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After the court took the young woman's

After the court took the young woman's This is the last thing, can now think of it still fresh in our memory, as if just yesterday ... ...

I know loving chinese escort in new jercy is on the qq, she is the temporary provincial people, but not far from here, 32 years old, married, husband is a small white-collar workers, a large company in the south to work, she is a state-owned enterprises in the local work .

To be honest, loving chinese escort in new jercy is not the kind of very beautiful woman, with her after you will know that she is a woman's woman, very feminine, a woman can make men crazy.

I met with her a total of four faces. The first time was last year's May Day, to be together for three days, many of which joyous, do I remember the first night, four the next morning is spent in bed; the second time a month later, she he was hospitalized, I see her, the results of that night have spent in the wild; the third and fourth are her to come here looking for me, had planned various activities have been replaced by mad passion.

Now that I think are a bit scared, what if the guy was in our hotel room to install the camera, then we may become a little continent protagonist of the film, and I am sure is the most natural and most authentic performances crazy pair.

This article happened to meet in our third time.

She suddenly called to tell me to come here, when loving chinese escort in new jercy and her husband is divorcing him, I feel very bad and wanted to relax. Not because I have to join. (Declare it: I started when she agreed not to harm their own family)

Because we are the summer holidays, there is enough time with her, Also I do not want to see her look uncomfortable, said: "You come, visiting here a few days." She said: "There is no time to accompany her . "I said:" It does not have to accompany. "

So I lied and said to his wife: "Give a man test, have the past two three days." (Shame, another wolf I do not learn, in fact, my wife and I feeling pretty good, she was four years older than I am, in front of her, I feel very warm, I like this perhaps is the reason for the mature woman, because in front of them feel very relaxed.) and then to call that man, let him call his wife every day, for I would be lying in the end.

Half past four p.m. to Nanyang, near the station of the Central West booked a hotel room, where the sense of service is also good, but safe, I took my identity card and marriage certificate, told the waiter my wife returned from the field, where Wan Jitian and then go home. The car and she sat on the road there is some problem, until 20:30 only to the middle of a waste of n-phone bills, Oh.

The car, she came very naturally around my arm and asked me: "My husband want me?" (When we are together with each other to call each other as husband wife, and called natural, huh, huh.)

I said: "Of course my wife would like, but my little brother more like you."

She did not come to understand the beginning, but soon realized that screwed me as that little rascal, then piteously, said: "My husband, I am sorry that I came this month, two days to do it that things, I did not intend to come. can you get angry and afraid that I am in bad faith ... ... I'm sorry! "

I am a very disappointed of course, but I know a woman is not allowed to have sex during menstruation, because that is very susceptible to the disease, I think this is the men are eager to have three wives four concubines an important reason for it.

I think I can be another very thick between her emotional foundation, and say loving chinese escort in new jercy is now a bad mood, when it is in need of comfort, and we are not all that the purpose of having sex with.

I always think: "and without a certain feeling of people together based on love is not called, can only be called sexual intercourse, which I still did not find a lady's reason."

So I said: "Nothing, as long as we can together, and be doing nothing, as long as you are happy on the line." The result is this sentence I completed the "wish", I clearly felt her hug I am closer.

Into the room, she says she wants a bath, a woman estimated to have over the top, she is the most obvious. The results undressed on into the bathroom, Oh, no general woman's secretive, and that is what I like with her a reason for it.

Because in July, she wore a skirt, on the road have been asking me, "good or bad?"

I said: "You do not wear the best clothes to see." The result is a twist.

I briefly introduce her body: 160 cm, sub-general, 108 pounds, according to the current aesthetic of her seriously overweight, but I like the full type of woman, because women feel great in bed, do not like ribs type. The breast is not large, and somewhat drooping, but feel very good, big breasts than my wife smooth and strong, this is the benefits of small breasts. No fat on the abdomen, but a small incision, which is the drawbacks of Caesarean section, ass a little big, not very Alice, an ordinary Asian women's buttocks. Legs can be very, very sensual thighs, which is the most dissatisfied with her own place, but I did not so much required.

I always thought that sex between men and women together outside of the United States is not the most important, most important is your performance in bed and you pay, the better your performance, pay more, get in return the more But pay is both.

Estimated read my introduction, the faithful are not satisfied with the wolf, because she is too common, and can be read on the light you will know a woman is not beautiful on the can. In short she was very general, but she's charming and all those beautiful women.

Washed for two minutes and she called, I went in and said let me wash, I said: "I have washed." But still undressed into it. She is her hair, her hair is not very long, very naturally, I stand behind her and wash her rubbing, tilt to the little brother has long been not about to contradict what her ass.

After a while, turning her body, she is natural to crouch down and carefully wash my cock, the result more and more, look up to 16 cm, and the erection of a high angle, almost touching the belly the.

Here I am again wordy two, briefly explain the basic situation of the Wolf, 30 years old, teachers, university graduates, 171 cm tall, 118 pounds, a little slim, eye myopia, was very handsome, and now I can not, uh .

Sex characteristics is the first time not a long time tend to persist, it is estimated about 5 minutes, but there is a feature or benefit is called the first shot after the cock is not weak, immediately a second battle.

What I check the information is not dismount general, tend to adhere to the time the second long, the longest time about an hour have the desire to ejaculate. The length of cock also, a full erection is about 17 inside diameter also can be, and the surrounding hair is very strong.

We wash and wash up on the start is not honest, I skillfully rubbing her nipples, she began to roll up my cock, and then began to crouch down to suck up, to be honest, her skills and is very good, but I am popular use, while stroking her hair while moving buttocks very narrowly, so that cock in and out of her mouth.

This will get a shot I feel like, say: "Forget it Forget it, you have such flair that come, I come to a bloody tuna careful."

She spit out my cock still reluctantly fierce hand line and a few laughs: "My husband is mainly people think you do, and I feel you really love me, and with me is not entirely because of this. "

I said: "Yeah, if you get it again so I put your summary execution, regardless of your bleeding."

Her hand touched the genitals said: "just a little bloodshot, but not completely to it, no matter the husband, fast ... ... hurry? Me, I am following very itchy ..."

I am still a little hesitant to say: "forget it, it is easy to get sick, do not lose the greater chance we have of the future."

She said: "We see a not so easy, I really want to take this indulgence about the future if I go south on the opportunity to meet a little ..."

My heart shocked, suddenly felt empty inside, do I suddenly would lose her? After the day is not how she had it? She was my loss, take the initiative to kiss my hand to send the cock to her below, and take the initiative to wash their hands lying on the table, because she knows I like to do from behind on the position.

Because it feels about to lose her, I would cherish the opportunity together, they no take into account, and adjust the angle, from behind and slowly inserted into it. Had a baby because it is the reason, not very tight inside her, I knew this before, but I worry about her coming period, it slowly into the first.

Which is really hot, as if into the stove, and it feels very tight, as tight as a little hand holding my cock. I do not know because no more than a month to do, or because to a period of reason.

This test to insert a few times, feeling her small? Which secrete large quantities of liquid, more spacious road, and I started to increase the intensity of the attack, about what there is no technique, each time by large, the testicles hitting her Buttocks, and pops sound.

She quickly into the state, while with the hope that after quite moving ass while moaning: "My husband, my wild man, hurry up? Me, fuck me hard the show? ... ... Big cock? Yeah, I was beautiful ... for, and thus, younger brother, pro-man, pro-husband ... you? the cool bad mood? ... "

Jiaochuang her very nature, it seems like a long time with us, this is my major reason for her obsession, but reality is not exaggerated. I was her infection, but also to begin high-speed sprint, because I know her first orgasm came quickly, so no secret, a deep three-way light, and began to stimulate the language.

"Wife, her husband's cock so big ...? Of you was beautiful ... ... so I would be willing to? You ..." and she shouted always return for more passion.

A few minutes later, I felt she was getting hot inside, and increasingly tight, knowing that her first small climax to come, so while speed while continuing to stimulate her: "Wife, you know what position? This is called dog-style, and now both of us that two male dogs in heat bitch, is not it? "

While shaking his head while she said: "I'm your little bitch, I'm your little bitch, I'm your little bitch, male dog hurry? I learned several more dog ... ... it would make her husband listen to ... not called ... ... ... ... ... bark ... bark ... ah, my husband, I come to the ... ... ... ...
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