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Internet passion true story of the night complete

Internet passion true story of the night complete

I like to play the game the day I went to female students and a few Internet cafes, late night will not go back is to play a.

Female students to do in my sides, to 1 point I'm so tired of the do not want to play. They are in the chat, I had a look at the Internet is like saying a website (which is a color network), but there is a woman next to me embarrassed. Then, after a while I am on the toilet, so he went to place where I found the story here is only one bathroom, a room that only pull up the door I was well on into the, ah ah ah ah ah ah I was shocked inside a person, a woman! ! She is playing with her skirt, came to see me, look silly.

I stayed, because the woman lifted the skirt is white underwear under. Is the kind of T, I paused the action of Mengjin her, of course, the moment is that ah, I do because I was pulling a small goat, sorry ah my second child also that moment on look up the word, we did not move, my eyes is direct in that woman's underwear, a few seconds later, we still did not move, in fact, that the woman did not move, so a good chance I will not move pull, the next thing I want is not yet clear ah now, that woman to put her skirt upward pull on. Seems to be interested in let me see her belly and underwear, move her to give up my little brother, I really can not stand in front of a woman's underwear, that is, when I thought of a move, I hand touching the man's underwear, in fact, I did not look at that woman's face, so my blood surge is not the woman actually move. My heart burst of joy.

It seems I was lucky that the woman did not resist I can not be suppressed, I was touching her, Admiring chinese escort in bronx was not anti-hair, I looked up and saw her face. Ah ah ah Her eyes actually in my second child there. At the same time I saw a woman's face, a good handsome face, a perfectly good ah ah. His face glowing red, not long hair hanging pieces. Ha I was shipped a beautiful hand. At this time my hands have stopped at the beauty of underwear on, little by little I slowly rubbed her panties, and she has beautiful hands did not move has raised her skirt, I bold my second child also raised my head , I deliberately pushed back forward, staring at that woman, I picked up her large hand with gall me I put on pants, he actually has me down, but my hands down into the, beauty of the hand did not move on my dick. I move a little on their own, and suddenly she grabbed my second child, I have a tight, finished, I have not recovered, she let go, and very soft to hold, I worry about it, my hand no stopping, pants down, I touched her private parts, and she took my dick up and down the set, I look at her smile, she can see, come back to a very (I could not taste) laugh is not, and the nerve, and my sense of the men reached into her underwear, she did not send anti, I met a good soft hands good soft Yin Chen, hands caress in there from time to time into her vagina, she hand still on my pants, I open the zipper, the second child out, grabbed the woman, my hand kept stimulate her sensitive areas.

Gradually with the wet, and I will increase the momentum of the hand, my dick in her hand thrilled, Admiring chinese escort in bronx knelt down, and I think she is for me to do oral sex, but in fact my second child under her touch is red, to its maximum, and I looked at, hold her head to her mouth poking her licking, swallowed into the mouth, and who I never did oral sex pull, and his girlfriend having sex just before the most simple movements, and my hole was not her prostitution, and I bulging, mouth to her?, all of a sudden I do not down the road. I am 17cm long 16cm circumference of the guy she is with does not go, I smoked out, and went off her underwear, a hand to touch her breasts, well, ah, bigger than my girlfriend, has been quite up, I put pressure underwear pulled down, hands on the inside to pull, have good wet wet well.

I put her tights fan to the top of the breast, hugged her to go pro, a one two hands, squeezing hard, Admiring chinese escort in bronx has given a good small groan sound. I wave at her big bite on the hand but also to the following, a good few of her pubic hair, her skin a good white, good and tender, I love you. Issued from the smell of her, I feel better than my girlfriend's incense, she is following the flood, and I also had made, I picked up a her, I speak to her! Her hand on the collar around my neck, she is not heavy, I put her down to the point, she is good with the ah, hand picked up my second child on her small?, Look on the inside, I think it hurts her so small ah, not a virgin. I know, I lifted her and put down, let me second child in her small? In friction, I think I am? To well into the deep well, but I am tired, under pressure of a few dozen, and the top of her hand to seize the ah of water, saving more than I, the frequency also much faster, in a small bathroom, the outlet we are breathing, but still did not say a word, inside her. Good wet. ? Was I thrilled, my each and are deeply? To her deep inside.

Her body is piping hot, and my lower body is Tiechu, and I look forward to strong violent look, I looked up, her feelings are written on the face of all the halo, or glow. Soon I felt my energy has accumulated enough, my effort is about to a large limit, I tried, I? More fierce,? Have it be either voice to die, my volcano, I have the atomic bomb, we should storm, and she was my bag tightly. Adhere to, no. Fire has been burning the most prosperous, and I also went to the limit of excitement from her face, her body, her breath, her vagina, she, like me, I was tight, the second largest share at the same time, large shares of semen shot into her, strong, fierce, toward the place where it wants to go, I do not live in convulsions, each and fired into an on, at the same time she, like me, trembling violently, and I only that, I arrived with her most beautiful place, where only me and her. We enjoy living, intoxicated with, in that mysterious place, do not want to come back.
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