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After sex library

After sex library The experience to share with me a little ashamed to Juanjuan. However, a number of similar sexual experience to write a bit boring, so people had to blush, bite the bullet and write it down. The people write is ... Juanjuan of "there" ... which had been put off things.
Guess what. Finger? Tongue? ... ... Something that a man? Tampon? Oh ~! This we all know it's really nothing, and just write these things if Juan-Juan, then, must be people who will feel very disappointed. But if we are not forgetful, it must also remember that back in the Juan-Juan, "I was round the experience of violence," the text mentioned ... ... ice.
Admiring chinese escort in brooklyn do not know the man first came up with this over-stimulus method, the experience that really made me a lifetime. Juanjuan not only be inserted into the ice, and when the ice melted not be used more penis Choucha, also inserted more than an hour, unable to control the vent harm to home several times, was probably due to aphrodisiac role, so to speak, the ice very, very exciting, do not feel particularly painful.
Juan-Juan a little lustful after that of course would want in to try again, but this thing a girl how shameless people who take the initiative to request it, so Juanjuan had to solve on their own. I took some ice cubes from the refrigerator, put into a holding box, about those ice cube slightly larger than two centimeters, I see no one took advantage, quickly put insulation box back to my room, ready to comfort a self- Fan. Back to the room, I began to take off the body of clothing, wearing only a white silk shirt, nothing else to wear, but the first few rows of buttons shirt did not wear, so Juanjuan fair complexion of the chest can be easily exposed. At first when I sat on the bed, picked up an ice cube, very careful to touch my chest. When exposed to ice my nipple, I was shock that a little cold to the touch, gasped, and usually very sensitive nipples Juan-Juan, and encountered such a strong stimulus, immediately fast processes harden, like spring in general, but also the bow back up, so that the breast becomes more pretty. I continue to rub my fingers on both sides of his mouth, breasts of ice, making the air-conditioned room in the body gradually heat up, and I began to have private parts wet feeling. As the ice melted, I have the original sitting position into a lie down in bed, breasts covered with melted ice water on the issued sparkling in the sunlight, shirt wet places in the chest of a large , showing translucent.
I put the insulation box on the bed, and picked up the one ice, gently down the thigh to the private parts, and impatient want to immediately go into, but the kind of cold stimulation and ice edges and corners of the thorn pain, so I can not go down in the plug, only in the vagina before and after friction, until I gradually got used to that temperature, the ice has melted into a relatively smooth shape of some, I dare the ice began to slowly block into the vagina. "Ah ... ah ... ah ... ... ... ..." I quickly began to lustful moan up and start a finger into a land Choucha, along with my sexual secretion of the body to melt ice out in large numbers, dripping on the sheets along the thigh, making a small piece of wet sheets. Involuntary twisting my lower body as well as keep the vagina shrink, resulting in me wander around the ice slide, quickly dissolved. I had to then pick up the ice, with his left index finger and middle finger separated from my two lips, and squeezed the ice with his right hand. The ice well into the vagina, I will simply re-inserted into the second teeth, the third planet ... ... until I feel can not stand up. Now do not finger Choucha, just twist the hips, it makes a few ice cubes in the vagina of the friction and impact each other, but the ice is really feeling, pains, have an exciting pleasure, I can not stand legs start a slight shake, mouth calls can not stop prostitution, the cold liquid from the private parts shed more than just, the whole butt and inner thighs were wet, get rid of the heat in the ice box, the "... ah ... ah ..." my vagina twitch a few times, and finally reached a climax, escape of the warm liquid, I was haggard fainted.
A few days I experience this exciting tell my friend Xiao Lei, told her to go back and also give it a try, "really stimulate yo!" ... Xiao Lei Ma on the results the next day to call me verbally, she that just put a tiny piece of the pain of death, and how it may also reach the climax! ... I think it might be different because each person's physical relationship, is not every girl can accept exciting things.
In addition, Admiring chinese escort in brooklyn believe there are many girls who used the pen masturbation it! Pens are readily available, not too thick, not like vegetables and fruit as too soft, so easily accepted by most of the girls. Whenever I write homework bored, we often use the pen to relieving it. A special experience is that once the cap is not even fall into the vagina to get inside out ... .... Perhaps you will feel too exaggerated, how could such a funny thing, but I read the newspaper a few days ago, also saw some people setting six centimeters long hair fell into the vaginal fluid nozzle which is not even out, she thought as get it out even if the only teenage girls, even if the mother was training meal will help it. She did not expect to begin shortly after the inflammation of the vaginal pain, to the obstetrics and gynecology examination, the doctor was taken out for her surgery, doctors who said, as a result of foreign objects into the vagina there are many cases of inflammation, most of the cases are in masturbation when curiosity and use items into the vagina, caused by accidentally fall into. ... So it seems I am not the first occurrence of this problem people.

At that time the cap to fall into when Admiring chinese escort in brooklyn was very nervous, masturbation pleasure obtained instantly disappear. Fortunately, no one at home just in, I quickly called Xiao Lei for help, but Xiao Lei is not, had to call my boyfriend at the time, he first laughed at me about the future, they immediately came to my home.
His first touch my head to comfort me, and then told me to sit on the bed, legs open as far as possible, he Guizaichuangqian with both hands and gently poke my two labia, and then close to the careful observation, I feel his breath from the bottom, saw a large male hand fiddle careful observation of my genitals, began to blush again. In fact, before I did love him once, although the number is not very often, but enough to satisfy his physical needs. But he let it get like this I feel very embarrassed, "Come on, Juan-juan, help me poke their hands, I use flashlights to see ... ...." I had to do according to his words, after a while child, he said. He seemed to see, then took out a slender forceps, ready to use the thing out of the pen cap clip. "Ah!" When I hit the clitoris forceps, I cried, I think he seems to be intentional.
Then he began to insert my vaginal forceps, tweezers, did not take another look at the watch face softened my labia, in fact, he deliberately rubbed my labia, my clitoris bumper, tweezers did not seriously in the folder, and out of there, causing me to feel very beginning, sexual secretion began to flow out, "Hey ~! you in the end somehow did not ah? Do not tease people secretly friends ~!" He should be empty a few times, or where I play, my shortness of breath started up, but after a few minutes later, he was really like a pen cap clip to start pumping out, but because the perspective is not very good clip, so the folder near the mouth of the vagina when they lost, but good insurance this fall in a place closer to the vaginal opening, he simply pumping out the forceps, suction directly from the mouth up, but smoking is not smoking for a long time out, also deliberately licking my clitoris with his tongue, he did not just want to take the opportunity to engage people thing! I was engaged with his bad words say, "ah ... you are ... ... ... ... in the end cap in the suction pen, ..., or ... ah ..." I had sat on the bed, now lie down on the bed, do not know the words or groaning. He took a long time or smoke does not come out, they begin to dig with your fingers, when it deliberately digging fingers rubbing my clitoris joints, but also made me burst lustful moan, "Ah ..., not to ... ... dug, ah, people ... ... ... ... ... ... can not stand me any. "My sexual secretion with the murmur to the action of his fingers out. Finally, he inserted two fingers, only managed to get out of the cap, but the others ended up dripping wet following a lewd girl.
Looked only wore a t-shirt of beauty, he continued to fondle my private parts by hand, then said softly, "Juan-juan, after not so careless Oh, this is not out too, so also confused them, and then if the next to fall into a deeper place, even if I could get it with tweezers and fingers out of Lo! "she spoke, began with a finger into my vagina," just so you is to use pen Choucha is it, ah? "his fingers on the inside and out, my hands kneading naturally separated from my clothes to the nipple," ah ... ah ... you obviously ... ... ... ... ... ... knew all ... ... ... ... ah ... ah ... also deliberately ask people ... ... ... ... ah, "he probably confused by the calls I can not stand the lustful, simply use a hand off his pants and trousers, of course, the other continues Choucha one hand, let me have a chance to rest, my vagina overflowing with sexual secretion, was snapped his fingers come up with answer A pop sound, so good after his pants off, it will be pumping fingers out to the mouth instead of, as I continued sucking out the Yin Ye, he take this opportunity to bring insurance condom erection had swelling in his penis, and sure enough he was premeditated, to take advantage of this to help me get a pen cap opportunities, the way people make trouble.
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