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After the young woman out of the wall official

After the young woman out of the wall official River City Science and Technology Commission, deputy director of White Mountain was only three years old on the deputy level cadres as on, be a young local boy New unsuccessful. But it's three years has had less success, since the original mention his deputy secretary of retirement, these three years, he has this blank checks the CST did not move, watching the people behind in their own past caught up with him, many people in the popular position, the powerful, I found myself anxious.

This day, the provincial science and technology to the countryside to check the case of River City, the deputy mayor of the municipal government is not in the municipal organization in charge of the deputy secretary to personally accompany Lee, White Mountains, accompanied by check, a few years, Baishan Ming accompany the inspection team in the actual the effort is accompanied Lee to accompany him under, Lee saw him to be so sensible, have a good opinion of him, finished his Jia Zuozuo called Hakusan free.

With Lee to this word, Hakusan elated, talking about going home to visit his wife Yang Xue Li, deputy secretary. His wife, Yang Xue this person can be said that romantic look beautiful, have height to height, to build a body, people would say would be, strong communication skills, public relations manager in the foreign trade company when. He chatted in the postprandial mouth when I heard from Lee to his favorite Fujian's "Iron Goddess of Mercy."

Decided to send Lee to "Iron Goddess of Mercy" to go. Yang Xue tea from the company, they where not in tea, Yang Xue specialist travel company in Fujian please go buy the boxes of the finest salesman "Iron Goddess of Mercy."

It was a Sunday night, wiping Yan Yang Xuenong installed to dress a lot. Even standing waiting for her husband are unable to bear, keep the earth manual foot. Finally dress finished, they go to Lee House.

To Lee, White Mountain tea sent to Lee to glance at the two boxes on the coffee table "Iron Goddess of Mercy", said:

"I welcome to walk, why they brought a gift!"

Hakusan respectfully replied:

"A little piece of cake, please do not care about the secretary. The two boxes of tea that I love Mei Xue Ye trip brought back."

Here he turned to his wife introduced to Lee. Lee and Yang Xue to shaking hands, can not help but secretly surprised, I thought this guy really simple Baishan miles!

"Salute as a ritual," sit down and chat after the three subject-object. Li Yang Xue to attract the attention of all was passed, and that night she wore a purple shirt white skirt, white high heels, foot board,  ride, a pair of well-proportioned, muscular thighs will be exposed in front of Lee . He subconsciously aim of the two, naturally the topic pointed at her.

"Miss Yang in the company to do what?"

Yang Xue ineffectively squinted drunk people want to sweetly whisper: "You guess secretary?"

It is no exaggeration to say that such a word are on every move, so Lee had to be some spell-binding. He narrowed his eyes and looked at her and smiles:

"Let me guess Yeah, most of the hostess, guess, right?"

Hakusan couple laughed, if laughter can also be classified, it is a flattering class laugh. Yang Xue said: "secretary of the really discerning."

Hakusan quickly added: "secretary guessed right, Fashionable asian escort in Long island is the company's public relations director and director of the Office."

Yang Xue ineffectively squinted very obsequiousness to say:

"Secretary may also be heard, some people have chosen to use public relations as eat, drink, or even worse, with the hue means to cheat each other's favor, you talk about this fair?"

Lee out to be easy to read, said: "Of course not fair, it is a misunderstanding, in fact, their name means public relations thing is to coordinate the public relations thing, I said well, I said well, or listen to you."

Yang Yang Xue said the thought of just eat, drink and sex of the issue, we deliberately provocative to ask:

"Yes, in order to create a good social environment is the goal, then does it mean?"

Yang Xueli even aware of the secretary of the words in the expression of words and provocative like, take a thought, just a few seconds, then to one by taking the offensive:

"You are engaged in political secretary, no, it should be said secretary of the above politicians which are said to have a motto: political talk about the purpose, the means do not speak!"

Ranging from Yang Xue finished, Lee laughed to it ha ha, has been inserted is not cold to sit on the side of the mouth of the White Mountains also followed smiled. Side side laughing his eyes fixed on his wife with a subtle, apparently his wife's 'PR' ability to appreciate but the satisfaction of the.

Lee to laugh: "You not only articulate, I think there is some singing and dancing, right?" Then they kept holding Yang Xue eyes that looked slim body moving.

Yang Xue was very pleased, his mouth said:

"Secretary of the bureaucracy out, someday we open a dance, you know your secretary to visit my little level, and I dance very low mile age level not less, when we organized a small party, you participate in, one day till night should also take a rest Yeah, people will break the work miles, secretary, you is not it?

Lee should unhesitatingly replied, "OK Yeah, I come to your organization, but I know nothing about dance thing in one fell swoop, you have a teacher le."

Yang Xue said: "As long as you are willing to, wrapped in my body I behold, the secretary is modest."

A few days later, Yang Xue Li to be called, invited him to go dancing at night, Lee would say go to school afraid of embarrassing dance, called Yang Xue to his home to be taught some simple, Yang Xueli that came to his home , then in the afternoon, Lee no one at home, two in the living room jumped up to hug Yang Xue Li slim sexy body, where attention can be focused to go dancing, Yang Xue feet stepped on from time to time, every At this time, Yang Xue they waited on the beat with a small hand on his shoulder, jumping jumping, Yang Xue Li to the handle more and more tightly hug, Yang Xue long ago through his mind, in order to seize this powerful figure, not only do not rejected, the body also take advantage of to him by, full to the top of the breast to the chest Li, Mei Xiao face then looked at him. Lee saw her to be so emboldened, Yang Xue bulging hand slowly touched bottom, "little brother" at the top of her belly.

"Secretary Li, you are good or bad." Yang Xue pretending to be angry like.

"I'm bad, I'll give you a bad look." Yang Xue Li to one hugged, kissed it hastily. Yang Xue Li Moxiang side back to kiss the bottom side to seize the bulging penis.

Yang Xue Li to pressure on the sofa, clothes brutally prolapse Yang Xue, Huan Meilun a pair of physical beauty show in front of him, I saw her eyes with the spring, breast tall, slender rounded legs, long black pubic hair, genitals over her like a hill; plump labia seam sandwiched bright red shade. Lee desires to high inflation, hastily stripped, down to Yang Xue attractive physically, separate the legs, straighten the penis would be planted, along Roufeng drilled into the glans. Yang Xue moaning cry, and struggled to straighten the abdomen. Lee was to be staring roots blocked half of Qiao Lian, could not help but Choucha up.

"Gee" water sound up, buttocks and thighs hit Yang Xue issued a "crackling" sound. Yang Xue heavy breathing together, mingled with intermittent groans: "ah ah ┅ ┅ huh ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅"

Guzhang two soft white breasts shake up and down, Lee could not help but reach out to touch, a touch or two very very high nipples, stretching her on a lot of hum. Clinging to his back, straighten the waist and straight legs, buttocks to meet his movements, waves sounds more and more. Lee stared at the body next to the charming coquettish creature, wait for one to swallow her, the more plug penis faster, not to 200, the vent on the fine.

"Thrilled" Li Yang Xueguang yo to hug the body, constantly feeling the two large breasts, mouth stains stains amazed.

"When the secretary is the calendar harm, learn to dance learn to put people to go bed." Yang Xue tweaks in his arms for the state.

"No, we are not on the couch thing." Lee said to Yin Xiao

"You said to put people out on the sofa, my husband worked on the sofa I did it."

"Then we went to bed."

"You have strength," Li Yang Xuegang was not fun to be on the end, a remark show strength on the table, seize Lee's penis to be soft on Taonong up. Lee to the penis slowly and hard up,

"Hello experience harm yo." Yang Xue Li to be hugged and kissed them.

Lee then took her to the room, put her Jiaoqu horizontal edge of the bed caught her ankle, raised the white Fentui about separation, the head of the cock standing straight hairy hole?. Then frequently to pumping. Yang Xue, "ah! "A cry, as the rhythm Hengjiao Lee to Choucha. Incentive to be Jiaochuang Sheng Lee, more power to Kuangchou hurled itself upon bare. Yang Xue cry trembling, Fashionable asian escort in Long island  really put the climax, Roudong in the cloudy water is increasing. Issued when the penis out, "Buzi" "Buzi" sound. This time, Lee did to a full twenty minutes, two people with the vent.
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