin Kaibao are? pain, if the first not to engage in the end, after playing? more pain, bear with it! "then Wu has felt the glans to the top of a thing, he thought this is probably it is called the hymen. He also can not stand no matter Chen Xiaofen stand, suddenly to an ass, big thick long cock, "squeak" sound, Siegen access to her tight little pussy.

Chen Xiaofen screams "Ouch! Killing me me!" Wu inserted slowly pumping light, I saw Chen Xiaofen pain yelling, fragrant perspiration dripping. "Mildly! Hurts ... I do not ... I can not stand it .. Wu .... ah ...." Wu heart really live very happy, virgin Kaibao taste awesome, small hole tightly wrap his big cock, so comfortable! Thrilled!

"Still hurt?" Wu asked, "now a little better ...." Wu side of the force of Choucha, while nearby enjoy Chen Xiaofen pink face, pressing her white matte finish of the carcass, playing with her hands pink nipple, Chen Xiaofen shaking in a fit of convulsions, the flower heart out of the water to a surge of waves. "Ah ... oh .... was Chenxiao Fen Wu Wu ....." hydrothermal shot was extremely smooth while the glans, look at her face pro show, will no longer Lianxiangxiyu, he straightened ass whip hurled itself upon, engage in efforts to reach a large penis Meng, Chen Xiaofen be dangerous and wish cents death, covered with random twisting, eye shot spring.
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