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And then the wonderful experience when the students encountered

And then the wonderful experience when the students encountered

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   Last things last year, and a open house to meet friends, I feel very exciting. But then she was relatively far away from me that he is busy, this year did not in contact. During this period I also find new friends online, but no result has been occasional talk of the encounters some courage to speak out, but a specific time to meet proposed to die, life and death are not yell. I do not like this man deceive others, and will not use the excuse to meet people cheated out of first, I want to do what I usually tell each other directly, and this feature does scare a lot of people.

    Seeing this movie and nothing, by chance I met one of my junior high school students, to be honest I have not seen her for many years. Prove that she felt the first side becomes very beautiful, and the former did not look like how they change, but a lot of really beautiful.
  She was also led her daughter, a two year old look. A few pleasantries with us, as something to go on the rush, but the fortunate thing left each other's calls. A few days later she called and nothing else to give, is nothing more than just talk, and finally similar to Internet chat, she asked me how was the beginning, I was casually answered her. Chatting chatting she said she flies boring, I asked her how, she said her husband is a seafarer. This sentence I suddenly woke up, my first feeling is to have development possibilities. Followed by slowly talk the past few years of life, but I could not find a good starting point, how can the question on the topic pull it! She said it is simply perfect, I felt no way to cut into it, at which time I asked a colleague what I'm doing on the Internet, I joked that I was watching pornographic films, but accidentally wrote her top , I was embarrassed for a while. I do not know how Zhengchou goes on, she actually sent back a smile, asked me to see what is pornographic films, she also depends on. She suddenly the whole of my head kept out, but my heart's not pleased. I gave her made a yellow face, she smiled and said hate, I had it, under the most daring. Hesitated a long time, I said I went to your house, right?

     She asked me to do, I say you guess, she answered hate. I know Me, so I then asked all right, she replied no. At that time I felt very disappointed, Xu Jiumei reply her. After a time around, she asked me angry yet? I said, she asked me why, I said that he is a failure, she hated me. She could not answer, and asked me really to go?

    When I saw her that you really want to thing? I felt all the blood to the head body Chung, was indeed very excited, I said I want to go right away, she answered her these days is not convenient. I was almost faint away, and blushed to feel that feeling than their first but also excited, because the people closest to success in the most exciting.

    Then I asked when the line, she said the two three days later. After that is anxiously waiting, just a few seconds every day, like before, very slow very slow. Until finally the third day I was online waiting for her, she finally appeared. Up the first one I directly asked: Can you go to your house yet? She is branch branch Wu Wu, then I feel like I have to be fooled, I am a little angry to ask why. She said she did not want in their own homes, which makes her feel guilty. I discovered that she had misunderstood, I immediately reply: to the hotel, right?

    She nodded, and then about the place, and finally fast off the assembly line, she said the word you want to ensure my safety Yeah. I have some I do not know why, replied to a question mark, she smiled Re: condoms. I am really excited to see bad, such things come from the woman's hair is really very enjoyable.

      When two people to the hotel began some cautious, said a few words I last straw, rushed to start off her clothes, she did not resist it with the take off of. Her breasts are not small, but very pretty, I kept on touching kiss. Mind blank, I kissed over her breasts and kissed her pussy, feeling good was crazy, really want to have non-stop to kiss her. She kept shouting, sexual secretion constantly emerge from the vagina. I took out his very hard cock in her mouth, she hesitated a moment immediately with down, look hard hot cock. Pull out from her mouth flew into her vagina, the vagina is very tight very slippery hot, very hot feeling a little hot. Was also forgot to wear a condom, is it so crazy Choucha with my heart what do not want, do not know how many times inserted, she cried. Finally, I held her tightly shot in her vagina, that feeling really is blank.
        Finally, after the conversation is the passion, she said her husband immediately come back, she came out, it is hard, because her husband a few months back that she stayed with her husband, that she loves to see her husband, but I asked her: and you can no longer be able to come out? She laughed, and the moment she is really beautiful.

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