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On a person should not be on the Complete Works

On a person should not be on the Complete Works Today, the university may fall this is a hotbed of three years have flashed by, just remember to play online games, see AV, drink pull fart, as well as in a rented house and his girlfriend fooling around. Another year to graduate, the school may not bother to give us lessons, and urging everyone to hurry to find a mentor, get the thesis, and then shot ass leave. At first, I still disdain. Later found perplexing, gang dog days of quiet birds gave the teacher to find, and I hero guise, even displaced, hard to find a master. Was removed several times, finally found the only remaining person not to find a mentor, said recently graduated female master, the first year when the teacher, no experience, no one looking. I can not help but laugh Wazi group of melon, which also deal with errands to do things like high-grade ah. So, my smiles came to her office, knocked on the door in, surprised to find was actually an acquaintance - had on the course gave us a big beautiful women!

Of course, Cheerful asian escort in ny is my opinion, the beauty, turnip cabbage all have love, I feel that her brother was also in general, can be but is coincident with my taste. Therefore, only class I did not escaped her, but also deliberately sat in the first few rows, not listening, only to enjoy the beauty. Her a few feet six tall, round face, big eyes, eyebrows are very light, so the obvious traces of pencil painted, wearing a pair of rimless glasses, even more idiosyncratic; thick lips, faint trace of red purple, it is particularly sexy; hair without leaving bangs are combed to the back, simply tied into pigtails, very mature charm. Her plump body, but do not feel bloated; breast large, the jacket was very Lao Gao; ass is also round, but also often wear tight jeans, see my great joy, but for anyone, I am full, non- outflow of saliva to not. Her character is very straightforward, unlike some of the little girl intentionally dragging its feet Fadia. She feels quite vigorous and resolute momentum, very simply, is not binding. Is it made me doubt his royal sister is controlled. Because of her unprecedented Gesanchaiwu I find the problem, ask her between classes, just to close and smell her body fragrance. To this end I was I often joked about the bastard. Brother did not mind, do not romantic Wasted.

Met here today and think of her, it seems that fate entirely. I actually do a very moving time. But a second later, I returned to normal. Continue to smiles, to clarify what he wanted, telling her how I admired, like to join her under the door, writing my thesis. She also recognized me, that I learn quite positive, I secretly to ourselves, you did not realize my inner evil ah. She was exalted me very comfortable, and only I came to her, readily agreed. I did not realize this lucky hit, it was actually the beginning of section Aventure ... ...

We arrived at the summer, the brothers who are related to cell spreading rumors like, impatient over the world went crazy. I received a beautiful teacher's phone, that we do that subject, more complex, and what data is what the simulation too much rumble a lot, in short, is the summer I stayed with her to experiment ... I go to Le, worthy is the first year when the teacher ah, young and fit. My people, insane go insane, but without offending their superiors. So put on a morally but ecstatic tone, in absolute obedience. That night, I did a tough battle to his girlfriend, then she brought the train home, it began with a solemn gesture of my summer vacation.

Is to help her experiment, in fact, what I would ah, so hit along the way, more to help her do menial work. Summer campus is quiet, even the cats are less, we were really feeling each other a little bit. I found nothing wrong with her staying in school, every day about 360 degrees in her appreciate her posture. I like to watch her walk around a big ass swing will take advantage of her sitting, standing behind her from her deep open neckline peek at her cleavage.

Cheerful asian escort in ny is not ambiguous, order me not at all rude, moving things, cleaning the house, pour some tea with the call. See I was dictating to the poor, and will reward me a wink, and made me lust big move, can not do, she can only continue to work. I just started working in the laboratory, and later on also go to her place to live at work. The first was to help her carry meters, in fact, not heavy, but there are subordinates, superiors Zeneng hands yet. I am carrying a small bag of rice which came to her place to live.

This is a small apartment, Bedroom. Clean up clean, also had a very strong powder gas. Underwear hanging on the balcony in my crotch a little restless guy. She was very generous, but also left me for lunch. I did not polite, drink and chat, the more talk the more high, to talk to her life.

I am 5 years old Cheerful asian escort in ny was large, more than a year of marriage, her husband was then at school boyfriend, now not at home all year round because of work requirements. She would not live here, but a bit far from the school house, she felt inconvenient, and home empty, she looked uncomfortable, they came here to rent a unit to live, then back to the time her husband came back to live. She told her husband on a monthly basis through the phone two or three times, began to make the feeling of sadness will appeal, but also do not think there was a good talk. My heart secretly YY, this Jour I do the authors have the opportunity to start? Lips said, the teacher you mention it, so what live though me, and I call. She is also a slight emotional time, said later not call the teacher, seemed strange old, called the sister bar. The teacher becomes a sister, I will certainly be happy, YY's also Genghen. Days later, I went to her during the day, working odd jobs to engage in the experiment data, go back and look at night thinking about her AV Masturbation.

I only give her work, she was pleased with her when they go shopping, of course, I help her bag. I exercise my girlfriend shopping and very patient. Although I am not very happy, but I will show very happy with her shopping. I would also like staff to help her dress, to appreciate her graceful posture, I am also relieved. My favorite pair of shoes with her, I can openly staring at her naked legs and feet to see the white. In this way, our feelings instantly narrowed. I even suspect that she has put me into her imaginary boyfriend, then to get back the feeling of love.

Small town terribly hot summer, school holidays, the power supply system often strikes, air-conditioning can not use the lab, they simply move to something where she lives to continue to work, anyway, is some circuit board and a few instruments, very convenient. Moved to her nest, she is even more casual, sometimes even wearing a nightgown work, I do not know is she deliberately provocative, or simply not looked down on me, and she will be more frequent than previously thrown to me ambiguous in the eyes, with me impunity will open a small joke or something, and made my blood pressure every day hurricane, hard punch in the wall, and can not wait to hold her mad plug.

I did not realize that there really are this day.

That is very hot and overcast, heavy rain before the onset of depression and restless wandering. We were crowded out in her little nest that sleepwalk experiment. Despite the open air, but still hot and unbearable. Her upper body wearing a yellow jacket harness, the chest and jade are exposed in front of me back, neck sweat shimmering on the thin, tightly wrap the Rufeng by two points on the faint protrusions, obviously wearing bra; lower body is no longer a short short denim shorts, a large section of white legs shake my open eyes; red sandals and slippers hanging on bare feet, dangling, so I hung up. It was not experimental, ah, simply Shangxing ah. Watch this infinite spring, the smell of her sweat mixed with the aroma, my dick moments Yizhuqingtian. Dizzy my head is whirring back and forth to her name start with, but did not pay attention to what they are doing, while greedy appreciate her body up and down, try to cover up the side of the tilt of the second child. I feel more and more dry mouth, the more traffic the more sweat. Every time she moves or changing posture, have attracted me throb. I feel like I will bear it, I would go so rushed in to take her to do.

Suddenly she looked up, and with the kind eyes pro air, watching the sweat from my face, so hot you ask me, the less sweating. I laugh and cry, your heart is not crying frustrating. She smiled softly and said go and punch a cool bar, heat stroke can Mozhe her. Since you spoke, I was rude. Quickly got into the bathroom, took off his clothes thrown at the door, pick up the nozzle meal with a dash of cold water, iced yourself, a special iced up a bit too uncomfortable for her second child, let him cool down. Side of the shower, while my thoughts clear up, brings to mind scenes, does she really is in seduce me? This little hard to get depressed young woman wanted me to help her understand thirst? After intense analysis and psychological struggles, contradictions and feel pleased with mixed feelings, I came out around the towel. That she did not work, sitting in the living room sitting on sofa smiling at me. She said: "I am sorry, I accidentally put your clothes sprinkled with water, and are wet, I'll dry up, you will be the first towel around it." I found my eyes down to her the clothes are hung on the balcony of the tragedy, and my piece of underwear ... ... the moment I seem to understand what the bare upper body, around the towel, sat beside her and chat her up.

Atmosphere becomes tricky, in the eyes of each exchange has a different meaning seems, the feeling gradually accumulate in, the plot is like the rain outside the cloud, more and more concentrated, more concentrated, waiting for sound Ray's hair to make ... ... the more talk the more daring topics, first films and television shows, then handsome star, followed by actor actress's body, Jolin Tsai plastic, Lin Chi-ling of the chest, even Aaron Jitu according to ... ... my second child Alice once again unstoppable up, I simply do not cover, and any towels being jacked up a tall tent, she has been pretend ... ... all of a sudden she stared at my naked upper body, "you figure a good thing to see up very strong. "I pretended to humble smile," okay. "" Your girlfriend more than happy, ah, two people can keep together, which, like me, only the lonely ... "

Then Cheerful asian escort in ny fell on my naked eyes protruding towel on ... ... and then staring at my eyes, eyes are untold charm ... She slightly open mouth, breathing sounds I hear are clear ... ... gently licking her tongue touch the upper lip a bit sexy ... ...

I can not help it, I know, that is the signal! I look rushed up, put her on the sofa by frantically kiss her sexy thick lips. She did not even deny the meaning of meaning, to live my arms once the neck ring, a ring in my legs, waist, kissed me back fiercely. Her crazy sucking my tongue, soft little tongue stirring constantly, and even biting my lips. Her sexy plump body, under my body kept twisting friction. My hands were not idle, crazy hand kneading her breasts, one hand groping down to grab her big ass, still rubbing wore a thigh between her legs ... ...

She struggled in the slot in the four ambiguous lip, said: "Quick, go to the bedroom ..."

I picked up about her, burst into the bedroom, dumped her on the bed, and rushed to look at. I lifted up her tank tops, a pair of big breasts to jump out, and she wearing bra! Rounded Fengting her breast, light brown nipples, areola small, it shows the stalwart breast.

I eagerly want to pull her tank tops her head, and her glasses are stirred in together, she shouted: "Wait a minute, glasses ~! On my own!"

I then let go. She took off his suspenders, put glasses on the bedside table, and unlock the braids, hair loose to open, and then I had a loose towel ripped off, grabbed my firm's second child, straining the line and. I pushed her to the bed, Paxia her jeans, which turned out to be semi-transparent black lace panties! I could not stand up, buckle across the underwear under her pussy a few, have been found in wet, and again a removed her underwear. Her pubic hair is not very dense, decorated in the pussy, but also extends to both sides of the labia. The color of her pussy a little heavy, slightly shining amidst the labia where it seems there is a hint of vibration, it seems that women really want to ah!

Less than half a minute, they have each other naked. I rushed at her, rub hard that I get caught at night and think of big breasts, but also crazy lick and suck his mouth latch onto the nipple. And made her Jiaochuan forever, but also up the hardened nipple, stand up. Jiaochuan her side, while saying: "I can not stand it soon ... ... ... ... Come ..."

I asked: "also with T it?"

"What with direct come with ... ... ... ..."

I dare not from, holding my dick, rub her door a few times, you look at the top inside.

This feeling too comfortable, very warm inside her pussy and soft lubrication; into the top layers of feeling, suck me tightly. I suddenly inertia along the top to the end. She really is a best ah! I was moved almost to cry out!

She was smoking like a long time after suffering severely suck off a smoke-like, raised head, arched body, happy enjoyable long whispered Jiaoti a cry, a long way down Jiaoti breath. She really is a bad hold.

I pressed her, hugged her and her younger brother frantically Choucha her pussy, her warm moist Roubi, the layers of my second child massage every inch of skin. Her big ass like cushions, like single-sex full, each insert can experience the kind of unique flexibility. Her big tits on plump, tight pressure in my chest, I deliberately rub her breasts rubbing breasts, soft fleshy, very comfortable. Her whole body is like water beds as soft shells Johnson, along with my Choucha, under my body roll to swing to the rhythm, lying on top of cool death. This is only the feeling of dry Mature, more cool than dry my girlfriend! I really do not understand, there is the best, how would her husband want to leave home.

She cried loudly, not shy. I'm afraid the neighbors heard her singing on her mouth to block the mouth, tongue and we were frantically stir together, and soon even the nose are coated with saliva, and she continued to hum with a nose that she repressed Langjiao.

May be too happy, stimulated my potential, I actually did not shoot feeling. Two burning desires of the flesh so crazy tangled frictional collisions. We were both sweating, damp skin, sticking together dawdle, even more Yinmi, endless pleasure.

I do not know how long did this in pitch darkness, her face growing red, his mouth off and cried: "Quick ... ... ... ... hard ... fast ... fast ... and then quickly make the effort ... ..." I know she's coming , to suppress her crazy plug on each end of the next to be the top.

Suddenly, she frowned tight, eyes closed, mouth open, but no sound, his hands clutching my back, the body's involuntary shock-like waves of shaking. She came, I felt her pussy instantly hotter and wetter, and it more closely, and Jinjinzuanzhu my dick, suck hard look inside.

I could not restrain, and pressing her breath, straining under another Choucha more than twenty, she wore tight end, turbulent jet out of the ... ...

We were naked in bed, breathing heavily to meet the ground. Her one leg resting on my lap, one hand still stroked my chest. I also welcome, playing with her big tits. My head reeling, the glans also feels vaguely heard bursts of freshness. Think of many times in my mind YY things, this has become a reality. What I do not think, just enjoy the experience of joy after this indulgence.

Her movements gradually cease, Ce Guotou I saw tears in her eyes. I asked her how. She said nothing, nestled on the side come to me. I hugged her, I do not know what to say ... ...

That night, a day of nausea and finally pouring down rain. I did not go back, and she continued in her bed roll fierce battle. Thunder and lightning outside, she called more presumptuous, there seems to be more than loud thunder and momentum. We were the same as Zhong Lexie, everything behind and over and over again vent their long desire, until the effort has never hugged before sleep. The next day only to find, we toss the sheets have been folded unbearable, sweat, sexual secretion and semen wet a few large ... ...

Later we would have no modesty and camouflage, I simply move over, while working during the day and she flirt play, enjoy the night pressing her vent. As the saying goes, the more knowledge the more lustful woman inside. Indeed, and as she had developed such a hunger to be more cynical young woman. She and I play all kinds of tricks to try a variety of position.

She would lie on the table, sofa, bed, tilt my ass from behind dry. So that I can better appreciate the flexibility of her ass. Each force a plug in the end, there will be a slight rebound. I can dry in the back side of her, while lying on her back, hands held out to play her breast, there is a rape of pleasure ... ...

I let her lay in bed, his hands clutching her breasts pulled down, while her second child in the pussy hard up top. This makes me excited, she does not like, said that he would pull her breast sagging. I would pull up her hands, her arms squeeze the breasts together, while Meng Gan, watching two big tits rough, up and down ... ...

I also found that she could not see AV, hidden in her computer a lot, there are several black. I will see her AV, see to feel the plug on the side watching. We will learn to AV inside, try various positions. She began to develop, while I dry her, she would rub their clitoris while, so that the climax to be stronger. She is sometimes naughty look, learn AV girl Han Jisheng "sub off Butterfly", "Protopic few", I was teasing her crazy dry. Yu Ting and there are such things (not advertising), condoms are saved, but also within the shot, burned Shuangsi.

The most valuable is that she was to give me oral sex! Condition inside and out with soap I washed her second child. This is where my girlfriend is never had treatment. In return, I will give her hard lick hole, sucking her clitoris. She said that the clitoris is the mouth sucking and licking tongue feel particularly comfortable, I certainly happy to service.

We play all kinds of tricks. She would wear tights, so I plug it into the tear. Or like the same instinct in, put my hands tied in the bed, she was riding in the back and forth up and down about me twist.

Sometimes we do not at home during the day to wear clothes, they continue to test naked. She would like the movie, like, wearing only aprons, bare white ass, two breast looming. I start back and forth to her name, she also did not forget to account for cheap, catch breast, pinching butt, very happy.

We invented the most dissolute way of working: she Juezhaopigu read data lying on the table, I stood behind her, the second inserted in the pussy, the pad to record the clip on her back, which I record data, she read data, I plugged her look ... ...

Only on the outside, we were also put on a clear hierarchy of appearance, she was afraid not to see an acquaintance, serious consequences. But back to that as long as the nest, we will immediately restore the true nature of intimate sexual immorality ... ...

Long hot summer, under the mutual aid we were, actually a bit short rush. While we indulge a little bit of life affect the progress, but the experiment was a pleasant end of the holidays to complete, maybe sex is also working to encourage it. Instruments have moved back to the laboratory, my girlfriend has the back. We did the big crazy days. I moved back to his own place to live.

After school, no class, and everyone's life more boring. I will look for an excuse to write papers Gesanchaiwu her, and she continued burning passion. Although the sneaky without telling us, especially my girlfriend, a little tired, but it is fun, no wonder that men like to say that having an affair.

I found that I had deep in her poison, Sentimental girlfriend could not get my body has interest. And his girlfriend, when I do, will not help but think of her choppy "water bed." My girlfriend and I gradually alienated, and finally broke up. I am actually not too sad, because I would find her more freedom. During that time, I live in stupid dreams ... ...

Finally, her husband had a week vacation, came back. She returned to her real home, to meet with her husband. I actually lost that week it will somehow drink alone. I suddenly understand that ultimately this is not a tricky thing, and I think its the real thing ... ...

Next day, I will find her, but are not as fun as before the. I was under the care of her successful completion of a thesis. I quietly find a good job, a work far, far away. Because I do not know to stay, things will go where. I hurried after finishing the graduation procedures, to say goodbye to her, she actually cried, cried a lot. I myself have bouts of pain ... ...

I embarked on a journey ... ...
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