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Rape lustful wife called friends complete

Rape lustful wife called friends complete

I married my wife seven years of life that was happy, because there is no baby, as time slipped passed away, her sexuality is also rising over time, have sex almost every day, sometimes twice a day can not meet her the demand. I am very worried that this continues, one day Fashionable asian escort in new jercy would go out to steal men behind my back, so instead of this, it would be better for me to take the initiative to take her out to meet it to the outside world, and finally one day the following things happen!

It was a weekend night under the rain, I took her to a pub frequented by our singing and drinking. She particularly good mood that day, dress is very beautiful, wearing a sexy tight black sleeveless low-cut vest, two being tightly wrapped around the breast in her white breasts extruded an attractive cleavage! Fashionable asian escort in new jercy is really human creature, especially her body exudes a mature woman is more unique flavor.

That pub many people, the atmosphere is very vibrant, and bar the bartender that we are very familiar with Zhang's friends, his tall and handsome, drink well, more good singing, especially singing singer The song, cool and bright graceful voice that captured the hearts of many girls do not know!

When I called Sally Fuer over, I said to him softly: "Tonight I want on my wife?"

Zhang instant a look of surprise! Then he recovered immediately told me: "Do not joke!"

I look decent with him, said: "Really! If you do not want, we'll leave!"

He was quite hesitant at first, but my wife in the eye with a contact, he immediately corrected himself: "This you? ..."

I said: "There is nothing wrong!"

As I have repeatedly urged, he finally agreed, after all, he has tipsy feeling, in this case do not want to do some crazy things, it is very difficult!

So the three of us left the pub, to find the nearest hotel. I pointed into the room my wife of Zhang said: "She belongs to you tonight, how would you love with you ..."

Sally a little bit embarrassed to say: "is not right?"

I am deliberately angry and said: "all have come here! Say that these are not all crap?"

In fact, Zhang also think this time, just get lumbered with gesture, listen to me say this, look strong up his courage, stood up one of my wife in his arms. I then got up and the room lights turned off, leaving only a dark wall.

At this point my wife Sally clasped his warm body, want to go to the liberation of her coveted flesh. Sally by my wife in bed, the man on her body, first kiss after a while, eager to put her off into the left bra and briefs, and then from the neck down the chest, cleavage to the fuselage sliding kiss navel. My wife jitter waist, Zhang slowly pull out her bra and saw her taut breasts escape, her head aside ashamed face, his grasp kneading her breasts with elastic.

Zhang continued to kiss her forehead, neck, stains stain has been a trickle of sweat on them, sultry atmosphere, the heart's desire is alternately. A woman's breasts is to make men think of women cause of device, Zhang licking nipples on her soft dark, touching the upper and lower parts of the breast, her eyes closed a little tweaking, Zhang playing hand with her breasts, hands on Hill's smooth stroking belly, moving slightly on the side of the touch private parts under the navel.

Sally slowly pull down her panties, messy sub-pubic hair? In the groin and thigh, hair dark red shade under the meat was slightly out. Where the skin feels more refined, and tender, usually a man's perspective to the vision is not here. His grasp her waist, to touch her plump curves - hips. Mature woman's ass is a tool to lure men who have sex, my wife let Sally know how to solve her sexual desire.

Pubis and pubic call touch to feel her thigh pants Zhang sexual needs, he took out his erect cock black cloud clutter in her pubic hair on the friction between the buttocks, legs his hand deep into the inner room, the hand gets a burst of heat . She felt his fingers slowly inserted into the ass began to shake. Zhang bulging penis, facing the friction between her legs, her dim eyes and twisted slender waist.

Zhang snout on her tongue tongue entwined with viscosity of saliva, in the whining, the Zhang's legs wrapped around her waist, her fingers so he brushed aside two labia, ask touch her vaginal flesh. Moving a finger touching the root, gradually overcast meat moist, reddened labia meat wrinkles jitter, such as breathing like, her mouth slightly open, eyes dull to let his fingers into her lustful movements the mysterious place wavering.

Prominent clitoris is stimulated and harden, her fingers sliding Chuzhe? Complex under the shade structure, a reflection of her excitement accelerated his movements, he caressed her firm buttocks, the woman's thigh Once you start, it is possible become a beast in heat ... ...

Exposed some of his cock penetration transparent juice, Ting Ying more straight. He climbed over her body, lower body bent her face close to the observed enlargement of dark red genitals, tongue licking to soft and sticky overcast wet slippery meat.

"Whining" sounds to stimulate him with both hands in front poke Rouchun fierce lick her perineum. Inside and outside the brackish taste of the labia with her "WoWo" hum, licked the saliva and the flow of Yin Zhi labia into the internal mix. His tongue from the foreskin of the clitoris pulls out, inside and outside along the swollen labia licked almost shy in the following parts, inserted into a combination of meat.

Chang's cock was already expanding in jitter, her reaction as he began to tease heated up, shoulders, hips swing for men is very excited, and he pulled her hair, her head pressed on the before his cock, cock into her mouth to fall, not into the whole root.

That a straight Choucha her mouth with her tongue licking the meat straight hard elastic material, messy hair, dressed in her face. Zhang excited to see her sucking his following Flanagan, licked from the glans penis root, and then get caught with the scrotum.

My wife did not think her husband would kneel in front of the horn blowing other men, but also so naked in front of me!

Zhang is about to suck a few times to make mad, and lower body itching so badly he could not help, I really want to quickly put cock into her pussy to enjoy a combination of pleasure.

"Turned to carrying me!" Sally commanded her.

She stood leaning against the wall while stooped, rounded bottom front of Alice Zhang, the shame of the present position even in front of me! Zhang pressing her ass pay close attention to the waist, her thighs apart, one hand and touch the genitals Roufeng straight cock, cock pointed Roudong, ahead of a crowded, inserted into the vagina in a close ... ...

"Ah ha ...!" Her Roudong package tight Zhang bustling penis.

He was anxious to make her mad twitching again and again dartos friction with each other, she looked up with choking throat, chest and waist to hip vibration of the swing, "puff squeak, pop squeak" with Sally's bulging ass action suddenly deep suddenly shallow Choucha action is difficult to see with her usual expression of freshness. He was very careful to twisted ass, want to turn the TV drama a more in-depth film was pulled inside the meat, increase physical activity.

Position directly behind her vagina by the impact, plump ass shaking Flanagan man sandwiched "flutter squeak, squeak flutter" in and out, hand bag holding the breast is Sally, her shy, shaking his head. This is how Yinmi view ah!

Cock in the hole Luanzuan friction inside the cave, she closed the lips, sometimes they seem helpless eyes looked sitting next to me. Zhang Yao Li back and forth intensified, Sally's doing the work, Flanagan stiffness of the penis to force dry with my wife's pussy.

My wife feel very pleasure, but very shy: his own man on the side, but in the body and out, to give her pleasure turned out to be another man's penis. Woman's body is really wonderful, stimulating and happy for her, it must be her man?

In my eyes, a pair of naked men and women are doing sex action.

His wife lying on my back strengthening Choucha soft speed, my wife started getting out of the cave secret sauce to the side of the thigh. The face of a man's personal action, rosy cheeks with lower body clamping jitter, and she is very excited.

Intertwined for a long time, Sally suddenly stopped the action, out of a mouth full of sexual secretion of the penis: "You're above it!"

The above is a very shy woman, and this position will change into a woman take the initiative, but my wife is also very exciting. My wife hesitated for a moment, moves slowly to his feet, his legs crossed, one hand grabbed his cock in one hand stretched their Rouchun, squatting by the body ready to close his hips thighs, buttocks pointed at the location sit down ... ...

"Ah ... ...!"

People Xuemaibizhang a picture: my wife to ride naked body in a man.

My wife stays at Sally's shoulders with both hands, swing the ass "Puchi" up and down Taonong man's genitals, breasts in his eyes Yeah Huang Huang, Xiao Zhang is not hard to grasp that when the two breast! Write off my wife's face flushed, hair scattered by shaking shawl, she looked up to straighten the chest impact by men, "hum hum" to cover the hips moving sensuality expressed her kinky strong.
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