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Sometimes life in the end there must be, when the Mo-free life in the end force

Sometimes life in the end there must be, when the Mo-free life in the end force Two years in interior design company, relying on hard-working, the flexibility and advantages, became a foreman, a conductor who has led a team of its own contracting business qualification. Of course, salaries began to rise, there are a lot of water. Economically well-off, and the quality of life gradually becomes a taste, and began a life with very different before.

Once I received the company's mission to give customers new home to do interior decorating. Entered the area, feel this place is not an ordinary person can afford to live in, from the inside of signs pointing the nobility, and even trash has done very extravagant; full of parked luxury cars, which cars are just amazing to me.

I find its way with a team of workers found that family. Qiaowan door, a very large woman looks out to meet. This woman is the first thing I feel, although not very beautiful, but very temperament, is definitely the kind of professional women: body slender, petite, bump and orderly; hair short and refreshing, but it is certainly finely crafted ; high upturned eyelashes; cheeks white stretch; full sexy lips; plump firmness of Yufeng; stout slightly at the Yuantun. Although Evil, but still could not help secretly looked.

Simple self-introduction, learned her name is Wang. Then Admiring chinese escort in mahhatan asked us to go. A door, at first glance, we are scared, really impressive size, light living room of the house than the average person great. Although nearly one hundred square meters of living room empty, but very light and spacious.

Although Ms. Wang wide measures, but no shelves. Tea has long been ready, let's say men are the first to sit down and rest. So we chatted up. She said she specifically asked people to follow their own ideas and concepts tailored to a decorating scheme, requires us to follow her plan to construction. We will of course as the most important customer, so this certainly is not a problem. She took out the design drawings, prepared to tell her all I heard the idea, I see this all saw twelve, so he invited her to eat and talk, she agreed without hesitation.

The dinner table, we Gongchoujiaocuo, chatted up. Who knows even more exciting the more talk, the more that are able to talk to each other. She used to be high-tech zone had a four-star hotel lobby manager, due to outstanding performance, outstanding performance, the year before was promoted to deputy general manager of the hotel. When young, the manager really very impressive. Also as a result of too positive, so no time to think twice ex-husband, husband and wife led to indifference, so for some time just before the divorce. This is not just spent nearly two million, bought the room, the intention to live there.

Admiring chinese escort in mahhatan said she learned in college is business management, high standards of living, everything can not improvise, to maximize the pursuit of perfection. So someone was deliberately planned to find the living room. She wanted very comfortable home confused, very artistic.

She gestures with the design, very committed to speaking with their own ideas, where what place, where what color are marked on the design though, but she was careful to emphasize it again. Although she do not understand the jargon and decoration, but can explain in plain words to understand. You can see her work very seriously indeed a very fine person.

Probably talked for two hours or so, I basically understand her thoughts. So we went back to her house. I arranged the tasks and steps to the workers, you are ready to begin construction of the. She at first supervision with me, but received a phone call, say something the hotel, hastily left.

Our company can do now on this scale, relying on is integrity. I got the idea of ??this project is also extra, nothing basically supervision here, not often go to other customers there. She also frequented something right there to see the construction progress and quality. One to two back, we began to slowly ripen.

Ms. Wang's construction quality of our satisfied, Admiring chinese escort in mahhatan noticed that I was responsible for her the house. Out of gratitude or something, but also have time to eat often asked me to potluck. We love to talk but it is very hit it off, slowly we understand each other a lot, talk about anything will become friends.

One day I was her new home supervisor, Ms. Wang received a sudden call, and she almost cried, in a trembling voice: "I had a car accident ..." I first surprised, then quickly to the pressure of cross God, "You all right it, where are you? '"on the crossroads outside the district ..." I am too busy to think, rushed down the stairs, straight out of the area. Facing the crossroads of cell doors on the sparse crowd of a few people. I quickly ran over and squeezed through Rendui, relying on the door sitting on the ground that Ms. Wang, hair tent chaos, panic moist eyes showing, legs broken Shenzhe have poor blood injuries.

I quickly squatted down, anxiously asking, "how are you? Ah, all right?" She saw me, and finally could not help but Kuchu sound, he kept shaking his head.

I just-lifted her go out into the community not far from the Tang went to the hospital.

After careful examination, the doctor basically told me that nothing serious is the point of leg skin abrasions have bandaged. Also knock scared, go back and reared. Sure she was fine, I will return her to her place to live, let her take self-cultivation.

Later I went to take care of things when it is learned: the driver of another car accident car a drink, did not see the traffic light crossing time, the hit was on the way to the new home of Ms. Wang's car. Fortunately, speed is not fast, was spared a disaster.

During her convalescence, I had time to see her with a gift. She does not have many friends, I find time to chat with her by nausea, greetings. Slowly her injury stuff, almost, and I feel a lot of recovery, basic to forget about the car accident that.

This matter, we are a little more on each other more trust and dependence. We often went to drink tea and chat, k song, walking. Often go to her place to live taste of her craft. There are times we eat and talk, and talk very fun, but also put the time to forget. Recovered was found to have more than eleven pm, I saw too late, hurried about to leave. She said with a very low tone: "so late, or today, do not go ..." I had hesitated, thought the opportunity to really come and then, nodded, and my heart felt extremely beautiful.

She arranged for me to sleep on the couch, I put away the water, let me wash, and wash her. I quickly rushed into the look out on the sofa wrapped in towels in the bathroom listening to the sound of shabu, had imagination, carried away the.

Soon he came out dressed in towels. Face more pale, like a lotus in general; cherry red lips slightly curled; breast strong, very deep cleavage. In these circumstances, so I kept the swallowing and more intolerable desires.

I ran without thinking, can not wait to tear open her towel. White carcass naked before my eyes. Although she instinctively cover your breasts with both hands, but no one called, that is acquiesced. I took her to a sofa, her hands lying flat. This attractive looking carcass, I mouth water, stretched out tongue licked from forehead toes. She was by my tongue soothe the body slightly shaking, the sound waves from the front: "Oh ... ah ... ah ... oh ... ... ... ... too, comfortable ..." I was teasing a very horny. Break apart her thighs with both hands, the two labia hypertrophy, covered with Yin Ye, slightly open, like something in the meet; a small gap around the sparse pubic hair covered with a wet sexy. I am a deeply moving her honey? Sucked down, only to hear the "ah" sound, her whole body along with Yi Chan. I eagerly sucked out of the flow from the warm depths of the vagina sexual secretion, tongue into the vagina for a top, gently lapping the vaginal wall, deeply moved back and forth for a soy greatly distended clitoris.

She gasped, humming with the charming sultry tone, "... ah ... I can not stand, and quickly? Me, hurry up ..." I also feel my cock filling with blood, very strong, ready has;

She has such a requirement, I had without hesitation. I have broad shoulders with the top open her legs so her honey? On the fully exposed in front of me. I hand hold the cock aligned folds of her flesh layer of small?, Glans arrived in the wet labia, I lift the waist, hips one, whizzed, cock opened her Roufeng homeopathy, swiftly slip into it.

"Ah ..." she is in my body, heavy sigh.

I did feel a strange excitement quickly in the body Pentium in a circle, the body also will flick.

Body under the cock was a mass of warm, moist, soft, oily things oppressed. People thought the vagina was not married relaxation, needless to say, definitely a good routine maintenance.

I began to try to slowly Choucha, body back, and cock of her vaginal wall was wrapped tightly wound live, actually take advantage of the hole with wrinkles out of pink meat tenderizer also. Really voluptuous.

"... Ah ... ah ... ... and then quickly, then hurry up ..." is really lustful sound ah. So I began to Choucha more unscrupulous. Impact of the sound skin, sexual secretion miscible Puchi sound, debauchery moans, coupled with the vaginal wall from the friction and pressure on the cock, and made me ecstatic, extreme ecstasy.

This enjoyment did not last long, I feel dumb cock while a while, there are things like the expansion to collapse to the same issue. Do not say, to fall off a fine. I am even more crazy to start Choucha, a great person to be dry to make fine death posture. She is more excited than the previous, almost uncontrollably, almost a.

Cock outbreak that moment, I try to penis into her very small? The deepest, and she seems to feel my orgasm approaching, more clip legs tightened. With the sound of our two heavy among themselves, a Unit of thick cock jump shot hot semen. I feel dumb body waves, gorgeous. After that weakly, hugged her lay down on the sofa ... ...

We are embracing half the night in the dim light, the atmosphere was quite warm. We look forward to their past, talking about common now and looking forward to a bright future; sometimes very interesting, sometimes I feel pity, regret or guilt sometimes. In short, this is life. This naive unusual, I had taken a step forward.

As time goes by, the decoration works are drawing to a close. General shape is out, leaving only a few people crafted look. Of course, my special care, she is also very satisfied. The house is really different, quite taste. I leave most of the workers, but I became a frequent visitor to this house.

Sometimes life is so interesting, unpredictable. Persistent pursuit of the things you sometimes really just a dream; you do not expect things may inadvertently appear in your side. Finally a old saying: there must be life in the end times, when Mo is no force in life.
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