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Aventure! Fate and courage to complete required

Aventure! Fate and courage to complete required I am a textile machinery factory owners did not spare other bad habits, that is, drink two. With the improvement of living conditions and lack of activity engaged in business, less than 40-year-old body began to fat. Is not blowing, the original 1.85 meters tall when they were young, very masculine looks, there are several in the female high school students a new light for me. But now the physical condition and have not had the same breath, so I decided to go hiking the morning.

Has insisted more than six months, although waist circumference was not significantly reduced, but the body than did feel a lot better before climbing, mountain board Martyrs Mausoleum in a circle, the Peak has a martyr monument, an estimated 20 meters high tower, towers Chu personally engraved with the south to mention the word, the tower is surrounded by about 5 meter-wide corridor, walkway outside the railing of 1 meter, four sides have the import and export, the general people to the summit after climbing in the aisles or on the railing to do all kinds of sports.

In the southeast corner of the railing outside the trees unknown trees, root length of the horizontal branch and railing height is almost the same height, more than half a meter away from the railing distance, sitting on the railing just hook the foot in the root branches can just do "sit" So many people wait in line for the morning to do "sit-ups," where free leisure that I do a few.

Mountaineering is not every day I go, no travel is generally one week to go 4-5 times in the six months of mountaineering also met many men and women climbing friends, the many women in a young woman beginning to attract my attention , seems a kind of natural beauty, lips very sexy at the age old, white skin, delicate philosophy, stands at about 1.63-1.66 meters tall, very well maintained, do not like ever produced (later known She had four-year-old son have been the junior high school) neither fat nor thin, I like classes are women, whether from temperament, dress, conversation point of view, she should not come from an ordinary family of a woman, see her wearing very elegant, a brand-name sportswear, both the spirit and it looks decent.

Usually does not speak much and rarely fun, but a long time still talk a few words with her, we called her small summer (may be climbing more older crowd, so we all used to call her) in a chat with everyone She learned her husband is a famous local shipping companies Wish.

He said the husband and I met up a few times (in the meeting room) but I told them I did not know her husband. Story of the day is a Saturday, because my first night there is entertainment on weekends than the rest later, since naturally the next day too late, when the board is coming to the summit at nine o'clock, no one has natural aisle, the aisle was Po Bay see a woman doing in that tree, "sit-ups", that is the name I came closer the summer.

"Hello Little Summer! How you have come so late today," I say hello on the play.

"Oh! Hello, my son going to his grandma's house today, to prepare some things before he came late," engaging Japanese escort in bronx gasping A learning by doing with.

The first time I see her wearing these clothes, tight pants wearing a blue half-length pants, (formerly also known as bullet pants) dressed in a more relaxed on the yellow short-sleeved sport shirt, wore the United States it is a name brand outdoor products, specifically called the forgotten what brand, previously also bought a pair of stores in Shanghai, the price is very expensive. It seems she was wearing a very beautiful.

I started to do her next to the railings above stretching says: "Today, like a little girl dressed like a very beautiful?"

May be doing "sit-ups," the reason engaging Japanese escort in bronx did not answer.

Today she was wearing because it looks really nice, also more Kanji Yan, suddenly found that engaging Japanese escort in bronx was doing sit-ups in, lean back when the reason for wearing tight pants outline her very plump pussy filling in my eyes .

"Oh," I involuntarily uttered a sigh.

Although I travel extensively these years also saw a lot of women, many of whom are relatively plump genitals, generally more plump girls or young girls in particular will be more plump pussy, but like her which are not part of full age, body type How can there be so full of pussy, really big thing in the world of wonders, on the day swear I've seen in many women never seen such a fullness in the perineum, definitely not an ordinary fullness, due to the relationship between thin pants, both sides of the large labia are based is quite plump rounded, convex look, two peaks separated streams, even the outline of the clitoris was just see.

So throughout my body that made the U.S. the past few years the rapid response to, the following little brother erect Qi Jing, look around and have no track, close to her like she was never seen to further appreciate the great bread-like genital , Hey! Closer look is not nearly look good, no longer away from eyes.

"Today ye dress so sexy," I began to cotton.

I have been closer to within reach of her position, not seen a reply.

I have been unable to extricate themselves, suddenly shot the helpless like she begins to touch her bread, feeling her body shaking about electric shock, immediately stop the sit-ups, turn down to earth.

She unexpected rules, I usually will make such a move really made her no small surprise, his face red.

No longer found around other people besides me, feel at risk, would like to leave immediately.

I quickly hugged her directly, (had enjoyed God) her at a loss, confusion among the strong desire to break free of my embrace.

I have two hands up and down like a cramp like Guzhuo how can she easily escape, while clinging to kiss immediately, immediately lateral side of her head did not pro, but also not so much, not on the pro-mouth pro ears, neck, shoulder, across what is what like a mad dog on the pro-eating disorder, like biting, body tightly affixed together, the following are also attached to her little brother on the abdomen, very exciting.

"Do not be tired ... I ... ah ... do not let go ..." She put up strong resistance.

At this point I truly feel had enjoyed days of power, as she sounds more like a stimulant to stimulate my senses, I am even more of her resistance to attack from the accelerated pace up and down, hands and mouth simultaneously with all means.

I have crazy attack in exchange for her even more crazy resistance.

"Let me go ... ah ... do not ... do not ... help ... ... ah ... ah ..." telling them side to force the break.

This time around I was not even the shadows are not afraid to call you.

"Do not let go ... ... do not ... ... ... ... woo ... ah ..." she cried continue to resist.

After all, no matter how against a woman, I want to break the arms of more than 1.80 Meng Han easier said than done, no matter how resistance is futile.

As time delay, by my Storm-like attack on the strength of feeling against her gradually weakened, a weak woman Zhongjiu face of a man desires the sky.

I stand up under the body of her body, Peng Zhu his hands on her head and her pro mouth, but refused to open her mouth is always difficult to progress, continue to change with one hand hanging on the head pro, free hand marching to the following, to loose from her directly into the tendon with the waistband, she feels I want to invade her pants, the original in my hands to push immediately for the following caught my hand, trying to stop my attack, I fight efforts fully capable of entering trousers, then finally a little bit sensible, if her pants torn up that the consequences of serious, sometimes into the inner pants can not touch this big pants outside solution slander bread temporary solution, but with hard little brother hard top grinding her belly.

"Please ... you ... let me ... oh ... oh ... do not ... you ... ... ... beg you ..." mercy and Shenling sound put together.

I gave up to kiss, point to kiss her breasts nod, although across the clothes, bra, but found she was the person shiver, know her breasts are particularly sensitive to the mud like pigs kung like gnawing on her chest , sniffs, kiss.

Her self-inductance will not hold this down, immediately make a hand to stop me on her chest violations.

But she made a more "fatal" error, so that although the above results to some extent hindered me a violation of her chest, but the following to prevent weakening of the power of the moment I take advantage of her pants, the flow BARS pound Huanglong, and finally touched the danger of risking jail baby like bread, bread in touch the moment I do is shiver, so excited.

This baby really different, it is too plump, and fat soft by gently rubbed in the palm of the hand, feeling her pubic hair feels less meat, whistling, really is the first time to enjoy this wonderful genitals, This treasure is a goodly portion of luck, today met given you to eat at all costs.

Like baby palms rubbed bread, three fingers are pitching in, the index finger and ring finger down on both sides of the labia majora, the middle button in the creek is extremely hot and humid, the middle finger gently touch up a slip like beans negative association moment, but also ushered in a more intense burst of shaking her.

"Oh ... oh ... do not ... ... ... ..."

I thought "fuck your mother is still quite sexy this show," Today's romantic encounters ye so good? Is not a donation of a few days ago I needed a kidney transplant illness, God look at me kind-hearted, I am back today to ... ah ... odd! Does it feel to plump the labia majora are also much more than the common people, and basically had no hair, very smooth, the middle finger wasted no time in digging, held hostage in the middle of the stream, every shade over the association in exchange for her time once a fierce shaking , within the stream is extremely slippery.

"Oh ... Oh ... Oh ... ... ... ... ... ... do not let it ... I ... ... ... ... ... ... Oh ... Oh ... no ... ... ... ... Oh to find you ... ... ... ... ah ..."

Her two feet from time to time kicking my feet, unable to hold my hand just hand only, self-inductance has been unable to restore gradually gave up resistance, two lines of tears rolled down, and so pity whisper from the heart.

"I'm sorry, I realize is a small summer awesomeness of you,"
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