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Enjoyed her body was in love with her daughter finished

Enjoyed her body was in love with her daughter finished Introduction: Cipian article mostly emotional documentary, focusing on emotional aspects of the extra details, the reader can focus on emotional read this FAQ in this first detailed descriptions of the readers who like to apologize.

Former high school classmates to call me. Said to reunions. Asked me if I have time. I promised down. Reunion itself is a happy thing. And we also invited to participate in the year troupe Renji Min. We happily drinking wine on the table. A Good fun. The end of some of my girlfriends have left together. The rest is those of us boys and Ji Min a. Drank for a time relatively late.

It was suggested to sing ktv drink. I am actually quite drinker. To the limit. Stomach very uncomfortable. Kind Tianhundian feeling. Ji Min also said that time is not to push her to go home early. Told us to play. Have fun points. Ji Min more remote place to live. I really do not want to say I will take the opportunity to send a teacher home. I will give you a call in the past. You go first. I took a coat for Ji Min will be out of the hotel. Stopped a taxi. I did not speak in the car. Ji Min has just eyes closed. To Ji Min downstairs. I get off to Ji Min opened the door. He wanted to go home and rest. Ji Min, but I say please go sit down. I could not refuse. And Ji Min had to go up. The door, I found the teacher's home in recent years has not changed the basic look. Or the original look. Although the school is very strict when Ji Min. However, this low in the private sector and from our very close relationship between the students. We occasionally to teacher's house to play. Ji Min's husband is a teacher but as a university teacher. Others, a bookish. Look Sisiwenwen. Gives a warm feeling. Also good for us. Just not very talkative. People are more introverted. I asked? Ji Min. Chen Shu not at home? ? ? Ji Min? No. He had to go to the field study. Went over a year. Come back next year.

I smiled and said nothing. But because just drink a lot of wine. Feeling some drunk. With winds just when they were off. First intoxication of feeling. Ji-min, drink some wine. Some reddish face. Slightly a bit tipsy. I do not think saying. He wanted to got up to leave. Ji Min, but insisted to give me a cup of tea. Wake up wine to go. Shengqingnanque I had thought on the sofa watching TV. I unknowingly sleep in the past.

Ji Min, etc. have been asleep when I wake up for a long time. 13:00 more. Ji Min gently woke me said to me. Cool at night. Do not sleep on the sofa to the house to sleep. Ji Min family has two rooms. A couple of her room. One is her daughter's room. Her daughter is college students. No holiday. So no one living room is temporary. I want to leave. But the mind is indeed very faint. Very uncomfortable. They stumbled into the room ran straight down on the bed. Sleep in the past.

The feel is very comfortable to sleep. Morning when I opened my eyes. Does not feel right. That next to someone. I turned my head to see. Was so surprised. Ji Min actually lying on my side. And do not wear clothes. I quickly sat up. Then they find that they actually also naked. I head hum is heard. About to explode. To memories of last night's incident. But I do not remember anything. After I entered the room to sleep. Although very drunk. But I would never make such outrageous violation of Ji Min and moral thing ah. This may be how to do ah. Ji Min if I woke up as she explained how it all. At the time cranky. Ji Min flipped through the body. Opened his sleepy eyes. Looked at me. But simply said if nothing had happened? You up I want to quickly find my underwear to wear. But how could not find. Mouth nonsense to say? I'm sorry teacher. Yesterday, I drank too much wine. I do not know how it was. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I said the apology continuous. Hands and feet hectic to find clothes. Ji Min, but by this time had come. Grabbed my waist and leaned my head on the arm. Soft-spoken to say? Do not find your underwear I help you soak up. Look for a'll wash wear. Ji Min's move on I obviously did not psychologically prepared. Tendency to break out the body busy Ji Min's hand.

Ji Min for my sudden reaction rather than searching for first place. Got up and made up. This quilt also slipped from her body. The entire upper body will be naked before my eyes. I quickly turned his head. Back toward her afraid to speak. Ji Min calmly finishing her hair. Got out of bed went to the locker. Open the closet to find clothes in years. Ji Min when I faced the back of the naked body. Ji Min Although more than 40 years old. But to keep the body well. Not tall. Body symmetry. Endowed with smooth skin elasticity. And soft white and delicate. Shiny black hair loose in the shoulders. Very sexy. Although only just a moment. But I also clearly saw Ji Min's breast. This is the breast, though not great. But it is very mellow. Two milk rhyme was purple. Not great. Nipple is great. I sat in bed watching Ji Min really do not know how to do. Ji Min turned around this time I threw a pair of pajamas that? This is my husband. You first wear it. I Ji Min's move is amazing. She completely naked in front of me do not care. But also for what happened later. Also did not mention the word. To complete my clothes. Ji Min out of the room.

I dressed. Out in the living room to see Ji Min back to his room put on a pair of pajamas also come to the living room. Sitting on the sofa. I sat down. I feel very embarrassed. Do not know what to say so at this time. At this point Ji Min spoke. Do not be late you do not mind. Is active. I hope you will not be angry with me. Words one. Told me more embarrassed. Do not know how to pick her. She said right again to see me without a word? Fact yesterday I was by some of the tipsy feeling. I had all these years is not very good. Chen Shu you know you are from this article. An intellectual. Do not know how caring and considerate. In addition to his work has not got the idea to make something else. I also went to school at home Satsuki. Not at home. I am a very lonely person. Ji Min tone she spoke some choking. Eyes showing a kind of sad. Ji Min continues, he told? I know I do for you is wrong. You are still very small. But I really need to find others to follow suit. I hope you can forgive me. Ji Min listening to the words. I would not taste very psychological. Do not know how to answer. So. I sat up next to Ji Min. Said? Ji Min. We were drunk. This past is past it. You do not mind too much. Ji Min back and looked at me. Suddenly raising his hand touched my head. Said? You do not blame me? ? ? I shook my head.

Ji Min laughed. Laugh very pleased. Then it said to me. I'll give you points for food to eat it. What you want to eat. To be honest I am really a bit hungry. Will say anything you like. After breakfast. I left the home of Ji Min Ji Min about the third chapter I went to dinner back home. Take a look at a lot of phone calls missed. Students are calling. I gave back to the past. They did not get up. Yesterday all blame me for not keeping an appointment to go back and they continue to drink. I had to apologize. And promised them to a dinner to make up. Hang up. I lay in bed. Remembering just happened. I know I definitely had the body and Ji Min's relationship. But I do not feel a thing.

Suddenly feel stupid. Even no response. But another thought the matter over the past right. Only later, and Ji Min meet again, then inevitably there will be awkward. Because not all yesterday's tipsy wake up. The body is very tired right again slept at home. No one to disturb the sleep. Sleep very soundly. Was later awakened by a burst of ringing. Ji Min is calling. I picked it up and asked her what happened. She said that night, and I want to eat a meal. I am due a bit. They promised to down. Wash the face that is at 7 o'clock. My taxi arrived at the hotel. Ji Min has a good point of the dish and then wait for me. I sat down and asked me to find Ji Min have anything to eat. She smiled and said nothing you can not eat. I replied with a smile? Not ah. I asked the teacher to ask is to eat ah.

How can call a teacher asked me to eat ah. Ji Min listened to smile? Forget to eat your Zuitian fast. As a result the atmosphere eased a lot. I was also relaxed a lot. Even things like last night passed. Now the peace and harmony. After dinner. I rush out to buy the single. Out of the hotel. Park Ji Min wanted to walk. Although I do not want to go. But could not refuse. Can only go with her. Walk in the park is not old companion. Is the young couple. Ji Min and I walked side by side. Is not obvious match.

Along the way, Ji Min did not speak. Just walked slowly. Heart like some thoughts. I open road? Ji Min how. See your mood is not good ah. What I say and say. Ji Min looked up at me. Said to the other side of the bench to sit about it. I nodded in agreement. Sat down. I instinctively sat a little far away from the teacher. Ji Min is moving the body, but sitting next to me. Rely on the close. Ji Min did not speak. Just looked up days. So after a while. I saw the table has more than 9 points. Park also soon closed. I was about to propose to come home. Ji Min spoke. She told me a word very difficult. Do you like teacher? ? ? Ji Min asked. I was asked what these words there is no assertive. Do not know how to answer. Only awkward head. Ji Min suddenly just hold my hand. They said? I know. You boys sure like so much beautiful young girls. Teacher age big. Do not look good. You must Qiaobu Shang had. I hastened to explain? Not ah. Who says you age big ah. Some slightly older woman mature femininity. Little girls younger than it is now much easier. Ji Min a lot of my excited words eyes. Quickly asked that true? ? ? I nodded my head. Smiled. Ji Min, or do not let go of my hand. I asked softly. One would go to my house right? ? ? I have a heart startled. Go to her house? ? ? To her house for what? ? ? This is clearly Ji Min in suggesting that I ah. I am thinking of a sudden very contradictory. Although yesterday I do not remember. But it does happen. Can also be considered a disorder of the drink. But today I am thinking clearly. And teachers, as if something happened. This is the heaven that can not be ah. And teachers, but in fact I have had this relationship from the body. First and second place is no different. And last time I ho no feeling. The teacher let me look naked very impulsive. I have not looked at Ji Min said. Disappointed that you do not want to go? ? ? Looking at the teacher's way. I really feel very Jiaoren distressed. After all, the initiative to ask a woman for a man, when these things. Every man is difficult to refuse. Moreover, although the teacher's way better than what fashion girl glamor. But very feminine. Combined with the special status and can transfer from my forbidden passion. I nodded and motioned me to go. Ji Min is very happy. She got up and stood up. And I am out of the park. Hit her car to go home.

We both sat in the car behind. Ji Min's hand has not let go of my hand. By her hand on. Coupled with the know for a while I'll make her something. My body will inevitably be some reaction. Ji Min shook my hand against my side. I know I looked down to see a response. I was watching her face the look on the red. Really want to find a way to seam drilling. Under the car floor. Ji Min after my first. I gaze at the back of her ass.

engaging japanese escort in ny is wearing tights. Ass from behind the outline is very clear. Each section on the stairs. Her ass up and down about. Very sexy Ji Min into the house lights turned on. I sat on the sofa. Ji Min to give me pour. Although I am not a virgin but little sexual experience before but now the girlfriend and universities have had a relationship. And this is from just a handful of times. I do not know how to take the initiative and a woman for this. We can only pretend to sit on the couch watching TV.

Ji Min sat down after completion of water next to me and I watch TV. I think engaging japanese escort in ny is also very difficult. After all, she already had the initiative. Not more active off my clothes ah. So, after a few minutes. Has the same feeling after a few hours. Ji Min looked at this time I asked. You go to bathe it. I can help you boil water. Then do not answer it so I got up and went to the bathroom. Ji Min came out and said a short while. Well, you go to the water to wash it. I got up and went to the bathroom. Ji Min stood in the doorway looking at me. It looks very charming. I thought I would go after Ji Min will come with me. Who knows Ji Min did not like the way I want to take a bath with me. But stood outside waiting for me.

I am disappointed and shut the door. Take off the clothes. Opened the shower. Acoustic Raining Cats. Suddenly the door was opened. I was shocked to instinctively covered his lower body. Ji Min is a look at the original. She came in naked. The original Ji Min may also embarrassed. Outside the clothes come off it. She came to see me clutching his lower body. Said softly. What are they afraid ah. I have seen of you there. Then shut the door. Came to me. Although I have seen Ji Min's body. But never had such close observation. Ji Min's pubic hair had very few and distribution. Rinse in water under a small piece into a hey. Ji Min is not decorated belly meat. Navel is also very small. Very cute. Ji Min look at me look at her. Smiled. Help me pick up the soap rub soap all this to themselves. This is the first time Ji Min's body and my body contact.

Her delicate hands in every part of my body walk. From the neck to the back. From the chest to the thigh. Because engaging japanese escort in ny was away from my more recent. Involuntary stretch my hands to her breasts. The breast is really great. Feels not much. Is endowed with flexibility. Nipple uplift firm. My hand back and forth rubbing the breasts of Jiaoren fascinating. Ji Min look at me playing with her breasts are a shy smile. Then Chung hand to touch my penis. Ji Min in the stimulation of my penis is already erect very much. Ji Min hands holding my penis. Opened my foreskin. Congestion will be a huge glans exposed. Ji Min Chung soap to help me clean the glans. Then wash the side of said side also. Boys to pay attention to hygiene. Here we often will not wash dirty. Ji Min's penis in his hands was playing. I can not control the emotion. I look at the Ji Min hold in the arms.
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