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Pantyhose memory

Pantyhose memory My name is Li Yuyang, eighteen years of age. Sometimes things really think my family is a bit weird, after all, this kind of thing most people will experience, and finally a few years down the whole had a clear mind, they write about to share it.

When I did not remember, still Bubur when no father around, the primary schools have to do when your parents to school activities, I innocently asked her mother why our family had no father. Mother little lips gently vibrate a few times, "Little Yang ah, my father went to far away?." Old long course, know that in the original father died in a car accident, drunk driving is driving to hit down the middle, but the gentle mother afraid her son would know the child's mind a bad influence, but to say that the fuzzy band in the past. Not a father, mother all these years have not fared well. Listen to Auntie said, our family my mother was just college boys inside the school closure to do beauty, young, handsome father was heard at that time to catch up, and still in college when the birth of a child, but also Incidentally, married, a pair was the envy of everyone on campus, campus couples ... ... or should I say the couple is more appropriate school ah?

Was just a sophomore summer birth to us, so please do not have to even leave really have enough of the way. Why is called birth to us? Because I told my sister the twins, although the friends are fraternal. However, we look very like, almost impossible to separate from the facial features to a child when the half-length hair with our relatives and friends could not recognize who is who until the beginning of school after my hair cut, hair grow long after my sister Start easy, respectively. I told my sister about the mother and father have inherited good genes it, from small to large that we were a few nice, although in fact I am a little unhappy, after all, I'm the man yeah! But to see her mother's look, we know that we would grow so delicate not without reason. Liu Yemei thin with big eyes on the shiny, small size of the nose bridge of the nose there is Ting Ting, Aqua's always a smile on the lips, mouth gently rising, like a cute kitten mouth. A soft black hair as if no weight, always with the wind Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind Ah, I heard that there are advertising companies to find her mother shoot shampoo ads miles. Although now 37, probably because the maintenance of good relations, but also like a little girl like his early twenties.

After Dad died, my mother to work wholeheartedly with my sister to be raised, although there are always many around a steady stream of suitors, but she had never been tempted, I told my sister that her mother about the whole, no longer need other people involved in it. In particular, my brother hurt my mother, my mother could not bear to me after school age to school, just let her sister do the school, took me to a day in front of the company to continue care with more than a year after, so my sister have read the third year I now High School. Probably because the mother's job performance is high enough, good enough to work with children was also no one to speak, right?

Mother's work is a foreign company's senior executives, so every day wearing a professional suit to go to work. Total love with a child in front of her mother after the adhesion, always want to see her mother in the legs out in front of a strange thing to wear, such as pants, something like socks, a bright, transparent, and there are black, gray, and In short it is varied. I am curious to ask my mother: "Mom, what you wear something that you?" Mom set to half of the tights and stopped, open smile, "Yeah this is the pantyhose." Naive I asked: "I Can Feel ah? "Mom's cat raised his mouth," you can Yeah, but you can only touch the mother, and see other girls can not touch yo. "" ah, I know! "Mom continued put the tights on the original smooth but delicate legs, off the tights and pull tight mini skirt waist, and then along a smooth leg stockings. My sticky little hand gently on her mother's legs wrapped in stockings, that moment feels like a shock, like earth shattering, now figure socks addiction that was my first experience love it! Uncontrolled hand back and forth constantly touching up, silky feel small head melon return, it seems necessary to remember that touch deep in my mind. After touching the leg is prepared to put his hand on the thigh, but her mother's hand to stop the red blush me. "Little Yang behaved, not upward touch Oh." "Why not?" Naive I stared puzzled. "Because ..." Mom crooked head how serious you want to explain to me, "girls just can not touch the legs of the yo." "I feel that my mother does not give a yo." I said wronged, flash shiny big eyes almost drop tears come, "Mom does not like me?" "Of course like ah, you are my mother's heart on a piece of meat, my mother the most like you." touched my mother's distressed the face. "That's my mother's feet to touch the feet, I want to touch her mother's tights thing!" Lie, I hugged my mother's legs, persistent bend his mother, and finally laughed like my mother can not stand you, in the edge of the bed sat down, gently, I was still very young but also on the legs hold up, "Little darling, lost to you." When he finished, he pulled my little hand on my mother's wearing light stockings thigh, "Look you little pervert yo, how to do later." succeed me happy chuckled, hand to her mother stroked the smooth stockings legs back and forth, although some do not know why he would think so, but hand is not controlled by touching up. Then touch the mother's stockings do not have the heart of any color, it simply felt good touch.

Stockings touching her mother every morning the day, until about fourth grade, you figure it is really a big boy now ah! There are days when getting up there as if the pants always feel something, rubbed his eyes and sat up after the discovery of a small penis to bend slightly larger up, this situation never happened scared me half to death, kicked quilt on the panic of the mother's room to run. "Mom! I'm sick!" Getting ready for work clothes of the mother is scared to see me the way quickly bent down and hugged me, "how a small Young? Which side is sick?" "Mom you look at my small penis , swollen up! "Mom look at my pants pulled after exposed to a small penis, slightly taken aback, aware of his son began to develop, although not very obvious, but has been able to erect. "This ah, small penis bigger, is that little Yang grew up yo." Mother hand on my head touch the touch Yeah, "we will soon become a small Young adults?." "Really ah? "I was relieved of panic laughed, accustomed to the right thigh began to catch the mother's feeling smooth stockings. This does not feel good, touched down, only half had started very small penis bigger fast, hard, and finally to more than ninety degrees, but also continue upward tilted state. Basking in the joy of his son had grown in the stunned mother, how her son touched my leg touched the erection of the stockings? And before year-old child, while not great, but the degree of bend penis has been the same or even more than with adults, the vascular pedicle clouds look quite shocking people.

Simple asian escort in new jercy looked at his son's cock up her mother actually shy. Simple asian escort in new jercy quietly brushed the sticky little hands in the legs, gently said: "Little Yang put on pants?, Is also such a shame shame adults face." "Ah, I'm an adult!" I am happy and Mom did not notice the action to shake off my hand, just happy to pull pants, and then back to the room started to wear clothes ready to go to school. After that, my mother would not let me touch her stockings legs. Always said that adults can not touch the stockings, Shame on the face without mother, little satyr would be laughed at like, every time my hand to catch the mother's legs, her hand brushed aside. Perhaps really began to grow, sensible, and know that a woman's legs really can not just touch, I also do not touch a mother's stockings.

But the so-called sensible, they begin to understand the woman on behalf of thing. After entering the country, a bunch of precocious kid in the class will start uploading more of a fact is not a book, wearing a swimsuit or dress slits like the magazine (now think of it is quite stupid), then scream half-day, the first kid who quickly crowded together to see what is so nice. Curiosity is certainly curious, but I only play such an extent that can not stimulate, it seems that not only my small penis, even the color of my heart are mature earlier. Only I know what I will be stimulated. Stockings.

Walking home from school on the road and saw a young aunt who work close to wearing a suit with stockings, high heels, bottom of my heart filled with a strange emotion, seems to see the funny cat in front of Akira as a cat brush. Since junior high, the mother will not let me change clothes into the room when I am only through half-open door and my mother along their smooth delicate legs, slowly put on pantyhose action. We do not know why, but every time I see this scene when a small penis will quickly stand up, hard and hot, uncomfortable and could not help but look at both, but do not have sufficient knowledge of color centers mature mature I do not know how to make their own vent this feeling.

Until the middle class in the school one day, when several students huddled together to discuss a secret do not know what vaguely heard the "big guns", "penis", "cool" what sort of. I am far Zhanzhao Ting curious for a while, just pull the mix together in the end a buddy came over and asked them what to say. "They said, Masturbation and more cool like ah." "Masturbation is what?" "Thick! There is no mistake ah Li Yuyang, fire a gun you do not know!" "That is what?" Students?'s Death, it seems What is the big secret world all know, only I do not know. "Fire a gun is a hand holding a small penis then you have been moving! '" This will be so cool? "" Please, you must be the same thing like an idiot? "Having said, shaking his head like a turned stand to go.

Get information after I came home from school, taking advantage of the mother and sister were not home the gap, put the pants back to the room took it off, exposing the soft little brother, mouth to swallow the saliva gearing up, it seems Now to try any new scientific experiments. Small penis with the right hand to hold up the entire front moving slowly after the start, really small penis began to become larger hard, the whole swelling up, beginning just do not feel that cock bigger how, gradually with the hand before and after the line and move the action, feeling waves of tingling uploaded from the penis up gradually throughout the brain can not think, the more natural hand is moving faster, only hope that tingling feeling is growing.

Finally, in the blanching of the penis on the strange feeling rising to the highest point at the same time, a surge of urine from the still half-wrapped penis foreskin coming out, panic, I thought I had to pee, while trying to walk to the toilet , they found two legs has froze can not move, while the hand is still uncontrolled continue whip. I finally bear to the bursts of pleasure from the urethra with a thick white sperm injection. Side of the fire, while the right hand continues to mechanical-like movements, until five or six times along with the intense stimulation of the jet are all over, was relieved of fell to the floor. Masturbation is such a cool old things ... ah ... Since then, the road to see a pair of stockings legs of a woman, cock it quietly in the crotch, erection, Li Yuyang students just feel strange to see why school suddenly What would hurry to go home, but do not know that I was jacking off to get home to vent. Country, three home from school one day, because the road is still seen a pair of legs wrapped in black stockings Miss workers, can not wait to go home masturbation solution, but found the high-heeled shoes at the entrance. The original mother more than I do not know how long the home. Bulging crotch, hard cock ready to return to the room with a vent faster, but Miaodao mother's clothing will be replaced after the work lost in bed, people have a bath in the bathroom. A glance at her mother's room, was surprised to find her mother's stockings will also throw off the bed, remember that it imported a pair of iron-gray tights. I do not know how, pace slowly walked to her mother's room, looked after her mother on the bed of gray tights, shortness of breath gradually up. Is to wear tights in the mother's legs from the last mile ... ... touch her mother's stockings legs is already several years ago, and now the bed of this put tights and stockings legs brought back memories of my mother. Determine the sound of her mother in the bathroom flushing continues, slowly reach out to touch the tights. Finger contacts with the soft silk of the moment, the feeling of shock and breath back to the mind, intellect soon be lost in the back. I will quickly uniform pants zippers down, pulled out a terrifyingly already swollen cock, left hand holding his right hand began stockings crazy Cuonong the pedicle. While I enjoy working on the soft silk touch, while self-taught in the mother's tights and slowly leaned nose, in the transparent crotch deep breath. There was a mother-specific body fragrance, there is a faint, tell what the flavor, although it can not be described as abnormal brought back my sex drive. Seems to have an erection cock up by the swollen again like to encourage a size, the right hand line and less than a few people broke out of an almost insane pleasure, the whole Rougun pumping unprecedented power and road spray out of an an intense semen, as if never stop pumping dozens of similar continuous tight under my wooden floor in front of a large jet are whitish mucus. Fortunately, I also was not facing her mother's bed, or I do not see it pick up the next. Madness recovered, leaving the stockings to the living room quickly took a whole pack of toilet paper into her mother's room began to hurry to wipe the floor Kuangxie marks. In the seminal plasma of toilet paper covered all the trash casually into my room after my mother happens to have a good bath to wash came out wrapped in towels.

"Little Yang to go home now?" Mom hair while wiping his mouth with a towel. "Er, right ah, my mother how are you today so early to go home ah?" I am guilty of the answer said. "Today the place to do something for the customer, over ... Anyway, soon after work directly report to us about come back." Steaming whole body so her mother came over to me, "Huh? Small Young packet you get toilet paper doing? "... I ... ah ... this ..." I panic for the explanation, "just go home with running hot, so fierce sweat, wipe now, so ..." he finished and smoked sheets of toilet paper readily to touch his face. "What with the running catch, ah, little devil head!" Mom princess laughed, "I like to help you wipe." Having said my mother is still actually just wipe the hair with a towel wipe over my head go out into the country I have just three centimeters with one hundred sixty-eight as high as the mother, is she the first one down, the entire line of sight go out into the mother's chest, wrapped in towels on the projection. Steaming chest, slightly a drum of a drum of breathing, soft white towel wrapped round completely unable to upper half of the chest, the huge white Big like to burst out, like, too exciting so my breathing is more beautiful shortness. "You see you are still breath it run!" Blame the mother up with motherly love. My asthma is asthma, but not because of running, because I read your mom huge Big ah! To wipe my head in a moment, the mother was to recover the towel, "Well, little Yang, sweat it quickly back to the room to change clothes, bathe ah down or else." I then rushed back to his room, in the Before going back into the room with a glance back to my mother back to the room wrapped in towels, mature plump flesh under the towel in contrast, can not hide the huge breasts, slim waist, rounded abundant buttocks ... ... Oh ... ... My God! From that day on, I began to realize that her mother is a "woman" of the facts.

Normal line of sight to the mother who changed more than the projected time, and now discovered that, my family my mother is really a rare beauty, black hair slip, detailed facial features Alice, a little soft and delicate sound of voice, with on the 35d, 24,36 the devil (which is my mother told me later) and a pair of slender legs straight, together with professional package with attractive wear stockings every day, is entirely a young beauty awesomeness women. I also noticed that her mother will be home to the first strip shower after the habit, especially in the clothing will be replaced on the bed; lace underwear, d-cup bra, and my favorite silk tights, to the I have a lot of good opportunity to meet lust. Fortunately, the high one day, her mother a bath when I found the bathroom vents on the fact that you can see inside the bathroom (of course normal for no one is peeping at home), I immediately took a day mother's flesh-colored tights and throw on the bed, crouched under the unscrupulous peeping bathroom vent his mother, and wrapped with a growth of little brother tights masturbation. Washed with hot white skin, shed a string of beads, flow through the two should not be that old chest should be Ai Beilei some pink, plump and slender waist Big Bottom formed a deadly curve, with the charming and lovely face, how to not look like thirty-year-old woman has. There? Fiber heterozygosity pair of legs, hands rubbing a pair of stockings think is wrapped in front of slender legs, the blanching of the penis on the uncontrolled trembling. At this time I still do not know how sex is one thing, I just feel the mother's body is far too charming, as long as she stared at the hands of fierce stem Jiaoqu emitted hot semen, it is no happiness be added .

When the mother put on the shower gel on the chest Big, but also detailed in the skin white and tender hand but enormous breasts rub up; when touched to the two lovely pink nipple, the mouth is not conscious of the issue of the sound "ah" sound, I see more Xuemaibizhang. Hands wrapped in pantyhose masturbation action has accelerated again. After washing the breast mother turned, I saw the front, the chest is not huge because the slightest signs of age, and drooping, but a pair of beautiful drop shape proud tilted upward. Look down, I was aware of a fact that never before been discovered: the mother's private parts without pubic hair. Even in high school I have begun venues tend sparse pubic hair grows around the cock, and her mother actually did not. Mother's private office has a delicate two labia very cozy and cute, the whole genital small, clean, like a normal girl without personnel. Was still not understand the mysteries of this place I just felt that the unusual looking place, people simply no way to remove the eyes. Mother drops in the hands of the shower gel, stretch slowly started rubbing up under the genitals. Liu Yemei mother thin slightly wrinkled up, big watery eyes close together, like a scimitar cat, Zhang opened it gently, with the hand movement sent waves of sweet moan.

Listening ear in the Sound, the hands have been swelling the Rougun no longer withstand the extreme pleasure. Quickly to the left of the stockings still wrapped Rougun rapid pumping, the mind a blank against a bathroom vent out smoke a ferocious jet pumping viscous fluids, and some even through the ventilation Koupen to the mother's leg and foot on. Actually did not expect to shoot in such a violent, taken aback, I quickly took the living room and toilet paper to wipe carefully from the beginning on the bathroom door is a big da men dripping mucus. Cool, really too cool. If not then know more, maybe I'll stop there instead.

High School, a group of Huqungoudang with a few over the turn rotten porn; For me, pornography is a kind of new experience, had previously absorbed is probably the only knowledge to know how to fire a gun with the state in health education textbooks do not know What do you mean above the vague things just it. Carefully calculate, since then seems to have little knowledge grow. The porn is these extraordinary, not only naked beauty map, there are a few pictures of men and women Diego together, as I am concerned this is a new shock, quickly asked the students what it is doing . "Come on, that you do not know, this is shelling you, love, you go to bed?, Right?" "I do not know ah." "Please, rain Yang, you look so beautiful ... ... dry, I was wrong , and so on, do not come up with a fist come, I mean, grow so handsome, not a virgin now, right? "" a virgin not break the law! "I replied angrily. "Shelling This file things ... ah ..." appears next to a lot of experience from the students immediately began to explain that he does not know which prostitutes romantic stories, hear the next few also experienced straight nod, we are a few little virgin stunned, of course, but experience has not pretend to have experienced eloquence. "In short, the second inserted into the Women's Private Parts of feeling, ah, can be used simply to describe cool to death ah! You hoping to teach the whole person both man stabbed to birds, with their own Masturbation is completely different from two of the world ah! "" Well? "I innocently asked. "Is this." "Thick, you boys talking about it!" High School is a co-ed classes, the class of the girls finally noticed that we talk more macabre adult stuff, ran angrily interrupt our intention to continue kinky. But the knowledge I have absorbed finished, be to achieve the purpose, right? The original fire a gun more comfortable than the sex thing? How I used to never know?

Riding a bicycle home after school, on the way home after a ride in front of an office building, just a trading company in the closing work, some talking and ol came out from the main entrance, looking ahead are all wearing suits fit, flesh-colored close to the pair of legs stockings above the beautiful lady, I see the love socks love addiction and legs while blood on the Bay. Looking at their breasts with swaying hips, if you think sex with them, I do not know will not tell them the same cool? I kept thinking, crotch, cock and put up tents to the rough. Second child uncomfortable ride wore a tight grip, and hastened home to prepare bitter rump shot Xiaoxiao Huo. Open the door has not slipped out of the shoes, I found a step mother, has already returned home, was wearing high heels do not know where to go.

"Little Yang come back, to come with me to go shopping, talk about today, the company has become a big sum of Planning in the evening to do a good material to enjoy yo son." "Ah ... I ..." "ah, what , come out?. "bags leave, her mother's delicate hand holding out with me again, I was going to say do not, intend to Duohui bitter rump shot of the room when the mother put my hands warm grasping heart out. Vice driver's seat sat, enraptured of her mother's happening today, talking, my mother set concentration only in the chest under the towering black stockings and mini skirt under the legs on. The object of the original brain obscenity, and since Miss trading company shifted to the mother over. ─ ─ For ah, my mother still beautiful than they do. This is not nonsense. Although several have been thirty, mother of the maintenance effort is also made available a lot. Originally installed on the end of the beautiful is also seen on the face of aging, but rather with age, increasing a little mature charm; 35d of the chest, although the full suite of tightly wrapped, but still almost want to break free from the control white silk shirt and burst out; thin leg on the sets with a non-reflective black stockings, more beautiful and extremely sexy.

Sex. Know the word, the idea began to get rid of obscenity. Obscenity on the road had just seen a young woman, now the object into her mother, the whole lit up by a blazing desire. Yes ah, to the physical, the mother of the object it is the best sex. Without the knowledge of only a happy mother holding my hand the selection of the same kind of advanced ingredients, from time to time also with rich Big friction my arm, and made me all the way distracted, sometimes pushing a shopping cart behind the mother, from looked at the mother behind the graceful figure, and a pair of tightly wrapped in the legs in black stockings, the second to put up their tent upright, causing me to walk the cover must be minced. Wait for the scene to try to put my mother stand up sex pleasure.
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