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Students practice playing with a virgin

Students practice playing with a virgin I was stationed in Shanghai, an information network company marketing manager of Suzhou branch, because the headquarters of Suzhou in the local market do I rent an apartment, equipped with a car, though, and the wife and kids are not together, but Suzhou to Shanghai come and go or is lunch, so a few years I would be happy to travel freely in the field of a person, you can play the cynical woman. I play a woman to have a principle that only play Liangjianvzi, not to play a prostitute. Although Liangjianvzi or started to charge the girl out to do something, but I think the biggest advantage is security, I do not want to play a prostitute spend money also fix infected patients.
Now more and more easy to find university graduates looking for work, so the company every year, many students take the initiative came to them for practice, try something, I pick a few beautiful every year, home to female students in the field internship. Innocent young girls, about face, and no social experience, it is easy to get started out, after all likelihood have Buganshengzhang virginity, plus not a local, there will not be playing any trouble, a lot of my success a good thing. This talk about Hou Xiaomei it.
Hou Xiaomei Nanjing, 2 and a half years to come to my company requires graduate training, I look to fancy, more than five feet six tall, long hair, beautiful looks and fair complexion, tall, but for me to stay down to do her internship Clerk. After several days of observation, I found Hou Xiaomei character more quiet, a few days in the company on course, basically no private phone, looks like a boyfriend, then Simple asian escort in Long island  told me her parents would not let her talk about the University of objects, let After graduation she returned to Nanjing. I started out to talk with her customers to eat, of course, I am very talkative, always amused her very happy. Acceptance is also a strong girl, like she had no social dance, I taught her some time, jump good. I often took her cup of coffee, swimming, night time entertainment, entertainment is the end of my drive her home school.
After a night entertaining clients, I took Hou Xiaomei coffee, dancing, dancing, I deliberately and very close to her face to the right hand tightly around her waist, making her body tight against me, to be affixed breast to my chest, and right from time to time seemingly inadvertently touched on two of her ass, the dark dance floor, her head down, afraid to look at me, I obviously feel Hou Xiaomei of the heart rate, shortness of breath. One end, while Simple asian escort in Long island turned back to me, I touched her breasts with both hands on homeopathy, gently rub the two, she was shocked, my hand away quickly, down to drink coffee on the back seat cover with panic, but did not mean to escape. I think the test is running out, made her home on the school. I did not in the car on how she, evidently she was relieved. She got off the school gate, I said: "Tomorrow is the weekend, after work in the intersection waiting for me, we went out to play." She blushed did not answer me, and quietly walked into the school.
After work the next day, I see Hou Xiaomei and other colleagues joking normal, but vision and I met, a little panic. Oh, the girls are like this. After work, I drove out, far away to see Hou Xiaomei wearing a light blue dress, shoulder a parcel waiting for me at the junction, and from experience I know Me, and the next two days rest, have time enough to get a . After dinner, we played for a while karaoke OK, and then another cup of coffee, dancing, Hou Xiaomei been amused by my laughing, seemingly oblivious to the embarrassment of yesterday.
I see it is almost time to close her school has been a time, pretending it was found on the way, said: "Oh, your school has been closed, you go back."
"Oh, is ah, how do ah," Hou Xiaomei is fun, once also anxious.
I comfort her, said: "Never mind, today is the weekend, do not go to work tomorrow, have fun point, to be where I will spend the night to it."
She was a little embarrassed to say: "Where to you? Well this how."
"Never mind, I Bedroom apartment rental company, I am a person to live, you come it does not matter." I said. Hou Xiaomei hesitated a moment, gently nodded. So we - out, drove back to my residence.
"You live in a house like a really good ah, we have room to squeeze in four quarters yet." Hou Xiaomei entered my apartment door, on the envy that. I half-jokingly said: "Do you think this is good, you make the move to live with me ah, how?"
Hou Xiaomei did not directly answer me, and said: "We students have their own outside renters."
Just dance jump of a sweat, go take a bath and then I let Hou Xiaomei rest. She washed out, I saw a girl after bath is really juicy to attractive, dress neckline is a small piece of water, wet, dry neck, also did not keep the water drops, more and more of the soft white skin, feet did not wear stockings on, I am to get her barefoot wearing a pair of slippers, looked at her lovely look, I made up a little cock.
I showered up, Hou Xiaomei is carrying cups sitting on the couch watching TV. I Daoliaobeishui, sat down beside her with a new color TV industry. We are talking, just kissing on TV is the hero and heroine affectionate lens, Hou Xiaomei subconsciously turned away and looked at me, I took the opportunity to embrace her left hand a shoulder, my arms to embrace her, kissed her lips down .
"Do not ..." Hou Xiaomei struggled in my arms, I want to open. "Well sister, you're beautiful, do not be afraid, let me kiss you." I said in her ear. A I this, Hou Xiaomei power struggle immediately smaller, shortness of breath up, panic and closed his eyes, I took the opportunity and kissed her moist lips. She will not kiss, do not respond to my kiss, my tongue pry her teeth, slowly, her tongue will greet me, while also trying to put out his tongue came to me. I take the opportunity this time, to live right across the skirt touching her breasts, she shuddered, opened his eyes and looked at me, grabbed my hand subconsciously push it.
"Do not worry, good sister, let me hug you," I said with his hand continue to attack her breasts. She grabbed my hand slowly, not force, head shyly buried my arms. I left behind in her neck and gently pull the zipper dress, skirt suddenly cracked, exposing the shoulders, then reached into to untie her bra from behind, lifted his right hand to the skirt, from skirt below into it, a grasp of the breast. Hou Xiaomei breast melted and flexible, nipple Ting Ting, has been made hard. She wore pants of beige underwear, thigh folder tightly. Her eyes closed in my arms, I continue kissing her hands kept kneading her breasts, touched her heart pound can keep dancing.
I picked her up on the situation, into the bedroom and gently put her into bed, take advantage of my leg stretched out between her legs, her thighs together not together. Hou Xiaomei in my arms looked at me nervously, his hands grabbed my arm, I whispered in her ear: "Well sister, you are really beautiful, so that I may kiss you." Then I took off her dress and bra, leaving only a pair of underwear. Then her breasts and fair complexion, tall and straight breasts completely exposed in front of me. I bow to kiss her, from the lips, the neck to the breast, Hou Xiaomei's body after the bath exudes a charming atmosphere. Touched my hand on her rounded shoulders, melted breasts, smooth belly, and finally down into his underwear ... .... "Ah - do not ..." Hou Xiaomei shuddered, murmured feebly said, she instinctively want to close his legs, my legs can be Jiazhu, and thigh Bulong. "Well sister, I love you, do not be afraid." I said while kissing her side, she can not react the same time, following a hand touch her thigh in the middle of the pussy.
Hou Xiaomei of the vagina has been all wet, hairy piping hot, and I kissed her breasts above, the following soft and fiddled with her fingers, temperature and humidity of Roufeng, Hou Xiaomei under attack from both sides of my upper and lower, has looked blurred, say a word does not come out, pussy out of sexual secretion soiled my hand. So I slowly pull down her panties, she not here consciously slightly bent legs, so I completely slipped out of underwear.
Finally, Hou Xiaomei lounging naked in front of me, her eyes closed, cheeks crimson, white chest rise and fall more than, melted erect breasts, nipple up too purpurin purpurin, flat belly, thin waist , smooth, slender thighs, plump pussy between legs arched above the pubic hair is not very thick, but the black glossy, shining attractive sheen. Then I take off his underwear, her legs apart, showing her pussy in front of me completely, the entire vagina is a unique fresh virgin pink, dripping wet, the water already. Hou Xiaomei she begins a very full, and she begins a more dense on the pubic hair, sparse down gradually, extending to both sides of the labia majora, labia majora at the top, two fresh labia closed, tightly wrapped in a pink top clitoris, labia majora I use your fingers to separate the lower body wash bath Hou Xiaomei just very clean, inside the vagina, not a little soft pleated Roufeng fouling, I saw the closed vaginal sexual secretion submerged in crystal clear in the .
The first sexual intercourse for girls is full of fear, and must be fully Nongnong her, let her try to relax, feel less pain, she will soon after sexual intercourse to accept, enjoy the joy of sex. I head down, facing the vagina first blow a few breaths, I saw her pussy for a tight, but also an sexual secretion flooded out, my tongue, gently licking live vagina, tongue separated two labia minora, stripping out clitoris, latch onto the clitoris and gently suck get. Hou Xiaomei pussy just wash it very clean, refreshing taste salty, not urine, Grievance, I am very satisfied.
Hou Xiaomei legs buried in the middle of my tongue from the clitoris to the labia minora, vaginal opening, suddenly overlook heavy, suddenly exploration suddenly licking, suddenly stirred suddenly roll, suddenly the top where suddenly rubbing ... ... Hou Xiaomei received this, was I confused her lower body kept twisting his legs for a while to open, one will be clamped to my head, his mouth actually issued huh hum. Suddenly, Hou Xiaomei legs tightly clamped my head, shortness of breath, trembling, vagina sexual secretion in an bustling pouring ... She was the first time I reached a climax confused.
Hou Xiaomei I hold in my arms?, This time her body like a pool of soft mud, as I said in her ear, "I came, I should not come ah?" Her eyes closed not to speak, hooked my arms neck, naked body tightly close to me. I know the time is almost up, and when my cock is proudly a long, hard cock fever, shiny glans purpurin. I Hou Xiaomei flat in bed, her thighs to split, underlay the block in her ass towel, then both inside and outside of her pussy all soapy sexual secretion, very smooth, and I poke the labia with your fingers, will penis vagina aligned, gently inside the top of the roof, only the top half of the glans into the barriers felt the hymen.
So I let her feet lifted from the shelf behind me hooked on my waist, so you can play the most open to the vulva, vagina my cock stand up, half down on her body, the waist down after a hard, glans forward a "rip" to look at breaking barriers cock insert in half. Hou Xiaomei "ah" sound, feel the pain, the body of a shiver, Gouzhuo my neck suddenly clinging to my hands, my big bang, lower body and then a hard, look at the whole root of my cock into the her vagina, I just feel Hou Xiaomei pussy tight and hot, the vaginal wall meat tightly wrapped my cock, pussy meat tenderizer glans area is squeezed tightly hugged, fantastic. I am a full five or six minutes without twitching cock, both to reduce the pain of first sexual intercourse Hou Xiaomei is a good feeling beautiful virgin pussy.
I stuck her did not move, slowly, Hou Xiaomei brow stretch a point, breath a little flat, open your eyes to see me, and I kept kissing her, her response to my tongue, no longer awkward, actually also with a point desired. As Hou Xiaomei is the first time, I did not play any tricks, just slowly twitching cock out half, and slowly inserted into the penis in the vagina in the crowded open meat tenderizer, and each time the cock into the deepest of her has been to the top bother her warm on the top was Hou Xiaomei trembling, his mouth could not help the slightest breathing. At first a few, I think Hou Xiaomei pain from time to time frown, soon better, pussy tight and hot, sexual secretion which more and more, I have pubic hair on the entire root cock is her sexual secretion, but also with trace of blood.
Soon, my cock began to feel the waves of contraction Hou Xiaomei's pussy, I knew she went to the climax, so to cock a plug in the end, firmly resisted her heart of flesh, she was twisting my top buttocks Debu residence mouth? drunkenly moaned, shortness of breath and up, his tongue began to find my mouth, I immediately kissed her, move up and down together, to take her to climax.
While, Hou Xiaomei opened blurred eyes looked at me, I asked her: "still painful you, good sister?." She gently shook her head and said: "Now a lot better." And then hugged me kiss them, I respond with Hou Xiaomei kiss, his hands rubbed her breasts, her beautiful breasts is hemispherical, melted and elasticity, feel and taste very good, due to congestion and expansion into the purple nipple, under the right breast there is a small mole. My mouth and hands playing with her breasts, cock still hard to insert the following in her pussy, I slowly get back, quite frequently the top of her efforts to reach the cock, vibrate up and down with too breasts, I felt another Hou Xiaomei wave attack, shy smile at me Yan However, it is more open thigh point, the hook in my waist, his hands clinging to my ass, it seems like my penis to the body then plug a bit deeper, it seems I have a tuning effect, the first time she had tasted the sweetness of sex, I think I ejaculate the gate, and Oh.
So I lengthened Choucha trip, crossing each of the next pumping Yam just latch onto my penis, and then straight in the end, helping them to withstand rubbing rubbing three, so repeatedly, slowly accelerating frequency, breath more than 200 plug , each are inserted under the random chatter was Hou Xiaomei breasts, rubbing her wave state was overflowing, Jiaochuan repeatedly, sexual secretion flow of a butt, and cock my meat bags full of hair paste on both her sexual secretion. I lifted her legs to her side of the body separately, so that her plump pussy arched up more, I can insert deeper, she immediately understood what I mean, pretty pussy up to meet my insert, I breath force and dozens of plug, the sudden Hou Xiaomei's pussy while in another burst of heat shrink tightly wrapped around my cock, his mouth began to hum hurried up, I know she have to climax, so I loin muscle force, to accelerate the Choucha speed, I just feel my penis in her vagina began to heat up anger, feeling dumb an issue from the loin muscle, instant direct access to the glans along the cock, I Hou Xiaomei ear: "Well my sister to hold fast to me." I took a deep breath, Hou Xiaomei a latch hold my tongue, my ass down a pressure, the last line about the depths of her vagina, resisted efforts to reach, I just feel an itch penis, cock while beating Dodo, a Unit of piping hot straight out of the semen, mercilessly shot in her efforts to reach, and Hou Xiaomei pussy for the first time by the semen of stimulation, each of my cock jump, Hou Xiaomei flick on the whole body, my cock jumped in Hou Xiaomei vagina in more than a dozen, shooting a lot of semen, and finally quiet ... ....
After shooting, I pressing her, Hou Xiaomei under my body, like a soft like a no bones, hugged the two of us, I still stuck in her, cock in her pussy slowly softened. Hou Xiaomei said nothing, kissed my lips, eyes closed, face, neck. I have both hands gently stroked Hou Xiaomei of the body, in my calm, her breath slowly calmed down.
I sat up, the soft cock in pussy withdraw from Hou Xiaomei, I saw her vagina outside the sexual secretion lovers, pink labia open with, had closed the vaginal opening, was I inserted a little swelling in my have not had time to cock pumped after closing, filling the inside of my vagina semen, the milky semen sandwiched bright red blood, slowly overflow the vaginal opening, ditch flow down along the bottom. I use facial tissue gently wipe the genitals for the Hou Xiaomei semen and blood.
At this time, it is already midnight, and we took a bath together, in front of me at this time Hou Xiaomei is no longer so shy, hugged the two of us go to bed nude together in bed, she leaning on my side, I holding her hands playing with her breasts and vagina. Hou Xiaomei suddenly worried and asked me tonight she will not get pregnant, I asked what her last menstrual clean, she said three days ago, I told her that it does not matter, she is now in a safe period. We hugged to sleep. As the battle last night and I Hou Xiaomei little tired, sleep until the next day at 10 am, I have a dim soft creamy feel in the body to endure touching me, looked outside, has a large bright day, although pulled the curtains, the room can not see outside, but the room is very bright, Hou Xiaomei first woke up, she leaning on my side, his hands around my neck, white rounded breasts pressed my body, Oh, I get her in the . I asked her: "Does he want me? Oh." Hou Xiaomei made a face: "do not know!" "Ah, do not know?! You say that again." I held her in my arms one, she lips went up, we kiss together. Side and then kiss, my hand caught her breasts, gently kneading them, her body close to me tightly, slightly closed eyes enjoying my fingering. My hand down her chest, belly, sliding into the grass between her legs, she felt, lift one leg stand on me, open up the thigh, my hand touched her vagina, uh, have water dripping wet, and the young girl that is sensitive to only a few rubbing breasts, touched on the water.
I could not help hard cock up, I pulled Hou Xiaomei hand on my cock, perhaps the first touch of her man's penis, first hand shrink back a bit, then carefully grabbed my cock said: "so thick so hard ah." I teased her, said: "If I do not thick not hard, how to make you comfortable ah." she said, lying in my ear: "Last night ... ... ... ... began to feel pain, Later, like comfortable, you made me very comfortable. "I further teased her:" What I now want to get another you? "listened to me, her hand holding my cock with a little force, kissed me said: "You good or bad, which I itch." Listen to her say this, my cock more and more hard, touching her vagina, sexual secretion has been vast. I stand up on her body, Hou Xiaomei hint to my waist and legs on the hook, the vulva was sent to the front of my cock, my cock found her negative accounts, ass a push, the whole root cock straight into the vagina, the Hou Xiaomei comfortable too ah to a Jiaoheng, latch tight wet pussy again, my cock, I wrapped meaning very cool, I Taitun sent back, slowly Choucha up.
I am from the slow to fast, from shallow to deep to Choucha with Hou Xiaomei pussy, first straight out to plug straight into a hundred, the only stop her itch, Hou Xiaomei than last night, very relaxed, comfortable hum of body with the rhythm of my Choucha have a shuttle to drive white breasts vibrate up and down, wave-state flying. I plug in less than two hundred, she would orgasm. I Hou Xiaomei said: "If you want a good name called out loud, inaudible outside." Listened to me, she made a face, twisted in bed panting, enjoying the climax of pleasure. I hold her breasts with both hands, following battles Nenxue very cock, this time I fast-forward slowly out of nine shallow a depth to plug up the mouth with a penis in the vagina and sometimes fiddle with the clitoris, labia minora and sometimes Fannong repeatedly scratch get after what has run in the end, then slowly out in the shade after the account is repeated Saonong a plug in the end ... "ah - ah -, tickling, itching death of me ... ... oh - oh - -, so comfortable ... "Hou Xiaomei has never been this? played, panting incoherent. I was her wave stimulation was also very excited state, due to jet off last night because, now cock Yuezhanyueyong, half an hour past, Hou Xiaomei has three times the climax, I did not stand fire.
Hou Xiaomei in my body, another hair, confusion, blurred star eyes, breasts live jump, Jiaochuan again and again, like a beach covered in soft mess. I Hou Xiaomei legs lift, stand on my shoulder, her pussy again, towering in front of me now, because excitement and congestion, more and more full of fresh labia majora, labia minora up two very delicate, tender, see I cock swelling and unbearable, I accelerated the speed and depth of Choucha, watching his cock bathed Hou Xiaomei of sexual secretion, the volume with the labia minora inserted in the vagina in the dug out, I am excited to the extreme, and I quickly climax , and finally I won Hou Xiaomei in the ass, the cock mercilessly a plug in the end, deeply penetrating the glans bother meat tenderizer, then the Hou Xiaomei has been speechless, gasped to my head buried in her breasts in the ... ...
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