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The policewoman was brutally raped the beautiful finish

The policewoman was brutally raped the beautiful finish The policewoman in a police car on the chest press, sealed with tape policewoman's mouth, cruel to the female police officers forcibly Fan Jian Chen Qiaoqiao hands to the body, and then tearing policewoman's belt, and then tied the hands of policewoman. Yin Xiao to a big hand into female uniforms, insert bra fierce inner fullness in the chest rub, female police officers in the hands of satyr Qiaoqiao Chen was stripped of the upper body indiscriminately slide. Chen had been almost anxious Qiaoqiao crazy, struggling to struggling body, desperately want to break out of his hands, she tried to resist at the moment but also by the anti-twist to shiver slightly behind the two lower arms, no use.

This is very afraid of the rapist, specifically abducted woman, and then subjected to gang rape, he raped a woman, there are female teachers and students, ladies, and even heroic sough female officers could not escape the humiliation of bad luck.

Tonight will be a beautiful young satyr of a senior female TV presenters hijacked and taken to a secluded place, very beautiful senior hostess Cao Ying, a proud young woman Johnson unique, seductive. Two eyes turn meteor flying camel, colorful decoration, bare breasts, has a tender and beautiful can not be conquered, white skirts exposed under two plump soft white thighs and slender legs. This beautiful young woman, angered pervert vices of big hair, the beautiful senior hostess on the ground, up and down fumble, rudely clawed Cao Ying's coat, exposing a large white body. ?

Satyr obscene said: "Miss Cao Ying, today you finally appreciate the other satyr never naked body in front of it!"

This beautiful senior hostess realized gone. Although tolerant Japanese escort in bronx is not a conservative woman, and not care about the dew point, but that is never exposed in the satyr in front of the body had been criminals who actually saw, produced a feeling of disgust, the beautiful look of the senior hostess anger, said: "You ┅ ┅ you want how?"

Stone said: "So beautiful naked body so beautiful, you say I want? Honestly tell you, once I have been a city of crime, a woman who is afraid to mention the rapist." At this point, the beautiful Cao Ying senior hostess upper body, leaving only a blue bra, cover the bowl from the TV drama Ben Rufeng, a small part of the chest and breast cleavage have not been obscured, exposed outside of the bra. Predators eager to tear down bra, beautiful young woman full of one pair of upright front Rufeng exposed to predators, camel, white silk quality, crystal was translucent flesh exudes a woman's unique atmosphere.

Dayton lost a beautiful young woman beautiful faces, covered with random chatter, Yingying two tears, begging not to rape her satyr, satyr finally hunting this lovely beauties, pervert while twitching, that the erection of the penis increases, while hunger thirst unbearable lust, collision in the body, a beautiful young woman's mouth and kissed Fenjing, then stripped naked, beautiful young woman off the legs, beautiful young woman, "ah ..." gasp, and instinctively kicked his legs, the skirt is more lifted, exposing the white and the thigh.

Senior hostess wore a beautiful black stockings hanging, lifting thin stockings. Surrounded by sexy thigh stockings only to a few centimeters under the thigh position, legs split between the high black briefs, pants while showing domesticated hen's pubic hair, then heat treatment is more sadistic pervert, he used his hands forcibly separated beautiful hostess legs, buried her face in a sudden down between the legs. "Do not ... ... ah ..." beautiful hostess desperately humming, while twisting the body.

Satyr's mouth like a sucker like kissing the lower abdomen, although across the briefs, but pervert God's tongue licked the petals and sensitive bismuth meat mound, the case for 27 mature, sensitive flesh, no doubt as jitter caused by a burst of current passing from the heart. Cao Ying pretty desperate, exhausted efforts to lift the knees rammed satyr's head. Satyr cry of pain, take this opportunity to get up pretty hostess Yu Tao, can not stand, they seize by satyr legs, two body entangled with the ground. Then he stood up and shaking, was under a tree catch pervert.

"Hey, wanted to run, not that easy." Satyr was pulled into her arms, big hands rub rude hostess one pair of beautiful breasts. "Ah ..." beautiful women managers slender body, starting from the waist pretty face looked back, kissed the beautiful hostess took the opportunity to pervert entirely bare of snow-white Fenjing, side open with his knee pretty hostess double the legs. Simply resist the satyr kissing a beautiful hostess Cao Ying, was tense at this time to step up his legs, but it was too late, satyr with his leg in a beautiful hostess inner thighs rub back and forth to touch, to enjoy the full flexibility of arbitrary the thigh brought pleasure. The following have already made up stiff cock beautiful women managers in the soft underbelly hoisting.

"Do not ..." beautiful hostess by immorality, the impact of whole body tense up, when the satyr suck her nipples hard, the body such as the current-like trembling, as if to see satyr-like, looked at the beautiful hostess ear says: "There are sexy, right, I did not expect was that the nipple will be hard-fast." shy beautiful hostess harder and harder, violently shaking his head, with black hair flying.

Satyr Yin Xiao smoke bite again more proud of a beautiful hostess erect nipples, satyr with his right arm hugging a beautiful hostess of the waist, his left hand pulled tight skirt, briefs and take advantage of the finger into the abdomen between the fiddle thick rough pubic hair, fingers digging into the meat moist trench. "Oh!" Beautiful hostess desperately want clamping legs, thick thighs, but the top predators in the middle, not close together. Satyr's fingers to move forward into the Roudong middle finger inside the top half suddenly, there will be meat wrapped around the finger, "ah" beautiful women managers in this moment, the whole body tense, long eyelashes began to shake.

Satyr thick fingers in a beautiful hostess Roudong in pumping, and the remaining four fingers are kept Monong beautiful hostess of the genitals, a short, beautiful women managers of Roudong started wet and slippery, a trace of moisture along the thigh shed, and then pervert the beautiful hostess kneeling on the ground, big penis forced to plug such as a beautiful hostess cherry mouth to Kouyin. Elongation of the penis almost to the top of the throat, insert deep, non-stop twitching. Then tied to a tree, off a beautiful young woman legs ready to host a rape.

"You were arrested, quickly raised his hand to." A beautiful and dignified young woman took a pistol in the hands of police officers. There is a slight hint of British Gas, and with a bit arrogant. tolerant Japanese escort in bronx is the female police officers at Interpol - Chen How-how.
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