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Get the job finished after sex

Get the job finished after sex When I wake up when I do not know why suddenly so many around laughing and crying people. After a long I finally come to understand: Originally, I being in a mental hospital! Why is this so? I tried to recall the mind which is a loss. After a long, I remember only fragments of piecing together sporadically, I seem to remember a moment of despair I see the college entrance examination scores of mood, and then after that I know nothing. I think I was crazy, right?

Well, now I think I restored it, I can normally think about, and I want to leave this place home? Another roar of sound mind up right away: No, never! Yes, I test results really bad, I get the job to live up to all of my expectations, I really Mo Lianxian anyone it! ! Thoroughly discredited his return home, listening to their parents sigh, I would rather stay in a mental hospital temporarily, at least here no one cares how many points I took the test, can not go to college.

I immediately liked this place, where in addition to other bizarre patients, many more beautiful female nurses. In particular, two buddies are the most Xiaojuan and Xiaowen is a pleasure to watch, she is both school students, now tired all day together. They are less than about 20 years old look, she is excellent, Xiaojuan tall point, thin, long, straight legs, and with no trace of cracks, Xiaowen shy look very pure, like a great the Xu Jinglei. I heard my Xiaojuan pointed Xiaowen, said: "This man must be mad interesting to you, you let him do what to do, hee hee." Xiaowen said: "Oh? I do not know how it?" Xiaojuan said: "do not believe you look!" Then turn on the loud standing next to me near, said: "Hey, you lift the left leg! "

I listened, pretending to look very stupid to think a long time to distinguish between the left leg, then slowly lifted. Xiaojuan said:

"Then lift the right leg!" I pretended to find the same dull his right leg, then lift up, of course, I fell a overturned. Both a beautiful laugh, really Huazhiluanchan, I accompanied hey giggle.

Then I whispered over and over again Xiaojuan Xiaowen, said: "But he is really good Shuaio, was so high ..." Xiaojuan tease him: "Then you marry him as a Feng Pozi it!" Xiaowen face immediately red, the two laughing and joking to play into a mass of ... ... the night, and how I could not sleep, some patients still babbling sounds strange issue, my mind is still thinking about the college entrance examination fiasco, more and more agitated So to walk inside the corridor. Duty room, the lights, I secretly through the gap above the ground glass to look inside and found only one person on duty Xiaojuan. She lit a lamp in reading, Hu Shifu flawless white as snow, light sprinkled on her smooth face, exceptionally soft, I actually see out crazy, and really a beautiful girl ah! Angel is probably like this, right?

Then, suddenly put down the hands Xiaojuan book, Tuozhuo Sai quietly Ningxiang. Admiring chinese escort in Queens would like to see come to God, I want to leave quietly, the results do not accidentally kicked the door of the basket, sent a small voice. Already late in the night, the corridor is very quiet, so still she heard. "Who?" Xiaojuan open the door to go out. I see her a bit surprised, to speak very slowly, asked me: "What do you want?" I hasten silly to say: "Water ... water ... I want to drink." She said: "Then you come in it. "I am in the house side of the water, while Leng Leng looked at her. I see Xiaojuan was embarrassed and asked me: "You see me doing?" I said: "You ... well ... nice."

Her face immediately launched into a Hongxia, look me in the face Youde said: "You are really cool it!" Hey I to giggle. This time we were silent, two pairs of eyes are watching each other ... I found I was really afraid of her disguise, and immediately take your eyes off, picked up from the table, look at her book, the results cover is actually a naked girl, the original was actually a yellow book it! (Later I learned that the original is on Xiaojuan school girls, and later on the medical school are girls, so she had never really had so much contact with the boys, and therefore a kind of particularly curious in this regard.) I stared at the cover giggle said: "The United States ... women ..., Hey ..." She grabbed a shame to go back "Do not look!." Thought for a moment, I asked her again in front cover: "I still look good Yeah she pretty?" I giggle and said: "Hey ... she look good ... she was naked ... Hey ..." Xiaojuan angry straight stamping:

"Mad at me! Dead crazy! Dead mentally! Well ..." Admiring chinese escort in Queens sings the cover looked and looked, blushing as if wondering what she looked up the table? ? 2:00, and finally made up his mind. She opened the door and looked out looked, no one, turned around and locked the door on. She doing?

Xiaojuan said: "The dead do not know what's crazy, look at you crazy's sake let your eye-opener, do not just stay nosebleed Oh!" Then take off the nurse's hat, a black hair supple drift down, then she undid the buttons of the coat is really ... ... snow skin win it! Beautiful female nurse duty room late at night inside the stripping off of the three pure white cover themselves, and to a consciousness that she was the person in question to show their youth. Her body is great, with no fat, slender legs, slender round ... I have seen the eyes fall out, dry throat, following long the tent, and fortunately she did not have any boys experience, so did not notice. "Dead crazy, Tell me, who is now in the end pretty ah?", She deliberately twisted sexy waist. "... Also ... is she beautiful, her dress less than you ..., hey ...." Xiaojuan angry cry, foot stamp was ringing, her teeth and said: "Well! I see you Sibu Si!" Then untie the bra, two huge bomb immediately tender the meat ball out, wow, too! I suppressed the desire gushing out of the nosebleed. Then she slowly slipped out of white underwear, let it slide down the smooth legs to the ground ... ... simply Wei Nasi it! I do not really have any words to describe this perfect body, my only feeling is dizzy, almost lost the ability to think. This time she has not asked, and looked at me silly Zhangzhuotaizui eyed drooling look, she already know the answer.

Being carried away, and suddenly heard Xiaojuan said: "No! You read other people's, people also depends on you!"

Xiaojuan then I began to peel coat, and edge off his mouth: "What is it afraid of mental illness!" I said, "No ... do not ...", upper body has been stripped. In my broad chest exposed to the moment, she stopped, I think I have a strong man who touched her virgin breath of feelings, right? She began looking at my handsome face, staring into my eyes, her eyes full of girls actually Yun emotion of tenderness. We are so close, you can feel each other more and more heavy breathing. Her cheeks are more red, then, actually, she looked up at me and closed his eyes and his big juicy! I suddenly feel helpless, I do not know is not the kiss her, because I do not know that she will not so that I have recovered, and sent me home nothing down, and I was afraid she would terminate her because of this crazy shy attempt. I froze for a long time, she opened her eyes, with Fenquan hard beat my chest: "dead mentally! Smelly mental! Necrosis of you!" I had to pretend to know to giggle. Then Xiaojuan said: "He is a man to kiss you Oh! But you are mentally ill, gives you do not know, so they give a not too, hee hee ..." because she is also self-comforting it! Then, she closed her eyes, Dianqi feet, moist soft ground covered with bright red lips my lips. Good fragrance, I'm the sharp rise in blood pressure! Before long, her soft slippery clove uvula Qingtu, slowly slid into my mouth, I'll suck it, suck that sweet virgin body fluid. Xiaojuan tension in the body because of a slight trembling, his hands tightly Lanzhu my neck.

I clung to her slender shoulders smooth, soft feel two chest meat ball friction, the hard top and two small lumps, Shuangsi! ! My cock was higher support!

Because so close, Xiaojuan apparently noticed my change below, where this curious girl on her appeal is clearly larger. She reached out a hand sheepishly feel a bit there, "good big!" She called out. She let go of my neck, squat down to his hands to solve my belt, my lips do not say, but do not want to resist, so she was very successfully put my pants with panties pulled down at once, my huge 20 cm cock free from the shackles of suddenly jumped out. "Ah!" Xiaojuan on his hands to his shame about his face, with her hands away, what are my pants slid to the ground, my feet stride, so we meet the two is completely sincere. She will cover a face, began to curious fingers inside looking out, for a just shy to say: "Oh, ugly!" Maybe I'm a huge weapon is very attractive, and she's with one Wulian hand gently touch my cock. With her soft little hand contact with blood and my body to where the heat seems to be concentrated the whole thing. Hard as iron and hot fiery cock made her feel funny, she began to explore from top to bottom, can be too much for me is to stimulate, and I closed his eyes cool. At this point, I felt a huge burst of heat glans soft inclusion, the original hot mouth with latch Xiaojuan my penis! I was cool just to explode! May at this time, a sharp pain came, I subconsciously cock from her mouth which is taken out, I saw the purple glans of a trace of saliva on there Xiaojuan and her lips connected. Full flush of her face filled with wonder: "how is it?" "Do not bite with the teeth!" I immediately felt badly, and innocently said: "To smoke ... popsicles ... Hey ..." She finally came to understand, Zhang mouth again to the maximum was struggling with my huge cock into, began to slowly suck throughput. Indeed, the technology is really the beginning of her very good, but to conquer the feeling that it is unparalleled, from above her black hair floats in the white slim body, the holiness was as if the goddess. With the skill of the skilled Xiaojuan, the speed of her faster and faster throughput, and chest along with the huge firm breasts waves to vibrations, and the silence of the duty room which can clearly hear her mouth to suck cock of saliva the sound and the "huh" sound, really exciting! To join the battle with her uvula, the lower edge of my glans tip Tiannong by her, by her tongue around the glans of the circular motion onslaught, I really was too much for a Unit hot thick semen with cock in Xiaojuan inside the mouth severe beating violently burst out! Xiaojuan caught off guard by large stocks of semen rushed into the throat, forced to "gurgle" sound swallowed, can still choked up, triggering a violent cough, making a huge cock inside of his mouth jumped out, and the remaining semen splashing her face an ... ... a long, Xiaojuan was clean. Sit on the table angrily said: "Men are a kind! Even crazy, mental illness is so bad! Disgusting! People quit! You have to wait wait people! However, you should be grateful for your disease Well, either you mental illness, other men, got on his knees and begged me no chance it! hee hee. "

I giggle with promise, but Admiring chinese escort in Queens said fiercely: "If you dare to use your dirt below, I cut it with a scalpel to feed the dog! Well!!" Haohen, scared me a cold sweat. I carefully went over the first, hold her hands and a huge breasts (oh good soft, comfortable death), then the areola above his mouth latch onto a long pink nipples stand up. I vigorously kneading, sucking mouth also get nibble with tongue licking arrived in a circular motion, where virgin withstand this, one will closed his eyes, his mouth issued a hum. I lick and suck the other breast when the flush have been extended to the breast, and she had the pleasure of being unable to extricate themselves into.
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