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The authenticity of the story of a woman in the story of the grass.

The authenticity of the story of a woman in the story of the grass.

In fact, many years ago I was a nasty nature, a husband and I love the woman began to cry, for his tune, so to me from a nasty sex like sex, one sex can reach orgasm many times, and even after the Court of Huadu woman to achieve orgasm. I enjoy a lot of people do not enjoy the happiness, but also said it is not the Spice Girls, her body thanks to a small maintenance of good in bed, such as Lang by a tiger, so my body has been maintained well, can not and do not say this about, if the brothers met up with his girlfriend which uncooperative what, you are welcome to ask me.

In and with my husband before I have a boyfriend first love, when the 16-year-old with him, when there are sufficient conditions, we often spooned, after all, young, of course, the sexual impulse, but because know the importance of a virgin, I have been afraid, and how he was, to say do not know, is up to him pawing at me to play it, I remember a summer day at noon, I wear long stockings systems, we embracing the same frolic, and he climbed on me and I still play, kiss me, then could not resist the pull out his brother stuck in the ground below me, when I am used to this Hou game not afraid of him, like he wanted because he was pleased, playing playing, there was the kind of habit of blunt-pass, (now presumably because the hymen is too strong, so many times before that game it played are not broken) can be so broken that day on, I actually have not felt pain only know all of a tremble, but also because he was into pain did not even feel really stupid to stay, but did not react, too for a long time to go to school, we got up I found with blood, a lot of bright red, when the people are stupid.

We love the three years, often for love, but I've never reached orgasm, but I like him to do, simply because love him, willing to meet all his requirements. Back then as Aihenjiandan, and few understand, no tricks, the most is the old man on the female position.

What impressed me most is the home of a small river, a summer evening, he and I found a place where no one, I wait for him at the shore, his lower river to bathe, wash for a while he climbed naked shore, hold me, I wore a skirt, he took me into the river of grass from the inside, put down the skirt up and covered my face, take off my underwear on my dry, Wo cutting edge of the grass some people , still a little worried that someone saw him only San Liangxia over. Then I can not find my underwear, and had to light the skirt back home, good night.

Later he went to Beijing to school, we finally broke up, ten years have not seen him this year, he returned home, very coincidentally, the day I just go through his house, my car, saw his shadow, and only less than one minutes of time. Turning down my tears, as I have love. Another two years to the vast, not think about, but also memorable.

Fortunately, God loves me and gave me a love of the husband. My husband is really good, although he knows I love her boyfriend and all, but in our years of life he had never used him to hurt me, it really touched me. So I think men are generous little bar, your woman will be grateful to you.

I have experienced in the men in my husband is the best, he 1 meter 72, 150 pounds, while I only have 158 high, 98 pounds less, I like lying in his arms like a baby, play. He also likes the kind of pressure on me heavy feeling, people have a sense of security, there is a little sense of abuse. I think everyone will be some tendency of the abused and battered, but I am more biased in favor of the former, in our sex life more than a decade, in addition to early I do not like him, but now we are more happy, more number of patterns.

And his first because he was drunk, a little alcohol to play the fool, I do not agree with the case of life and death, hijacking, I insert, because of his big brother, that I have ever seen men in the largest, although not a virgin, but then do very little, that it hurt me really feel to be torn open, I was wow bang cry out, kicked and hit, ho no way, more not to mention pleasure, really hate the dead good. At that time we were young, he was 19 years old, strong passions, often came to me, because I lived, it is convenient, he would have no regard, often as long as a person taking it every time I put into my hold room to dry. He's staying power is very good, he almost wanted to do for as long a man, he did not want to shoot not shoot, including our present life is.

Our sex life had a lot of tricks, including bb eat plums, pp smoking, what with all the masturbation and more changes a lot of scenes, I say it in the next years.

Two days because of the fresh, but also because you encouraged the thread, so I write whenever you write ah ah. Really tired. Also ask how can I have been with the picture, you can have no one to guide me, if someone give me guidance, it must give you a better look. Please encourage the owner to encourage more and more, I was more confident.

Second, the plums of the story.

Was originally intended to shoot himself and her husband's a small film, some of them shot the clip down to the article with, but they do not know how to do not with that issue yesterday, the photos looked a friend, he said that a photo quality is poor, a free space is needed, which I will not, I think you can not use images with very regrettable, had to temporarily write this chapter today. If more familiar with the procedures of which you are welcome to send text messages to me, I can picture you see first, and then you help me with pictures, okay? But do not fool me.

Speaking yesterday to eat plums bb we play the game, it is a good thing many years ago, when I have more love for nature, and one day we joke, I like to see my husband's body, he I am off to bare in his arms, I fumble around, I get the itch, itching body itching, feeling the touch feeling on my bb, he Fu Xiashen go first with his face in my legs dangling in the middle of the friction, I get the straight smile, could not resist a hand to push him, wanted him away, he grabbed hold of my waist, my waist has been ten years a nine foot He is also holding more appropriate, made me itch, I laugh giggle, and have been chaos shaking, trying to throw to him, he pressed forward Sijin grasping my waist, let me move, even his tongue stretch inside, walk between the labia.

(Speaking of which, I think of one thing, although my husband has been very powerful, able to understand a lot of knowledge, but he was in and I know many years later, where a woman's clitoris, in the past he should always thought it was a more protruding in the vagina where capital letter I would like to know where a lot of men, not like him then benzene) to his sticky wet tongue, lick my heart waves of tight, sound sound aloud, and then he again slid his tongue down the vagina before straining squeezed the tongue, his tongue is not long, of course, is relative in terms of my vagina, but the feeling of the tongue and inside rock sample compared to the feeling of the penis is not a good feeling, he used his fingertips gently caressing my clitoris, (I think the g-spot rubbing their hands, then be sure to remember your fingers dipped in saliva or vaginal secretion is what the liquid, or Dry will feel pain, but will not get pleasure,) so I feel very cool, a bit of a tight vagina can not help but start the automatic contraction of a tight, this is a sign of orgasm He quickly let me go, hold me into his arms, and gently stroked my breasts, my breasts have been very grateful, I liked his masturbation stroke the place.

He gently let my emotions gradually smooth down, and suddenly he saw next to a plum, give me that, let your b eat plums to me, I am a bit ashamed, but he said nothing, just He promised he would clean a plum in my vagina around sloshing back and forth for a while, but it in my g-spot on the friction, and then into the vagina where it teasing me like roll over roll over, but I very much want it to go, he knew that I would like, and put it hard into the vagina of a plug, plum look on the inside, I feel something in a round bulging plugs there, and he called I look inside contraction, a contraction of plums I gently into the vagina to the depths, because the novel feel very excited, could not resist another squeeze and blow it Wangwaimian, pushed it inside the hole in the shrink again , plums in there up and down, round slip inside slip ah, ah, grinding inserted inside the vagina squeezing the meat tenderizer, they are having fun but also cool, I played a while contraction of the vagina, did not charge any Jin it out, he picked me laugh it really powerful, again plums should I eat to get my mouth, I look to hear that kind of above my vagina smell faint, do not hurry with a smile opened first, it was still a little shy, and now he really has always been like if I eat that, then I will eat, (and I have always felt that sex is a very clean thing, is healthy as long as two people, is cleaned up of.

Reproductive organs is the best reward to our Creator, they are beautiful) he called the plums I plug into it, what words he rushed up to his big brother, I plug into it, my brother wore it plums bb into the depths of the top, and his brother about what the stud in the end, shaking the plum people feel exceptionally stimulating. Coupled with a strong impact, captivating. I meet him, straining to twist together, no one more will we have reached with the climax of love.
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