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The year in 14 years old

The year in 14 years old

I do not know when infected with this strange habit of peeping. Memory should be chasing a first offender
Traced back to my 14 years old.
I may be mature and 14-year-old's body had been very robust. My grandfather, uncle is a big man
, My mother, although a little short (1.58m), but still very strong. I also get the genetic mother,
Friends than their peers from an early age is high, strong.

Then read the first two days, the city fathers have in Jiangxi j transit warehouse. Summer my father took me to, let me say that long
Point of knowledge, I was simply ecstatic. 24 hours to the j train bumps the city, people are tired cruelly. Settled
After 7:00 pm is more.

Interim storage of all employees live in an old warehouse next to the cottage. The room is not large, only
30 square meters, has lived in six people, a home where something home, and now is with my father and I had 7 people.

4 5 south that person is a woman. One is the warehouse supervisor, about 50 old people, we call him "thank
Control ", that he surnamed Xie, I do not know what the relatives of relatives, half a one of us right.

The other three men are 30-something small man, responsible for the business. The reason is a small man, should be sub-
Is too small. I was about 1.62m, felt to be higher than their 3 point.

3 small man called Zhang Zhiyun, a Zhang Tianyun, a Zhang Xiaoyun (and I see his name all
And women almost). Another man was his father's friend, not in this warehouse, said prior to a
To this refuge, he has nothing to do with this, do not introduced.

Highlights that the woman, a result of family problems on the back of the home has not come yet. Another 27-year-old, has been
An 8-year-old girl. Do not faint, I know people in rural Jiangxi county or very early marriage, men and women
Are generally 20 years of age has been married and have children.

The woman on the "Wang XR," looks pretty decent (I was relatively simple aesthetic point of view, if
Now it should look is beautiful), he is the financial, accounting and cashier are all due to her, so tolerant Japanese escort in mahhatan said

Her chest to see a great - I was not the big breasts of how interest can not be regarded as her body
Wrong, and about 1.7 or so in height, except I think tolerant Japanese escort in mahhatan's a little big ass outside, that can be done simply
Model of the body.

That cottage is only 2, of course, is a man a woman, hotels have a long way to go, so
We will forward it squeezed up.

Arrange the room a little trouble, the bed was a bit crowded, though you can will be the three little men have been complaining about.
Xie tube then say, let me sleep there to finance, anyway, was a child, it does not matter, I did not agree,
Since I thought I was an adult! (Although I did not do that thing too, not wet dream, but I have the yellow tape from the
So in the know about. I would also have had an erection)

Finance will come to me at this time, said: "Little Xing, bed is very crowded, and you do not fear of being crowded out of bed."
Sentence joke reminds me of my father, I sleep from small to large have a "good practice" - over and over again with
Feet kicking. Even now I still like this.

The father may be thought of this on the use of command-style tone, said: "You still there and to aunt with the king
To sleep. "I'm afraid that my father took me out to play will be very tough and very quickly take me home, but to obey.

His father turning on the financial, said: "You had better watch out, he was sleeping over and over again, and very will play."
- In that I! ! !

Eaten a bath is almost 10 points, plus tiring, went to sleep. The king aunt can really
Is careful and considerate, but also help me to help me turn off the lights and is open fan. May be a place for sleep. After a
We all have room for half an hour back to sleep.

The "King aunt" (called her aunt to my father called, though a bit cruel.) First opened the door, and
Turn on the lights, then call me, I fell asleep with eyes closed not to be fitted her.

tolerant Japanese escort in mahhatan shut the door first, the fan opening smaller. Then began to undress, he pulled my pants zipper sound
Secretly opened his eyes (I was not color, nor to peeping, at least not the kind of idea).

Quickly off the underwear, including bra (like a lot of people like this), because the child has been fed raw
Through milk, so the breast does not look good - big nipple, the areola is also great, because with a large chest mimi
Department of sagging.

At that time I do not know, think that women are this way, this is my first close look at a woman's ketone
Body, my little brother to the tilt. Even an impulse.

Because only a bed, of course, and I sleep (hee hee, she and I should be sleeping). I sleep in the middle,
She gently pushed me inside a little bit, I feel like did not move. Go to bed, then pretended to be asleep when I turn
Had a body, his hand on her abdomen. She smiled gently, as against their own children and stroked my

Because not sleep, his forehead with sweat, and I also was covered with thin layer of the quilt (mainly to block the
Crotch of the "yurt." She gave me the quilt again opened, folded, only cover the stomach, then she should look
To my "yurts." I am also scared to move, even the eyes are not open.

Quilt cover after she gently took my thigh, and then put his hand on my thigh, after a while children
Even gently touched my little brother. Then I mind is full of yellow tape in Europe and America in particular
Those violent episodes in the film, I even imagined her to rape me.

Head full of cranky courageous me a lot, I put my hand into her panties, or abdominal
Place, feeling she trembled a little, put on my little brother's hand away, and I dare more a
More, the cross to the feet on her thigh, she did not respond.

At this time I was slightly opened his eyes. Lifted her hand to turn off the lights. Popping. Lights out, and could not see anything
A (sorry, I have myopia, 300 +).

I suddenly wanted to boldly pulled down her panties, and then dry her while she was asleep. Perhaps I am too tired
Fell asleep in the ideological struggle. Wake up - or the King's aunt woke me up. At this point I lay flat, "Mongolia
Package "is still tall. I wake up and blush.
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