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Way to my students

Way to my students I am 32 years old, in a remote small town in any civil, just want to grow some of their own
Out and share experiences, because of these experiences in my heart always torment me, say it may be
Feel better.

First of all I should say that I now have a very warm and harmonious family, a love and I love my wife
Child, an obedient and well-behaved daughter.

But I will tell you that's absolutely and even my wife does not know my secret.

Speaking from my experience in high school should be talking about, it was a Saturday afternoon, as the job is finished
Reading in the dorm, a dorm buddy with the mysterious child said to me, want to open the open ocean dirty, I was
He not only said what means anything, but still agreed with curiosity one night, he will immediately come to a very dirty
Dirty Luxiang Ting, at the beginning nothing special effort is nothing more than some of the Hong Kong and Taiwan films and romance films like the record

But after eleven, I suddenly feel Luxiang Ting stir up in the original raw footage is the boss to put a child, a
Some regulars began to get excited, something really soon, began to appear on the TV screen, a team of men and women, all
Body wearing little clothing, and the first time I saw, the woman actually mouth of JB in his mouth, sucking men, from time to time by hand
Stroked the male scrotum, then both men started to play 69 style, man to woman cunnilingus, the woman is not from beginning to end
Off moaned, never seen these before where I had them by the Yeah, not a minute to stand
Direct shot in the pants.

We are not afraid of a joke actually did so, it is of course not, and now there is no special incentives may be
Hard not hard.

From that point rampant, high school into the town all over my school that all Luxiang Ting, can
Said reading countless B, then I just go to the development of practice does not mean, people started to learn because of who really do not say
Let soak a man, is this girl a little underarm odor, who often exudes an unpleasant odor, but
Fortunately, the wave is very pretty, flash flash walking very sexy.

I was the girl at the same table every few days and work around you can feel close, but honest, at that time and
The girl along a very short time later because of placement on the separation of the arts and sciences, but for some time across the thin
Shirt touched her MM, very strong, a little round the nipple, but also up and down with the hand shaking and trembling
Move, when there is just an indescribable enjoyment, perhaps because it was also the reason for the small, that is not
A class should not be together, so tolerant asian escort in new jercy went to see it since.

Former classmate of his best buddies was listening to this girl that I'm serious, for a long time feeling bad,
Frequent crying, and said to go find me. Fortunately, tolerant asian escort in new jercy had also very good, a few days ago to see her stay still Classmates
The floor.

Really want to say is that I fell in love four years because of the assignment and his girlfriend broke up a second, four years, we
Live life like husband and wife can be said that the couple how to live how we live, we took to the streets to buy food,
Cooking together, learning together (forgot to tell you that I was now at university), the second girlfriend is high
After the placement of students.

The person and the first female students of the difference is the first time we have established a relationship having sex
Remember it was Friday night, the other students are under study up to go home or back to the dorm, and we both have no one to go,
Has been sitting chatting, talking about beginning is ideal, what about the University wanted to test, then she said, felt a bit cold, I
My clothes draped over her body, tolerant asian escort in new jercy said the cold, I half-jokingly said or I hug you, who know her
Not keen on the idea and the initiative to lean my arms.

This is no man to continue under the kind, began to manipulate, first across the coat touched her MM and crotch,
Then I reached into the jacket is not fun to touch across the bra, and she reluctantly into my hand stop
Attack, but in my insistence she would give up resistance, let my hand touch her breast, and soon afterwards
She actually used my body with the stroke, mouth whisper bursts groan.

Eventually I solved all her clothes, threw them off the desk by the window on a bright
Light, her firm breasts faint reddish light, nipples hard, smooth white skin and delicate, latch my mouth
Her nipples, tongue back and forth and fiddled with, the next she can not stand this, and actually a very sound called up, buddy
Quickly to the right nipple, blocked her mouth mouth, who knows she was active tongue out into my mouth,
So while I suck her nipples, his right hand back and forth between the two breast fiddle, his left hand directly into her pants
Yard, stretch it the most valuable private parts.

Did not think that there is already a vast expanse of water, damp little sticky, this is my first hand
Stroke woman B, the experience did nothing, just know that tease back and forth, as if she was not comfortable, we did
Do not know what the clitoris is, I feel very warm and very wet, so that lasted a few minutes after the point that other things should be dry
Situation, so I got up off her pants to school to prepare the action on video to start combat.

She is also well in line with the initiative to unlock the belt, let me take off her pants, until I had his pants off
Ready to enter only to find I had shot, crotch, wet, soft little brother hung his head no
A little glory.

While I am embarrassed to know what to do when I squat down to understanding his girlfriend has to suck up my mouth carefully
Little brother, and from time to time with his tongue licking my glans groove, may be too excited, I did not expect only a few
I have another shot, this time actually impartial shot on her face.

I was ashamed throw home, but she just smile a little, hand-paint off the face of semen, but also naughty
On the tip of the nose to smell the smell, and tasted with the tongue, I blinked, said: "a bit fishy, ??do not taste
Wrong! "

Then stood up and took my clothes to wear to help me put on his shirt before, although the shot of the two
Times have been exhausted, but I pretended to look very impressive, said she wanted to look cool, she very seriously said male
Human semen is the lifeblood of a man, not over-indulgence, I have not too much force.

At this time is more than four in the morning, day light soon, and we cling to each other until dawn
Their return to quarters.

Thus began our warm up to four years of romance, every subsequent to the next we went to the school after going to night classes
Remote areas of clouds and rain garden over the pages, each stroke each other's private parts, his mouth every time she would help me out fine, she
The mouth is still warm food for thought.

Of course, we really combat is something after college, and later have the opportunity to talk about the university
Phase I, the first stop here today.

After high school, we were the same test to a city of two different universities, although not every day
Are met, but because their school is an adult university students are more open, and even married men
And girls fall in love again, to find sexual partners, a lonely single resolve, coupled with the school management is relatively loose.

In such circumstances, the second half of freshman semester, we have first sexual device contact, say it big
Family may not believe that our high school to get along for two years, although all have had masturbation and oral sex, and never a real
Is the sense of sexual intercourse, but it really is true.

The first sex scene in retrospect still has blood agonistic.

Day is Saturday, as usual I see her to her school, buy food to cook our own, the music
Fills the air, to the mall after dinner stroll back to me when she bought a white shirt, this shirt still on my
Family closet.

I remember the dark day back to school when suddenly it began to downpour, I still think of it still feel the old
Day to stay I do that, no way, I had to stay in her dorm room (this is often their school
Has been commonplace, although she had previously left her dorm I lived in, but were I have declined. )

Like me, there was heavy rain to keep their houses, another young woman's new boyfriend is married, everyone
Play cards until late, very tired, my girlfriend and her roommate to wash, the young woman's boyfriend who I have
Not a ride, then draped a ride to ease the awkward atmosphere, because in fact this thing is still very bad experience with
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