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And chairman of the complete story of two female assistant

And chairman of the complete story of two female assistant I am the train, it is already 13 o'clock to o'clock. People on the street is very rare, but occasionally there will be a passing taxi. I have a telephone call to the chairman of the board, tolerant Japanese escort in brooklyn told me to pick me up from the small river, and her phone number to me. I opened the small river mobile phone, busy she quickly said, "Excuse me! You a little wait! Immediately to!"

I stood outside the station smoking a cigarette, enjoying the late night streets of Chongqing. No more than a kung fu, a small river came a hurry, said breathlessly, "I'm sorry! Have kept you waiting!" "Never! We going ah?" "Has booked the room , come with me! "She called a taxi, Qiguaibaguai of a business on to the front of the hotel. She took the luggage to help me, took me to set a good room, and I said, "so late! You not to eat it? I'll take you to eat a little bit!" "I do not want to eat, just want to sleep ! "" Never! go! very convenient! chairman has asked me to go! "

Not looking at her age, also early 20s, scrub, small and frail, but still reveals a sort of aura. "That pony how not to ah? '" She ah! To Shanghai it! Had come with her so you can you always did, tolerant Japanese escort in brooklyn left! "," I said! "That pony than a small river full some just do not look nice small river, small river of the skin not white. They came to me to discuss that when the pony, but quite able to be installed, one an "ah ha", I hate it though, she was very kind of flair for my thoughts and feelings of. While not wishing to meet me is not her. Some inquiries by telling her my heart, followed her into the business as usual is still a fast food restaurant, to two glasses of soy milk and some snacks, I ate and chatted with her.

But it turned out that actually the assistant chairman of the niece, the so-called assistant, it was just outside a call. Her teacher after graduation, has been in the family business to do things, it seems that life can also quite moist. Her features, you can use a "small" word to describe a small face, small head, small hands, small chest, small feet, and then looked looked her face, that face a variety of objects are very small, small nose, small eyes, small thin lips, looking at some really lovely. She spoke also quite lovely, not do not laugh, this idea is that I lifted some of the journey fatigue. She chatted very speculative, talking and laughing, as if we have recognized a long time. Unconsciously, the time to actually clock up more than three in the morning. She told me to go back, I wish I have dreams. My client was incensed her where to go? Haoshuodaiyue, or her stay.

To that hotel, I did not rush to wash, or talk to her a days, rambling, and really talk about anything. She is also very excited, but also from time to time poke me, and then ha ha laugh. Say sleepy, I do have some, such a talk, they started to feel less sleepy. In addition to me and her voice, the room is air-conditioning machine rang. I do not know how long has passed, she suddenly said, "put off the air conditioner now! A bit cold!" I had to put off the air conditioner, and turned to exploratory said to her, "Do you want me hug, give you warm?" "No!" She was a little shy, I could not resist approaching. I hugged her light, her firepower is indeed very poor, that soapy skin is cold. "Now the warmer it?" "Ah! Your body really hot!" I smiled, I feel this is just hug embrace very nice, very comfortable. "I'm a little sleepy!" "Nor is it really late! Either sleep?" "Good!" "Also wash it?" "Of course have to wash it! Not wash more dirty ah!" "That's who should wash ? "" No one line? '"you first wash it!" "Good!" I released her, she turned back to me quietly off the underwear, wearing only underwear into the bathroom, closing time She also said something witty, "Do not peek ah?!" This is not to peek at what is clearly going to tell me to steal Kan Ma! I casually agreed with, she will close the door, followed by the sound of water that crashed out off the air conditioner on, the house began a kind of muffled atmosphere, hot and humid air seems to be squeezing me. The shirt off my upper body, Guangzhuobangzi, the shoes and socks off, but off the trousers, pants, leaving only a triangle. I want to peek, but I too lazy to move, and supine in bed, listening the sound of water crashed TV drama.

She came out, only a bath towel around, like an electric shock passing from my eyes, click on to another bed, quickly covered her with a quilt of all. "Do not come to my bed ah!" tolerant Japanese escort in brooklyn said, laughing, very innocent very timid with a corner block with his face. I did not care for her, but also to wash a bath. Dry the body, I would like to wear underwear, can be a hesitation, no wear, fine naked to go directly to the house. She saw me naked, "ah" sound, built immediately kept his head with a quilt, and she also was Chi Chi's house laughing. I also to the spirit, a tear of her quilt, from the soles of the feet at the drilling. She would like to hide, can be nowhere to hide. Her naked, have told me, is she waiting for me to come. Her naughty for a while, they no longer move. I put the lights brighten the bed, you want a good look at her body. "So dazzling it! To close it?" "Do not! Did not see you!" "Look I do?" "Not to see, appreciate! Called lamp to see beauty!" "I'm not beautiful!" " You do not ugly! "" Really? "" Really! "under the lights, her body is really white and perfect, petite very cute. "Let me take a look at you! Look straight up! To see a clear plainly!" "It seems that you will sing ah!" "Sing well! Blind sing!" "Sing for sure good!" "You have the opportunity to listen to!" I opened the lid on her quilt, a walk away, put it away in another bed. She curled up, it seems very afraid. I curled up a little bit of her body stretched out, my eyes from her head to foot one saw it several times without falling. That is not the word used to describe her seductive body, is good looking, is a petite beauty, but not as full expansion gives the kind of sexy. Her breast is small, it is bulging, and children like cute. Her nipples are very small, like grains Peas. I do not have to touch her body, but blowing air through your mouth, blowing her a little itch. Her feet, really small, like every toe is fragile, an arrangement with the next one. I leaned in and sniffed, her feet do not smell, is a very natural taste. Hair between her legs, very Shun Liu, small lot, attached on it, but also with her glossy black hair, like, the difference is that her hair is straight, and her pubic hair is curly. Na Liangpian labia minora, hidden on that road Roufeng, it seems like people would not see. I rolled over to her hands, her lying in bed, I knelt at the side to continue enjoying. Her back, smooth and flat, has been extended to that bulge above the two and a half ass. Her ass, small and round. Look at the past from the ditch bottom, you can clearly see that the road gap and her dark pubic hair.

"Look enough?" "No! Good read! Simply a beautiful work of art! Very fine ah!" "How can so nice ah!" "You do not read their own body? '" Read! Can I grow up! '"and also how you grow up?" "I know that men like big breasts of a woman, but my little!" "This is a beauty! not the same with that!" "My ass not much! "" Pony's really a big than you. "" You have seen her do this? "" No! "" lie?! "" I did not! no chance! "" You dare to have the opportunity to it? "" Who can not have the opportunity to ah! "" Men are so right! "" Who knows? "I motioned her to kneel up, Juezhaopigu. She knelt Well, I observed on the back straight up to her genitals and anus. She's the place, looks is not advertised, and even said to be very tactful. See this, I could not help but lament the magic of the human genome, is that it controls the body parts of the body proportions and the shape of various parts, even a very small place are consistent with its own logic, her body will not be where uncoordinated. I use my nose, touching her genitals and clitoris, she softly called Huanliaoyisheng, in some shaking under my touch. I change my tongue, that clever tongue in her labia and stirred the roots of the thigh, white flesh can really brought me endless enjoyment. I do not know if there are other men that played her, I just felt a small river in front of is my love that I can be cynical to contact the girl, her body parts are all I want to explore every the place.

"You will engage people! Made me all you want it!" "Not to the time for it! Good things too slowly to enjoy better!" She sit up straight, I kissed her in bed, two tongue in the stirring, during the struggle, the kind of light sweet taste is my favorite. "I want to see your following! You have to see me half a day!" I smiled, stood up, and I am already under Flanagan cock heads held high like waiting for review. "Wow! Really big ah! I am a little scared! Will not hurt ah?" "You did not do it?" "Had a long time ago." "With whom? '" Boyfriend chanting! "" Now it? '"early blow it!" "I told him over, who's big?" "You! thickness about you than him long." "Do you like it?" "love!" playing with her hands, gently touching the lips in it. "Lick it! Would be great!" She held out her tongue, carefully lick. She was willing to lick my penis, maybe that is her above Huanen love.

She will lick a penis, they began to go down the stem and body licking, licking was I was good enough. In her licking, I still use my cock linger her face, straight from time to time also beat her. "I feel very awkward! So exciting!" "Really?" "Yes! Your really great!" And then played a while, I put her entire hold up, hold a child with like, a few laps to go in the house. Suddenly she said, "I want to pee it!" Good! "I put forward to you the urine!" She bent down, I do not let on you have been carrying her into the bathroom, pointed at the commode, her delay in urine does not come out, and so on for ages, she was Chi Chi's? out. The urine over, she also tick the below. Toilet paper caught her hand, casually rub a few in the genitals. "I really want to see how you shit!" "Do not! Stinks up!" "Pull one back, I see!" "There are no ah!" I make a hand and get her to buckle asshole. "Do not get it! Really do not!" I put her on the bathroom toilet table, the mirror of our very eye-catching naked, her body white, it is extremely bright, she is shy in the mirror, the face red, seems to have played this way. I move a bit of her body so that she could clearly see myself, and I stood behind her, teasing her breasts and her genitals, and I clawed her labia, to let her see . "Look good! Not you look good!" "Good looking!" I'm letting her back some of the body, so that her anus exposed. While I Monong her anus, while told her, "Look! This is the place where you shit!" She spread out to a pair of thigh, foot of the mirror, make straight in the mirror in the exposed genitals. "This is not fun! My ass is cold!" Touch my hand, turned a bit cold, I took her down into the bed.

At this point, she does not know is shy, or excitement, in short, her face was bright red. I rode across her body, with my crotch dawdle her nipples, her hand on my cock, while fingering good. I had keen interest, getting close to her face, my balls in her face slide to slide, my anus has full pressure in her mouth, nose, tongue, carefully lick her again and again licking, which increasingly makes my cock morale. I turned around to go out, play with her 69-style. My cock in her mouth Choucha with, and my tongue inserted into her vagina. Her genitals, water Jinjin, and creamy infinite, every lick me, she should be twitching about, call out loudly. Like to play for a while, I was facing her again, my tongue out at her little face he kept licking ah lick, lick until her face was creamy. Her shortness of breath began, more and more immersed in my fingering. In my body, her hand is not as self-guided my cock start to explore her vagina. "I did not set!" "I was very clean!" Who knew she was clean and not clean it? I also managed not so much in her guidance, I am a body, to plug into it. Insert in the future, I do not twitch, continue down the caressing, but she can not wait to intercourse, up sensational body in an attempt intercourse with me. I slowly twitching, inserted very shallow, as if just inside her vagina in motion. Her body in close to me, I look forward to quickly enter, but I do not worry. "Quick! Fast! I want! I want!" I do not care, she remains unchanged. Pay no attention to her a I suddenly inserted into the deep. "Ah! I speak!" When breathing in her mouth, I was deep into a few straight, and then not move.

Her arms to hold me tightly, two legs are hooked my body hard. While I was pumping, intense pumping, she ah's call was, clinging to my arms are open, and hooked my body's thighs open, her eyes closed just keep moaning. Kind of look, as if I was speaking a dead man, with a body temperature of the dead, the dead one will hum. My arms and brought back her legs, making her ass and genitals are inflated, but also continuous violent Choucha. Her head, in side to side, her mouth constantly call out the most to enjoy the sounds. The kind of posture exercise enough, I changed to another position. She flat surface lying in bed, legs apart, my cock from the back insert, feeling great! Is some pumping, my arms a little sore, I once climbed up her body, the pressure in the top of her, still not out of cock. She's following me, that ass is also a bow a bow, and expect my cock in with intercourse. I deliberately dodging her, and her chasing me in the ass, homeopathic, I stopped her waist, sat on her knees, and arms and head buried in the random bed. I like this position because it is more conducive to my insert. She cried cried, it seems not in the call, but a little cry of meaning.

"All right?" "Never! You kill me!" She's an arm looking for me, I caught her on homeopathy, but also put her arm caught another, so that she like to fly like, I provocative waist, constantly pumping, she called more powerful, and captivating. A white from head to toe does not seem to color the female body is such a being I am doing. My cock and her vaginal junction, is secreted out of her sticky white pulp. "You inserted too deep! Are in the end it!" "Cool it?" "Too cool! Come back a few!" I blasted Choucha a lot, let go, she fell to the bed, ups and downs waist, constantly breathing heavily.

Her ass can really makes the white, it seems small, it is also a group full of meat. At the time I thought of ponies, pony's ass than her most, is not playing up even better? I grabbed her ass with both hands, and fell on her, asked her if she read the pony's ass. She said, "read! We bathed together." "White it?" "Very white! Her hair a lot better than me!" "Really? I would like to speak with you!" "I do not know! "" do not know? "" how to say this thing ah!? her smooth, I did not! "" you touched? "" trouble when touched. "" If she can come back down! "" I tell her you are coming! can not come back, maybe the. "" Ye Hao do not come back, have you, I am also very happy. Chairman know these things? "" What did you say ah? with it does not matter! I see you are very good just like you so! to me as what people? '"is my right! is my right!" "Chairman arrangement is pony, chances are that way, but I is not the case! "" see! "" see like! "She stood up, and that even the breath is breath, bare ass out of bed, not even wear slippers, barefoot into the bathroom to pee.

I stood in the doorway watching her. "Are there any good! Not that pee?" She glances my white. I smoked a cigarette, and smiled, not to her. "How could you tilted?" "Get enough it! Again!" "Do not come! You too strong! I can not stand it! Colt perhaps you can handle it!" 'How?' "She ass big! "Oh I laugh, and secretly thinking, big ass woman is strong sexual desire women? Who knows ah?

Went back to bed, we hugged each other and touch, by the way also asked to tomorrow's itinerary. Morning visit to the factory, at play, karaoke night, ok. Small river suddenly said, "You just do not shoot it?" "This is just where ah!" "Are you uncomfortable?" "I am very comfortable." "But I see your still hard again! Really cute! "" like it, get out on my mouth! "" I do not like! "" What do not like? Do not you licked? "" That's not the same! "" You are a local, right? '"is ah! "" Then I also experienced the taste of the Chongqing sister! "" Chongqing sister right? "Good!" is not willing to oral sex! "" Damn you! "I'm getting more and more sleepy, sleep unconsciously was, until the person out of the window up morning exercise music woke me up.
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