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Daughter of thousands of children

Daughter of thousands of children

Did not think of a child of the scene a long time, but when an idle man, always somehow in my mind back to the
Remember the past. I think everyone saw the first mother of the woman's body should be all right.

    I remember when their young, bathing every day have to be with their mother. At the time I fell nothing dirty
The idea, would like to take a bath together with the mother only because of fear of fear alone, when the quiet night,
Home they live in remote, ghost ghost story kind of heard more often take a bath, always accompanied by his mother to go.

    Mother is a simple and ordinary woman, rarely seen her dress before, and even underwear pants are unified
Format a symbol of pure white, and only the most fancy style with some lace.

    Such a profound impression on the mother's body, it should be until the first day of that year because I still take a bath together with her mother
Relationship, that is, that year my family moved to big cities, people grow up, they have embarrassed and self-knowledge
Mother bathing.

    However, now I would force the mother to recall the appearance of naked, really ashamed, people grow up,
Mentality, ideas and values ??is also large very different.

    The mother's body quite petite, and now of course I had a lot higher than her. But then when I sowed the total
Head to see his mother. Mother's skin is red yellow sun, until now I have the feeling of roasted red persimmon.

    Faint narrow bathroom heat a trace of mist floating, with the side windows slightly open revealing a small slit to the mother
Pro-squat body always scoop up a bucket of hot water from shower water to go to their own. The situation at the moment, until today I still can fresh
Live there in my mind.

    "Wow!" Is heard, sliding down to the water with the body, sprinkled on the ground to issue a big voice, and I
Looking flush on the chest? Full of drops, the mother's breasts are not large, even a little drooping, and very large brown
Color areola nipple that is always raised as Grape.

    In fact, the mother's body to maintain a good grip of the bear a slender waist, do not see has given birth to a mother of four children
Petite figure comparable to the pro-women.

    Mothers under the belly of a mass of black pubic hair, always an object of curiosity I was a kid, after all, his little brother light
Bald bald one, and another structure is different with his mother, when I was about? Understand the differences between men and women, but
Child or the mother of a dense mass of deeply curious.

    tolerant asian escort in Long island  begins to be a mass on the inverted triangle of black pubic hair that covered live, the body is water wet, it will curl
Hairy wet paste straight. Always remember to see the mother of a mass of fluffy black pubic hair was wet with only a handful of water
When his eyes staring always more careful.

    Hot water only a handful of pubic hair drops down to the ground, they saw the mother with a bouquet of yellow water column and strong lower body
Fresh impulse to the ground. "Hissing ..." I silently at the floor of this beach yellow liquid form, but with the new
After the wave of strong water shed, finally cemented together were broken yellow solution gradually disappear.

    A lot of things, but children at the time I did not much feel, think, grow up, I recall
, The taste is different, the first openly pee in front of me I see is my mother.

    Though the place I love with different women, but also as an increase in urine taste of things to use, be regarded as
When I think of?? Ran-ran in the past, I think, Tude was "Daddy!" Sound to wake up.

    "Ah what thousands of children."

    I embrace the daughter of my neck, but showing your care, has been looking at her petite face to the back rub,
That cute, hearts are warm.

    "Daddy, ah, people want to take a bath bath her."

    "Oh ... ... good. Thousands of children you go, I tidy up the living room came over."

    "Hee hee ... Oh ... to hurry!"

    Thousands of children's mouth soft tap my cheek, like a little fairy-like singing happy to leave.

    "Oh ..." I wonder if I should be happy or sad, tired with my daughter, the degree of increase.

    David Beckham than the thousands of children from birth, most of the time by my own care, sleep can eat and drink everything Lazard did not leak
That I can be half a house husband.

    Dear wife Qianning it for her daughter emotionally weak. To work first, my position in her heart may be the first
One, but thousands of children must be the third, we must first work priority to focus on her daughter before. Perhaps tolerant asian escort in Long island is putting
I will take care of her daughter's heart good.

    "Daddy, ah, what are you thinking?"

    "Oh, I would like to have thousands of children ass clean."

    "Wo Yo, people have to wash it very carefully."

    "Is it? Check to see Daddy."

    Thousands of children broke her cute little ass bent over, exposing the cute little daisy, saw her daughter's pink inflorescences
Spent trying to open, let his dad know that I see the anus covered with soap bubbles, there is a serious washed. See
Thousands of children look back to see my expectations, seems to be that her daughter did not lie to you it means. Thousands of children across the middle finger when I ju
Flowers hole, exposing her eyes closed but he likes to look weird.

    Oh, no, but familiar face I see more, I usually referred to as hair spring. But now my daughter in the face
Look before revealing this, I'm Churan surprised.

    I deliberately left hand vigorously with a small ass about thousands of children to play, said: "Well, Daddy can see, very dry wash
Net, I stood up and wiped the back for you. "

    "Oh ..." seems dissatisfied with the promised thousands of children, his feet, looking back, I was a little hesitation, said: "Daddy
Ah ... no ... you just inserted a finger to check, clean, how do you know? You will do before ah! "

    Oh ... ... Xiao Nizi also grew up in the matter, gradually also felt physical pleasure.

    "Thousands of children, insert your fingers, then give me a look like."

    "Ah, well."

    I listen to thousands of children do not seem satisfied with the sound. But they can not deny the meaning of father, and her middle finger in my face
Before slowly inserted into the anus, Xuanyou out quickly. In fact, this very strange to see her little hands in front of your face
Means inserted into the hole of the moment Daisy, I was quite excited.

    "That ... ... daddy you see."

    Soapy foam middle finger, inside the anal cavity that indeed there are carefully washed.

    "Well. To turn back, wash it for you Daddy."
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