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Head of sales department

Head of sales department

Every married man probably wants to have an affair strike, and especially do not want to spend another penny is the kind of sexual gratification, such an affair is certainly true that not every one. An affair is difficult to do? Heard plenty of money, others have wondered how so easy, come to me becomes especially difficult. Reason is simple: I have contacted more traditional woman, you think loving chinese escort in Long island did not want to; two, never looking young lady, go to the bath rooms to find their friends hang out lady, I am a person watching television are common, some of them special service I doubt my ability to direct others; then there may be psychological barriers, and the old days, we often go to z City, and a woman is responsible for the channel, to eat a meal, she would pull me hand, but we only stay in the kiss, and once I said I want to kiss her, she laughed: We do not play these kids play okay. Then we went around the hotel, went to the room door, I stopped, she smiled: how, come ah. I did not go in, but out. I do not know how it was.
      For my wife's loyalty, friends do not believe. I especially admire them as a sales person in charge of guarding a bunch of beautiful women: skinny, plump, Alice ass, small and exquisite. So they are nothing to me especially happy to play, I also clearly ulterior motives, and a bunch of beautiful women in my room.
      In fact, I have not Zuohuaibuluan gentleman, a bunch of beautiful women there are married, there are unmarried, married will dress up, especially unmarried pure. Unmarried girl cried every day, childish brother, really sorry to start, sometimes opening some dirty jokes married, I was fooled when it touches more. There are a few woman in front of female colleagues face to me, xx selling men's underwear out special. I said I bought a chant. She said, you're not my lover, tell me I bought ah. I faint, I withdraw. She has a win taste: You ah, that is colored heart, not had enjoyed. In the laughter of colleagues, I was defeated. To be honest, not interested in a woman, even I did not mean sexual fantasies.
      But still like a woman - married, especially small and exquisite, special full - probably because his wife is kind of skinny, a bit on the plump type of preference, because it is my favorite kind of friends. But people not only happy and stable family, there is a special money for her thousands by Baishun husband. There was once harassed her: one day, I go to work earlier, my colleagues have not come a moment she came, especially diligent, began wiping the table, I stood behind her, smell her scent, see Her white? neck, mind blank, you hold her in her face Qinliaoyikou. She froze for a moment, broke away on the struggling, looking very angry, and said something: roll to go! And then went out. Since then, off the idea, or candid strike. However, Xiao Nizi I still talking and laughing, as if nothing had happened, my heart itch sometimes hook too, but not rash up. Look after the yellow novel, I know the application that sentence: the novel comes from life than life. Know, not every woman on the wet touch, rock on the bed, ideal for those who are just men.
      Transfer occurs when a colleague is free, built a bored group of companies, loving chinese escort in Long island is almost every day online, beginning in the group where we chat, we finally whisper, both sides feel good. I suddenly told her: I love you. She thought it a joke: Really? I said, yes, I have to catch up with you. She said, oh. Then, I discouraged, people do not take you seriously, come on stop, off the assembly line. Then, there is something a few days at home, no work, nor on the line. A few sky-line, received her message: I like you. See the words, days of fatigue, all disappeared. Then talk to you, there are a number of the contents of grazing: I want to hug you. She stopped for a moment, only to break out: I would like to know whether the warmth of your embrace. I let her come to my house, and to determine a home to me, she hesitated for a long time, then said: really going to do? I feel these words are call her own, it seems quite powerful ideological struggle. My job is just another inciting moment and said something sweet. Ten minutes later she was to my home. She came to my house, we sat at the computer, I kiss her back in her cheek, her face while the slightest elevation, I kissed her mouth, hand to touch her big breasts, straight men eye - Later, she said she brought the c cup, I felt her conservative, should be d son. With the emotional investment, she issued a moan, her voice usually with a child on the sound, hum up some really terrible. I took her to the bed, untied her bra, two huge Yufeng unsteadily, and people feel dizzy when I latch onto her nipple, her deep breath. After a while, she won the initiative of my face, his tongue into my mouth, I think about it, go to understand her belt. She pressed up, shook his head and continued to kiss, I used parts from rubbing up her pussy, her moans more powerful, I forcibly untied her belt, she suddenly pushed me, and said no. Then take a good bra, put on coat. I really did not point to hard, I really Xia Buqu hand.
      Occurrence of first sexual intercourse is the fourth time in her to my house, I put off all her clothes, her skin Bai, the sun light on her, some loud, I said in her ear, gave me all the strike. This time she did not say anything, I went off her pants, she pressed my hand again, and I almost disappointed, did not want to insist, she said: I am off. Heaven ah, the earth, ah, I was not hallucinating it? Do not stunned, quickly put their clothes off, she has been following a very wet, slippery guy is already almost into, perhaps because she is a natural delivery, than my wife's relaxed a lot, feels like the book says , the laundry bar fell into the bucket. With the novel does not look like me in the moment, his mind even thought I'm sorry my wife, very disappointed, and would like to withdraw. Tic a couple, and a little scared of the hard little brother. First sex with another woman, will not stop. Think about the first time and my wife love is this, anyhow her face, her children with a sound that sounds, it stimulated me, little brother in a strange environment, but also excited again, in the twitch in , but hard up, she's really good technology, butt a Britain one of Britain to meet me, while younger brother took a relaxed environment filled with, she is gradually excited, but she would like to speak out loudly, when he mouth to Wushang, I vigorously pumping, take away her hand and said: You call strike, I might want to hear you call. She has been shaking his head - was later learned that she was to develop a habit of doing at home and her husband, not out loud, or the family can hear. Then I sat on the bed, we face to face, holding her while kissing ass twitch while she seems to have not tried this position, brought her had never experienced the stimulus, she hugged me hard set to send the buttocks, breathing more and more tight, and then bit his lip, like men before ejaculation speed, and finally "ah" sound, hold me no more, I put her into bed, only to find my pubic hair and Egg on the sticky, I continued pumping was, in her ear, said: I want a child with the strike. She shook her head: But. . You can shoot inside. . . Ah. . . It is rhythm. . . Oh, I also obeyed the.
      To be honest, the first time and I have a big gap between the ideal and stimulate it touches there, but the feel is not good, it should not take her to conquer. Wake up the next day, my wife has to work early, the guy up badly, give her a call, she said: I was at work ah. I said, I give you leave, you hurry to stop. Is heard, more than ten minutes to my house, then we are crazy sex, morning to do twice. Her stream of water, wet my bed a large.
      I regret the most time in the bath, do we all so excited, she said do not start shooting inside, safe, and finally I would like to shoot, she clamped my legs, gasped : I want to, shoot inside. Did, and that time I was the most comfortable time, we came out, my penis is the exciting moment afternoon. Then over a period of time, she gave me was pregnant, I do not believe, she cried. Two days, she did not work, then a female colleague told me that she do an abortion, and to help her hire a fake. I was convinced, and two days, made me regret: I called her, she cried, she said, playing down, is a two twins. My scalp a deep-fried, I confirm that our crystal. Because she had told me that she has her ring on the impact of, first remove and then with, this time she had never touched her husband, only me ...
      Then I asked her, how do you deceive your husband, and loving chinese escort in Long island said when she found the time, and her husband were on time, let him shoot inside, and when an abortion, still blame her husband ...
      I was especially despise myself, blame yourself for a while, I feel as a man, cool light know, watching you and abortion because the woman is powerless, and truly felt a man's dirty.
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