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After the most beautiful one-night stand

After the most beautiful one-night stand University, because the make-up a year, so I came early to school, because no school. Is the New Year, so the school desolate, and not many people.

Reading stand, and go on for a network, with a few mm chatted for a few and found no one willing to bite, and my heart can only think: "So there is the brain, chest, certainly too small. Or how to say wave large non-brain it? anyway temporarily idle, achieving its purpose is nothing. to stay for a while now! "

Not long into it, some people add me, a look at data, it really is a city with heart, feel pleased: "Some people took the bait. Ecstasy at me is definitely the name to e night of love."

A few words with her subtle, that engaging japanese escort in mahhatan called Mei, now 24 years old, married these basic conditions, I would talk straight to the point we have to stimulate it, that of how, on the night stand you What do you think? ] [Not very good. "" Then you had the experience of one-night stand, felt kind of stimulation and excitement you crazy? "" No you have had? '"Really, I did not, I am still a virgin yet." "You still a virgin ? little lie to me. a look at you like that is a veteran in love. "" Really, I get the name but because of the more curious, more sense of the girls love it. "" Oh. "" You want to feel that the crazy one-night stand with the arm? "" how? and you? "" and I can not? "" You do not still a virgin? would like to break at it? "" I am now very sense of love for woman, want to feel that kinds of pleasure. "" Yes, where are you? a phone? "

I told her my address and phone, and then engaging japanese escort in mahhatan told me to wait for her phone in the back, then saw her hurried down, I think she does not really come on, this situation met this situation before, say to , are meant to be funny, I guess she also want to make me play, there is no reason, she continues online until 6 pm to close, and returned to the bedroom, but a few minutes, the phone rang.

"Hello, looking for Which? '" Dick in it? "" I am, are you? "" I? What you say I am? I Xiaomei, where you just have to go? I went to through your school, like you have no one to call. "" ah!!!! you really come? I just came back online, really sorry, I thought you make me happy, and did not think you really come. "" You just come back online? me furious, I have spent in your school for a long time, and you still do not come back. "" Where are you now? I come to you. "" I now return to the town , now relatively late, and you do not come to me. "" Then you come early tomorrow, how? today really sorry, I did not mean, then tomorrow we look good fun as compensation, OK? "I see her today will not come back, I said. "I look at it tomorrow, but I do not necessarily, if something happens I will not come home." "Well, tomorrow I have been reading in the bedroom, so you call." "Well, so be it settle the , bye "" bye, see you tomorrow. "

The next day, although I do not know engaging japanese escort in mahhatan coming or not, but I have been reading in the bedroom, even if she does not I have been reading is also not a waste of time. In more than 12 noon the phone rang, she really is one, she said, come right away from home, so she told me. Approximately one hour. When the phone rang again, she said she has come to our school outside of the kiosk, I asked about her features, then I will tell her so, I'll come out. I always thought that the network is no beauty, I think she's so generous, maybe it is not long, the result out to look, even out to my surprise, although not beautiful, but long is good.

I told her we went to school to walk inside it, so we went to the school's laboratory building, on the top floor you can see the whole picture of the city. Because the school few people, so when the elevator is only two people she and I, we walked into the elevator, just started, she suddenly come to rely on me, says dizziness, I took her an opportunity to live, started kissing her lips. Young and the young woman's warm moist tongue, his eyes blurred, she sent a little involuntary groans. My hand and rubbing her breasts across the clothes. Unfortunately, soon to the 15th floor, we separate a laugh, I took her hand and went to the top floor, building no other day, we came to the fence side stood still, watching the city's landscape.

I see she did not pay attention, gently behind her, put her in my arms, head buried in her hair being, I began to kiss her ears, chattering of blowing your earlobe, I kissed her ear lobe , cheekbones, her chin, neck, bones beauty ... She suddenly attacked, no time to reflect, could only parry, so weak up, my hands are not willing to idle, taking advantage of the slowly slid her clothes I first separated bra, gently pinch a few, indeed the most charming breast area, soft hard in my fingers slide in her chest, teasing her nipples, that does not obey the bud, down my teasing, gradually hardening up. "Ah! Ah!" I caught hold her breast up, I am hard to lick her ears, Xiaomei who comes out of perfume to stimulate a man's sexual desire, I can not wait, then lick her another ear channel. She twist the upper body, a little voice when issuing make love to. My hand slowly down her body down, where she stopped the belt, I untied her hands lightweight belt, stretching into it, I first separated underwear, slowly sliding down from her lower abdomen move, where I stopped feeling warm and humid, and kept his hand in the four weeks of rapid sliding.

"Oh ... Oh ... Well ..." she tried to adjust their breathing, shortness of breath, let me hear her voice. However, breasts and lower body may not feel the sweet feeling it is not hidden, "Oh ..." waist side of the rock, while there are very embarrassed reaction, because the nipple has become hard and red. "Oh ... ah ... ... ..." As soon as the sound of moaning sound, Xiaomei body had been emitting the nectar. Passionate kiss and then moved to the wolf neck, ears to gently biting, Xiaomei of the body and mind with my tongue had completely intoxicated. Sorption side of my lip lobe, while it would only hand a plump breast of her. "Ga!" Because too comfortable, so she constantly moaning again. The next moment, my fingers have to move slowly above the white underwear, from briefs to find Huachun above the entrance. Came from the thigh at the excitement of pleasure, quickly spread throughout the body. My pants, inside the pants in this thing is the name of the man's fervent pulse, men feel strongly stimulate the senses with Ada. Xiaomei of the heart at this time beating vigorously, and there is no means to stop, round her slender thighs twist TV drama, to be called out of the sound and resumed.

"Oh ..." I find the entrance of a finger, a finger is inserted into one begins to gush nectar pussy in her pussy with your fingers to dig. More than a dozen dug buckle under and took the other fingers to tap the button to send the get go. Xiaomei is my inserted two fingers I do not know how many times hard, and out of the speed gradually accelerated, and finally came to the last unit, and Xiaomei also hard to twist the TV drama chubby ass. Finally exploded in the body, bustling sticky honey lustful spray, inner thighs is to be lustful juice stick was a stick-slip, in the intense shaking in the downstream drop. I pulled out my already stiff penis, rubbing her, is this time, the elevator bell rang, it was up, she and I hastened to organize their own clothes, I saw a bulging pants up no other flaws We prepare and she turned down about half a minute, really come a couple, Mei said she would call me, etc., ran to the bathroom to clean up her look just vent, and then we took the elevator downstairs, of course, In the elevator we are some lingering.

Sexuality has been brought back, not so stiff, I said we went to the hostel to see it, hello rest, she take the hint, to guest houses, found that only a 4 earth, and which has lived two individuals, I and she was one, turned out to. How to do? Finally, she said you go and see the bedroom, although women are generally not into boys floor, but the thing since it has been to the point where the only thing to try, and went downstairs to see the results, they're to help me also, usually has kept the old man guarding the two-storied gate is not even one in, I ran upstairs with her fast, to our bedroom. We entered the bedroom, I put the anti-lock the door, pulled up again to mention telephone tube, I turned and saw the kind of shy with Xiaomei and looked at my eyes, sat down in my bed, I go In the past, put her gently in his arms, kissed me gently stretch the mouth to her mouth, Xiaomei trained, bang, the soft down on the bed.

I felt her wet mouth with a very gentle smell of incense, in a moment her hands around my neck ring clutching me, her head leaning my cheek, I heard a burst of deep breathing Xiaomei pass over from the mouth, and soon began to reach out Mei Xiang She licked my lips and deep suck my mouth, tongue sound issue. Then my lips with the fragrance of the tongue was the top open. Xiaomei Xiangshe continue to my mouth into it, and I could not help out his tongue entangled with her, stirring. I am intoxicated with, clutching the neck of Xiaomei. I do not know how long, it seems that heaven and earth to stop, I open my eyes, Xiaomei beautiful eyes are watching me. I told her to take off the parts that wore pink jacket, slipped out of her pants. Finally I saw the look of her underwear, wearing underwear even think Mei is so sexy. I only see two color and almost transparent bra tightly wrap her plump breast, Mei pink nipples and white cleavage so I felt a dizzy, go down to the next look, greasy under the lower abdomen on both sides there is a black bow Xieku, the black tangle of bushes clearly printed on transparent chiffon underpants on.
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