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Beautiful aunt Zhang

Beautiful aunt Zhang My family lived next door to a beautiful Zhang aunt, engaging Japanese escort in new jercy was a flight attendant, her husband is a taxi driver, his son to university in the field. Zhang aunt in great shape, Yi Miqi tall, slender legs, the skin is not white, but without prejudice to her noble qualities. Although the forties, as well maintained, looks just like the thirties. Zhang aunt usually love to wear stockings and high heels, I sometimes throw in her family picked up the garbage bag she wore several pairs of old stockings, good luck, every few months may also be picked up her thrown away high-heeled shoes. Every time I met her beautiful legs and feet will be attracted to her, a chance to look through my house door Zhang aunt shoes off your shoes. My family and Zhang have a corridor outside her aunt, and later, in order to secure a partner and we added an iron gate on the outside, so we two will often out of their shoes in their own, but for me, more important is can easily smell the sheets aunt's shoes, I am excited for this event for several days. Passion lure female qq539176708

Since then, every night so they sleep at home, I began my activities. I gently opened the door of his home, try not making a sound, crouch down, her mouth a pair of black high heels, carrying back to his room, shut the door, then began to savor. I will gently kiss the toe on a few, an leather smell nostrils, so I was very excited, but scared the next day she found, did not dare to lick with his tongue to the upper, but in the upper gently sniff kiss. In the midst of gentle, I can not wait to nose buried in shoes mouth, desperately mad sniff, smell fear a little while away from my nose, I feel shortness of breathing, a Unit of foot odor, mixed with a little taste of leather , and with a faint fragrance, Qinru my Heart, my body began to tremble, as if in the midst of another world. The heel inside the shoe a little dark color, probably every day, walking out of the sweat penetrated to the foot, I lick a few times, a little salty, but this has brought me a strong sense of taste shocks. Then my lower body has distended very powerful, and quickly pulled out his own **, previously picked out a pair of flesh-colored stockings, smell a bit, and some taste to it over the top, one hand on ** kept Taonong, the other hand live in another high-heeled shoes, the shoes mouth upside down in the nose, breathing hard to look inside the brain a dizziness, a moment, a deep sense to # water # to white liquid inside stockings. Finally I put the shoes back in place, but came back a few parents room to sleep.

My high school career is Zhang aunt stockings, high heels spent with me, then I was admitted to a local university, only one week back to enjoy again. Later, graduate soon, no school classes, often to run home. Zhang aunt recently bought a computer, sometimes engaging Japanese escort in new jercy would call me to her house to teach her some basic * for the beginning a few days, she let me into her home, her husband is at home, then take the familiar, When her husband to drive her home alone, also known as I used to teach her, and this has changed my life ...... One afternoon, I was alone at home, suddenly heard the knock on the door, open the door to see Zhang aunt, she was wearing a uniform, or flesh-colored stockings and black high heels, long, or so sexy! She said the temporary and colleagues afternoon shift, afternoon free, I used to want to teach her computer, I said no problem. I stood behind her waiting for her shoes into the room, looking at her shoes fall from the feet of the moment, I really want to lie at her feet, kiss it good to double my dreaming creature. Her feet, though not, as some women's small, but wrapped in stockings looming, still so beautiful. I entered the room and found her husband not at home, have a heart to somehow excited, she said to me, "Amy, I talk to you pour a drink, you go to open the computer to help me." "Yes, After a not so polite. "She poured a glass of Coke on the table, and then move a stool sitting next to me, in fact, what Zhang aunt is not essential * for school, I taught her boot off, play typing. Recently, we have two shared broadband Internet access today, I began to teach her, she said she not want to play the game, just listen to my colleagues that there are many sites introduce the knowledge of women's health beauty, and I want to go up. I first casually into a website, pointing to the search bar and asked her, "You want what aspects of health knowledge?" She said, "You first, I look at the demo again." I saw a column item in popular search Legs on Jizhongshengzhi, point down, I glanced at her with peripheral vision, as if nothing strange. Then there were many legs computer images, and some product introduction, I turned around and looked at her, her legs seemed to retract a bit, I said, "Auntie, you try to sit over it." Until she just sat down, I could not help it, the mind of a fever, kneeling in front of her head attached to her feet on the ground, not raised, "Zhang aunt, I'm sorry, I want to ask you one thing You can not tell anyone? "Zhang aunt apparently unprepared, have not had time to respond, a little disconcerted," You, you first up and say, "I did not care so much, raised his head buried in the heart of all the say, "Zhang aunt, your feet, it's beautiful, I love your feet!" Zhang aunt is surprised, and then quickly return to calm, "I thought what it was, in fact, I had also noticed that every time you touch me staring at my feet when they see, I was still disagree, the original is such a thing. In the past I have heard of some of stealing women's underwear, stockings thing, did not think I would have run into a feet of people like women. "passion lure female qq539176708

I thought Zhang aunt would drive me out, did not think she is so calm, courage is even greater, "Zhang aunt, I worship you, can I smell your feet?" Zhang aunt sighed, "you the original in my eyes was a very obedient good boy, but you do not want to like this but, like a woman's feet is not a dirty thing, "said she to the wearer's feet out into leather slippers in front of me," like smell to smell it. "face of this unexpected surprise, I was a little surprise, and quickly to Aunt Zhang knock a few heads," Oh, do not kowtow to me Yeah, I can be overwhelmed. "I smiled and said," subject was, by too. "I won a hand silk stockings feet, is so beautiful, this is my first time and the woman's feet * so close, not to mention still a beautiful flight attendant so sexy aunt Hong feet, fine small visible blood vessels, five lovely toes are wrapped in transparent shiny stockings, such a beautiful pair of feet I actually was holding in his hand, I am a bit can not be self-sustaining, hands and feet become soft. My first sniff of the feet, a little taste of light, and leaned toes, smell a bit, probably in the morning to go some way to work, here are some concentrated flavor, and I suddenly drew a few breaths, a Unit of mature woman full flavor threw herself into the nose, I was shaking with excitement, more than I usually smell much better taste in high heels, hot, I want to lick with his tongue, afraid of wetting her stockings, the tongue shrink back, Zhang aunt saw, said, "If you want to lick it lick it, anyway, I a little later to take a bath. you come lick it, I on the Internet." Then, put your feet under the table back to the computer I climbed in the past, drill into the chair next to the computer, lying on the floor to continue this dual stockings licking feet, love to dress up as usual Zhang aunt, came from her time will be smelt perfume, the feet may also will spray some perfume, I kiss your feet have some of this flavor, and a little sweat, leather smell, and taste of a woman's unique mix of feet, I think this taste can make every man instantly collapsed. Soon, only stockings licking my feet are too wet, I turned to lick the other, then, lift the heels Zhang aunt, "you lick my stockings was so wet, strange uncomfortable, so I the stockings to go off. "I nodded, thinking this time can not be made naked and Zhang aunt's feet close contact with? As Zhang aunt's stockings with pants, well off in front of me, went to the bathroom on their own to replaced, I just knelt down and quietly wait. Zhang aunt out from the bathroom, I was again impressed by her beautiful legs, every time I see a woman's legs, just head down to see, this time I was kneeling on the ground from the bottom up, see her more clearly slender legs charming curves. "See you then Shayang, it can not wait Yeah." Me busy head went over, before she sat down on the foot toward the pro in the past, "What you hurry, I have not firmly secured it." I am the unambiguous, latch kept her little toe sucking, the other foot she patted my head, "good?" "Well, well ... eat," I mouth his mouth, her toes , can not tell if I did not expect a pair of stockings I just kissed feet, so soon have one pair of bare feet before me, I am happy to heaven! Her feet well-maintained, although often run out, but the little feet of dead skin, I one by one to sucking her toes, toe sutural meat is tender, taste the most concentrated, my tongue constantly licking, more than any in the world of food to be delicious. Licked her toe seam every time when I felt her body would touch, a woman may be sensitive areas where it is.

I have licking more buying power, and continue to shuttle between the toes on her tongue, licking the toe end, I am lying on the ground, face towards her feet, one hand on her heels in one hand and hold feet and began to lick her soles of the feet, is probably Zhang aunt ticklish, engaging Japanese escort in new jercy kept twisting the body, which makes her giggle, "Well, well ..., and not to lick it," unconsciously, I have wet a lower body, licking her feet I was addicted to dye, I felt powerless, the people spread on the ground, she kicked kicked me, "comfortable? My little dog." I quickly got up and knelt good, also the aunt Zhang knock a few heads, "I am grateful to Auntie, no, thank you master, if necessary, the dog owner is willing to jump through hoops." "Oh, do not fall through fire and water, but sometimes, I work station for a long time, went home to help me rub feet like individuals. "" Yes, sir, master! serve dog owner is an honor. "" mouth Daoting sweet, well, my husband has come back, you first back to the room, and I call you something. "I slowly back to his room, think of all the afternoon, a long time can not be calm.

Since then, I no longer have to sneak to the heels of the news sheets aunt.
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