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After his new wife Aventure

After his new wife Aventure

One day in the evening, I required time off work, just take the main door of the imports, people would call me. I was taken aback looked up, turned out to be a high interface smiling senior colleagues before me.
"Miss Jiang, how, to live happy your wedding?"
"Hey! Thanks to you, ┅ ┅ ┅"
I have to smile, and respectfully line a ceremony. Because one of my colleagues, no matter what, always take care of me.
"High-wife okay?" I asked Mr Ko.
"Ah! Very good to her, because no child, bored to tears which, for a game of tennis, while the tutorial, busy ┅ ┅ ┅"
"That's good, really admirable."
Mr. Gao Taitai couple, also our former colleagues in the same company. In love and became man and wife three years ago after his wife has since then been at home cooking family, and I rarely meet.
I do not work and my colleagues in the same marriage, marriage I remain with the company, the couple lived marriage to work.
"Miss Jiang, join us for dinner, I hope that with sufficient time to hear your married life, thoughts ┅ ┅ ┅"
"That's how nerve ┅ ┅ ┅"
"Your husband was waiting for you?"
"No, today may come later came back."
"That being the case, set aside a little relationship between what is with me."
"So by your kindness, I obeyed the."
Thus, the two side by side and go on with.
"I know a restaurant serving delicious grilled steak."
Mr. Gao sent for a taxi, I look a little nervous in the car.
"I think you seem a bit restrained way, you do not like the previous ┅ ┅" Mr. Gao said in surprise.
Because unmarried ago, I and Mr. Gao is always talk about anything, and his wife have maintained very high and close relationship, no secret. Although the identity of his brother, Mr. Gao was not my scruples.
I do not know the reason, after the wedding, always some scruples.
However, Mr. Gao told me this attitude, perhaps feeling a bit accustomed to.
After dinner, I was invited to the mini-bar water to drink whiskey, three drinks, we restore the previous scene.
"Finally be the same as before, most recently, to see you too see, but that's all courtesy, I think this is strange."
"I myself do not know that."
About using alcohol to embolden Mr. Gao asked me about the newly married couple's sex life and other kinds of chores.
As a result, I learned that Mr. Gao very concerned about the sexual life, so I am slightly surprised.
However, I also take a bit tipsy, and frankly reveal almost obscene experience.
They will break up, Mr. Gao to induce me!
"If you do not mind, next Sunday to my house to play with. ┅ ┅" I was hesitant to answer, Mr. Gao said: "I am sorry for your husband now!"
"There is no relationship ah! My husband said that the day will entertain guests playing golf ┅ ┅" I replied without thinking of so.
"It was a good opportunity, please be sure to take a trip."
"Well, I for a long time without his wife met and high ┅ ┅"
In this way, I and Mr. Gao Tian convention next Sunday, to visit Gao.
"Oh, I am very pleased, Miss Jiang, has really come."
High-wife prepared to meet me to the door, saw my face on so loud that the meaning greatly welcomed.
I am very pleased, they went to the kitchen with his wife and high, to help her cook to cook.
"Ah! Hard hard! Come on, do not hesitate, try to eat"
Gao sat eating my desk a couple of Theravada, the couple take turns pouring for me, I received a warm welcome.
Is good because my colleagues, I also enjoy the fun little polite, mind very comfortable. Chatted with each other past, courtesy of a lot of wine and beer to drink, when used meal, I had seven or eight tipsy feeling the.
Then, I and another couple Gao topic Next topic, getting more and more Qijin Er, had unwittingly been the dead of night.
"My dear, the hour is late the ┅ ┅"
High-wife of Mr. Gao Tian-like as any intention to present hands.
"Ah! Then ┅ ┅ ┅"
Mr. Gao will stand up for me: "Miss Jiang, tonight you can stay overnight, right?"
"Yes, as long as the two did not bother ┅ ┅ ┅"
I agreed, because I have to consult her husband in advance, maybe a small Zhuyi Ye to come home, but I also have a bit tipsy, do not bother to go home.
"Miss Jiang, do not see, but there really any bother, because the outset we going to let you stay overnight ┅ ┅ ┅"

Mr. Gao said, it took me to another room.
We enter the room is a twelve floor and room size has been paved two blankets.
(Presumably high and my wife to sleep with ┅ ┅) I thought so, then they put on the robe for me to prepare, drill into the blanket.
Soon, his wife came in high.
(I guessed right ┅ ┅ ┅) I think the heart is, but a closer look, his wife has not put on the high robe, but also surprised me is that the high wife in front of me, naked, without hesitation . Plump white skin like Robbins, she was naked made me feel very wonderful.
However, why Admiring chinese escort in new jercy undressed, I felt quite suspicious, and I am sorry to ask such question, being silent, I saw her husband, also enter this room, not only that, Mr. Gao is also naked, and the baby just full born exactly the same.
(Is this couple are crazy? How they are stripped naked ┅ ┅ ┅)
I think the moment was, naked couples, from around the drill into my blanket.
I am embarrassed to cry, but also embarrassed to blame, I had to silent, the body becomes stiff. Who knows, this husband and wife work together, began to caress my body.
"To ┅ ┅ in the end to do?"
I finally open, but the couple do not answer Gao, high-wife buried her face in my stock room, on the tongue licking my pussy.
"Do not! Itches incredibly, not so fun!"
Cried the moment I open your mouth, Mr. Gao once his erection becomes thick and hard cock into my mouth to come.
It was an instant place, I still remember and could not even breathing.
I've already mouth, Mr. Gao's cock, lick his wife has been high with the genitals, as shameless crazy on their own state, almost scared.
However, because the mouth is blocked with cock, so can not say anything.
I think this scene is not the reality of circumstances, and the illusion that must be dreaming. Unexpectedly, the wife's tongue with high crawling around in there, right from the genitals twitter twitter came the sound of it, certainly not in the dream. While that was his wife lick the genitals, gradually comfortable. At first, Mr. Gao was very painful cock in my mouth, began to stimulate my flesh.
"Well, Well!" I groaned side, while Mr. Gao began to lick the cock.
"You see! Admiring chinese escort in new jercy seems to have responded ┅ ┅"
Mr. Gao secretly whisper to his wife. At this time, his wife stopped tongue caress, happily replied: "Yes, tonight you can probably enjoy it a ┅ ┅"
"Miss Jiang, testis should lick ┅ ┅"
Mr. Gao told this, I reflected to comply with his request, lick the testicles. Then suddenly my clitoris high wife caught in between the lips, so kept on sucking.
Not a sound I finally issued the groans of pleasure coming in waves.
(Why, why?) I suspect the couple of Gao idea, still not disappeared.
Mr. Gao appears to see through my mind, he said: "You seem to have sexual intercourse do not understand the fun of it? Because the last time in a small bar to listen to you tell, I know ┅ ┅"
"Ah ┅ ┅" I could not help but groan. Mr. Gao seemed to stop talking to me wildly, and then added: "I say, I'm afraid rude to you, Mr. I think you know nothing about sex and you love him, you also get the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Therefore, we want to help you ┅ ┅ "
Indeed, my husband and I have sex, not so exciting. Although, I do not understand, but you can determine very mundane, in fact I have never experienced sexual intercourse in the state of some ecstasy, I began to understand the words of Mr. Gao, the high-wife interrupted: "Not only We are husband and wife like to play this way most of the game, especially to people like you have no experience of women as toys to play. "
What Admiring chinese escort in new jercy said to me a fatal blow.
(Originally, I became the wife of Gao toy ┅ ┅)
I think about but more so excited.
I also remember how much time has passed, leaving the couple's caressing Gao playing. Soon, Mr. Gao is really the cock into my pussy, I more than once to reach the climax of sexual excitement.
It was newly married husband and completely different, almost to the sex game dizzy.
The one hand, Mr. Gao continued Zhizhuang, on the other hand is high wife lick breast lick even the soles of the feet are also another lick, finally about to reach climax never experienced before.
I did not know sex is full of such joy.
My upper body to the back, could not help but finally dizziness, in this moment, Mr. Gao's sperm, a large deep into my pussy.

I share, it had been mucus, sexual secretion and sweat was glistening bear dip. Not only is the stock room, even the thigh is also a stick too sticky.
Finally, the high-wife to their own private parts, private parts at me closely Tieshanglai began friction of the ... ...
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