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The real thing about After rape

The real thing about After rape

A cold winter, more than two in the morning, I am nothing in the streets. (I think you would say that I
Fan Jian, not at home sleeping on a cold day in the middle of the night wandering in the street, please listen to me slowly come. )

I am 28 years old, due to a poor family, looks looks hurt grandma, uncle, do not love, so far as
Only between men and women have not enjoyed the sex (if you think about 28 of you have not touched a woman
How would you).

I usually like to watch porn vcd, saw not any place to vent, so take my eyes on the road will not
Parked in a woman's breasts and buttocks on the mast linger, wait to pounce fiercely a touch,
However, the only remaining reason I stopped hacking attempts. (You will be listening to my nonsense to say that we are to lamb
Not to see the color of the text to hear you say your pain, do not worry, there will be significantly below the text color. )


Tonight I saw several films at home porn vcd, played during the four or five times a pistol, but also desires
Can not vent (although shot through fine, but not really dry and a woman, mind will not get rid of the fire.),
Made me unable to sleep, so there will be at the beginning of the "middle of the night wandering."

Saying that I walked in the biting cold, the brain actually stop to think back to film the scene, and made me a few
Almost wanted to commit suicide. At a time when the pain in me, suddenly found a hair side of the road head in the person sitting in
, I went into look closely, turned out to be a fifty-year-old woman, I thought God told me nice.

Just as I was rushed to the hard to dry her when Simple asian escort in ny found me, and I before she recovered her once a
Pushed to the ground. Just as I was ready to flutter in her body, lying on the ground of her kick to my brother, and Dayton
Pain when I kept holding the lower part of the jump.

So I had a little recovered from her I have six or seven hundred meters away, I'll forward to chase. But


Since I have not fully recovered, has not catching. Seeing Simple asian escort in ny would escape into the front of the house, I rise
Yu Yong, to close before Simple asian escort in ny rushed into the room.

Into the room, saw that it was a ten-square-meter house, the house no one else, I was overjoyed. Anti-
Good hand door first, and then approached her shrink in the corner side.

She saw me approaching, Simple asian escort in ny asked me: "Who are you? You want to do?!" While holding my feet to kick. I
After targeting to escape her belly punch, it suddenly hit her retching.

I grabbed her hair and dragged to the bed, but she just dragged the bed up against, so after a
Section of the struggle to get the woman's clothes stripped.

I force upon her a hand to her breast, get with the other hand to pull her loose old force, while earning her
Bar, while his mouth said: "I beg you let me go, I have over fifty years old, you let me see how people
Ah. "

I thought: No wonder she did not just chase her shouting "help", was originally afraid that people know. I feel pleased ....
Said: "If you do not fucking listen, I'll throw you naked on the road, see you later how
See people, hear their words! "

The old woman was suddenly scared me a scare kept his mouth whispered: "Do not, do not throw me in the street
On. "

"Then you hear their words, listen I do not let others know, I left you finish."

She heard me say, hesitated for a while and said: "You really will not let others know?"

"Yes, but you have to carry obedient, I have to tell you why you why, know do not know?"

"I know."

I heard her answer so suddenly elated happy dead. I asked her: "What?"

She hesitated to tell me her name Li Guiping.

"That Li Guiping you help me lick cock."

Li Guiping, said: "Do not ah, good dirty."

"You fucking not obedient, and wants to make a knife in your face I write 'Li Guiping is bitch'

Or throw you naked on the road ah? ! "

"No, I lick that."

"I do not hurry up kneeling at my side, his ass toward my head, and then give me a good lick cock!"

I saw Li Guiping first hand on the root of my cock, then lick out his tongue like a puppy licking like,
The first was a woman licking cock of straight kicking my feet with excitement. But that does not vent to lick my high desires,
So I ordered Li Guiping put into his mouth with cock and then spit one last look to suck and lick with his tongue on my penis
Horse eye (obscene book called "Duron drill" is not it?), Also called her hand light upon her testicles.

Li Guiping licking dick on this side of the suction side was playing with my old Bihu not withered breast, licking the
Three or four minutes after the Li Guiping said she mouth sour, and do not let her and then licked.

"Yes, you use the breast that caught my shriveled cock and licking my penis." On
I was so relaxed in Li Guiping in Choucha a withered breast, it feels like the cock inserted in a pile of rubbish ....
, The feeling of boredom, if not to test what Li Guiping I will not let her give me Tit.

After more than a dozen, my name is Li Guiping ass towards me, kneeling on the bed, and then has been licking was glistening Li Guiping
Glistening cock into sexual secretion that did not loose the old forced the blasted Choucha with.

"Ah! It! Pain ... ... lightly ..."

"I die you fucking dry xxxxx!"

Li Guiping teeth suffer pain from time to time loud Hutong, but was worried about other people heard, they took up
Plugged with a rag on the mouth. When I told her it was her panties when she wants out, and I said:
"Do not take it, if you dare cross any of them and I'll drag you out dry. Also, your briefs with saliva
All foam to wet, so I speak if you have not finished, then wet goodbye to people you think about the future, and heard
Shake look on the bottom. "

I waited a while, seeing that she has not shake ass, I'll pull out the cock holding hair Li Guiping Wang Menkou
Dragged. Li Guiping really see me move, and immediately roll the next ass, and seek out the mouth of the briefs and said: "No

To, what I listen to you, do not drag me out. "

I had an idea, said: "Li Guiping Listen, if you dare to disobey my orders I raped scrapping,
Then put your naked body in your write 'this person is bitch, named Li Guiping', and finally throw your horse
On the road, so that others can enlighten me on the fifty-year-old Lao Biaozi nude. "

Li Guiping scared by my wicked way shake, shake lips and said: "No ... I want to ... ...
What are fixed ... ... ... ... listen to you. "

"That you like a dog in crawling, and climbing every step of the shake what ass, but also bark like a dog,
Heard immediately do, then do not do if tomorrow morning you will be on the road, the hum ... "

I saw Li Guiping crawling on the floor like a dog with, cried tears while climbing the side, I coldly
Said: "Do not forget to patronize a cry and bark like a dog shaking the ass." Repeated several times on this reminder, Li Guiping end
In accordance with what I said while climbing side of the dog and shake ass.


In this way, Li Guiping climb five laps later I called her to lick cock, but this difference is Deep Throat oral sex,
Choking Li Guiping kept coughing, but she's given me the evil law, or not have the slightest pause.

Ten minutes later, my kidneys a tight, a thick semen shot into her pipes, choking Li Guiping stop
To nausea cough. As I hand Qiazhao her face (to prevent her unconscious bite me), then plugging cock in the mouth, leading
Induced cough in semen Header Pipe out from the nose.

I recovered after a command such as Li Guiping her cock get hard again, during which I said: "If you obediently
Listen, next time do not make you uncomfortable, I will take to hurt you. "

"I can say for sure that you eat is the first time oral sex and semen, your husband does not so you can see
You told me how good, you say you do I will not hurt. (I secretly smirking) Furthermore, I gave you even seen a dog climb
, And let go of what (I would say that is like so you can get with her and come back later to dry ....
Her). "

Li Guiping in my self lost in the policy of appeasement, so willing to help me oral sex together, and the storm
Difficult to start with Deep Throat. I moved to further her, then said: "Do not, as long as a few licks like this
Like you uncomfortable. "But she listened to me but more power to buy up to oral sex and I was stroking her hand
Dash of gray hair side, said: "Come on, lay on the bed, let me play you the following, let it moist, the
I press on you the following. "

69 type I and she lay in bed, she helped me oral sex, my fingers playing with her old force. I first
Such a close look at the woman's force, although force is old, but still I'm totally excited. I learned to yellow film
Scenario, the index finger by pinching the clitoris, sliding the thumb in the hole first, then slowly inserted into the vagina, and in the shade
Road wall ask, grinding, mouth said: "Relax, I will not gonna hurt you."

I relax in the comfort of her vagina and slowly wet up, wet up to me to further make her a good cattle
Also playing her ass with your fingers, but does not cause her to panic, my mouth said: "Do not worry, I will not
Into it, just want you to wet up as soon as possible, and so will not dry you when you hurt. "

She actually spit out my cock and said: "a good man, I beg you please do not touch me there, I was not a
Used to. "Having also carefully added:" Do not get angry, as long as you do not touch me there, I have something else
Listen to you. "

"Then I will let you learn your dog climb climb climb do not?"

She looked at me plaintively: "I climb." Dog and want to learn to climb up.

I stopped her and said: "Gui-ping, you have no home enema?"

I want her an enema, that I have to play her ass, want to cry but was worried I was angry, so
Sigh: "Yes."

"Then you go and bring."

When she brought, I let her enema into his mouth, the mouth, then swallowed my cock, her interpretation
Said: "This is to allow lubrication of some cock, so dry you will not be too painful." I thought her heart was

Dry her ass, so sad to swallow my cock, I thought she was so afraid of pain will do so only when
Complaining, and then said: "Do not worry, first about the back pain would not hurt." She listened to her more convinced that I want to do the

When I squeeze into the vagina enema when she came to understand, so he is grateful as I like, my whole cock
Root with the cock with his tongue in and slide.

When I squeeze into the vagina enema bottles, ready to dry her mouth when she saw his mouth, enema, Dunqi
From the fun of the heart, then said: "I spit my command not allowed, and do not swallow it, heard the roll down
Ass. "I thought she will not soon shake ass, who knows if I had just finished her vigorously shook his fart
Shares, I am pleased and said: "Zhenguai." And stroking her head.

When I put the cock into her vagina when she did not feel pain, but like a camel in heat grunted,
So I like to be encouraged as quickly Choucha with. She began to hold me tightly, his eyes one of a, $$$$$
Nose and exhale the heat waves, like an electric shock-like ass constantly twisted.

After more than three the next, because she was older, and the mouth of his mouth, enema can only breathe through the nose, she began
Breathing can not keep up. After a while, her face was red and distended, kept out of the mouth and enema
Saliva mixture.

I did more than a hundred in the next post, I saw her breathing with the nose, not enough to breathe through your mouth when you want it to be
Coughing and choking the mouth of the liquid up, because I have already blocked her mouth, making the mouth of the liquid spray no
To, some are swallowed stomach, there are some back to the trachea sprayed out from the nostrils. At the same time,
Coughing which makes Li Guiping of force in a strong contraction, I have to vent a stimulus.

So we have to restore when it suddenly someone knocked at the door, Li Guiping suddenly panic, his eyes looked at me and do not
Know what to do. I whispered: "Do not worry, you do not open other people could not come, you first asked who called you, dry
What? If the call to open the door you say you do not want a cold day out. "

The original is next door neighbor to get up to urinate at night when the cough heard Li Guiping, whether she would like to look at
Sick, the answer in the Li Guiping panic was sent away.
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