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And the mysterious relationship between the sister

And the mysterious relationship between the sister Small to large, my sister is my "idol": not only who was pretty, tall and good, Ye Hao achievements, but also the school's student council. In the eyes of many, I actually was her younger brother? Doubtful! ! ! Because I look handsome, and my sister in stark contrast.

But God made man is so strange, my sister and I are really biological siblings.

Sister and my feelings grew relatively well, although has been fooling around, but should be the sentence: "playing a pro, cursing love, No pain, no pro uncomfortable." Remember as a child saw a TV (do not remember what the TV), foreign films, which is about a man and a woman, the man approached the woman, suddenly reached out a hand to explore inside a woman's skirt. After seeing this picture, we are a little inexplicably excited.
Just that day no one at home, parents to work. Sister suddenly said to me: "Brother, we learn it the action on TV."

Heard remark, I was shocked, but some want to try the idea. So my sister said: "Well, I'm coming."

TV sister learn the woman's face, closed his eyes. I will be stretched into the hands of evil. The first time touched the girl's underwear, I am very excited. But I think after a while feel boring, but his hand out, we started to play other games.

I had to this thing is so over, we are slowly growing up. I thought I would slowly forget about this matter, can be chosen to be God and I joke: In my 12-year-old that summer, that year my sixth grade elementary school, junior sister. One day my sister body of some red Peas, she let her mother back to her anti-itch medicine paint on point.

Sister took off his shirt, I just entered the room, of course, that action will be printed into my mind: her breasts just beginning to develop, not too great, but it has "begun to take shape" - like a small hill. Tender pink nipples like two small grapes decorated the top of the hill. Sister and I like the hair is very short upper and lower body, color white, the whole body looks like a white satin, attracted my attention.

I sleep at night tossing and turning, as long as a close your eyes, as if they saw my sister naked look.

I can not help it, we tentatively asked loudly: "Sister, you asleep?"

At that time parents thought I was still young, so my sister and I lived alone in a room. "I'm not asleep. Kam do, what I do for you?" Sister just went to bed, of course, could not sleep.

"Nothing, and I wanted to ask you, remember we were young it? When we play together, be happy." I decided to go slowly.

My sister does not know the count: "Of course remember. Gan it? Boy miss a child?" Fashionable Japanese escort in mahhatan also treated me as a child.

"Then you also remember when we were playing the game?" I give up and accept defeat led her to step into the set.
"It may make more, ah, like throwing sandbags, hide dodge ah, ah ... ... square dancing there are many thing you want to which one ah?"

"I am not saying that, I mean two of us play and you still remember, there are times when we watch TV to imitate TV?" I see her soon fall into the trap, and you can not help ecstasy.

Sister was silent, I know her heart was certainly in retrospect things.

I do not want to waste time, I drilled bed, her body only with the arrival of my sister bed a pair of shorts.
Sister saw quickly: "Yeah so many cold, fast forward to the quilt." Finish hold up her side of the quilt, so I got into the quilt in her.

Entered the bed, I understand that my sister also worked up, so I turn to ride on her.

Sister shy to say: "Tell me where you want to play."

Can really ride on her, I feel embarrassed, always open my mouth.

Half sister I did not see movement, said: "Well, where you want to play on play with me."

A sister heard to say, I was embarrassed, hesitated for a long time, I made up my mind on my sister said: "The clothes come off."

Sister of one of the only lift up a small vest, two bread-like things that appeared in front of me. I stretched out both hands, one hand rubbing to seize a hill start.

As never had the experience, combined with feeling special bar, I have been insensibly rubbed. Certainly feel good sister, she has eyes closed, I enjoy rubbing her breasts.

Over time, my sister started getting impatient, she looked at my actions, and said to me: "You ... you do not just rub ... you can also eat through your mouth to eat ... ... ... ..."

In fact, I'd like to mouth, but I fear my sister happy and not play, and had been endured. Today, encouraged by this, I thought that Gaoxing Jin ah, never mind.

I'll open my mouth, latch onto the breast of a sister, although her sister's breasts are still developing, not great, but for me the only 12-year-old boy, that was a mouth pack finish.

I latch onto her sister's breast, I feel particularly comfortable, sinking small peas in my mouth constantly beating, stimulate my tongue really hard to describe the feelings at that time.

I constantly change the position, trying to make sense of her sister and their best. We are very excited, because this is incest, we have kind of a relief feeling, but then because he is still small, I naively thought that as long as the kissing men and women can give birth to children. And sister, so I'm not kissing. I do not know when men and women having sex, there are many things that can eat into that time I thought my sister's breast, it has been very satisfied. I have no further ideas (would not).

We played a good while, it may be half an hour. Later that boring, I returned to my bed, to sleep. My sister said to me: "If you still want to play later, say you are cold on the line."
I "ah" sound, also pulled from my happy life.

Since my sister and I have intimacy, the play so that we almost daily basis. Basically I took the initiative to look after my sister playing in the bed, she moves quite with me, whatever they ask for - pro-siblings it! Even in her menstrual period, is no exception, anyway, not really into.

This relationship lasted more than two years, I have a better idea. But I do not want the pain to so good sister.

My dilemma is, when the time came ... ...

Sister had a classmate Min, Fashionable Japanese escort in mahhatan stayed at my house upstairs (we were school children to read is the factories and mines, the same students are the children of factory workers, almost all know, I lived on the second floor, her home on the fourth floor). The relationship between her and her sister are particularly good, I often ran home to play. She had no brothers and sisters, I was also dubbed her little brother. Often come to my house make me play.

"Hey, brother wanderers, give you fun, but to call my sister Min Oh!" I always obediently, sweetly called her "sensitive sister," she told me, in fact, she was nothing , make me play it! Then she and her sister with happy laughter.

I play the fool on the surface, my heart thought: "Min sister ah, you did something for me to play? Put you to play like me."

By the way, forgot to introduce: the sensitive sister, sister Shaoai than that, not my sister look so beautiful. But the body is first-rate: Although a little fat (can also be said to be full). It has a very high moment "compelling" - the curve of the chest as the two peaks stands tall! Devoid of the tendency to fall.
That year I have been promoted to the first two days, my sister Reading High School.

With age, I desire for large breasts growing girls, and this, my sister on the small size of the breast that can not meet me. Every time I see her sister Min, I always have a compulsion to on her, but still can not find opportunities.

With this idea, my sister in another and the "intimate contact" in the request made to her. I thought my sister would be full of promise, but one who knows my sister veto: "Brother, you play Well I have enough, but also play Min Gan what?"

"Oh, sister, sister and I just think you are so good sensitivity, that no matter what it should be. A will not agree with her, I Paul say? Not hurt her, and when you play, this is not okay ? "
Sister still insists not. I can only say: "No, even, a joke Well, we come play with me!" Then I latch onto the nipple sucking sister.

Sister then quietly issued a comfortable sound. (We not dare, because their parents lived next door.)
One day in mid-May, because of factory problems, and parents go out.

Afternoon, sensitive sister came to her sister: "Yan, my parents go out of my home, afraid of one person to sleep, I can not sleep it off?"

My sister looked at me, I had to look away, I think my sister will be rejected because the noon meal, I made an appointment and sister play it the enjoyment of the evening, this time how could someone come to my house to sleep it?
Surprisingly, even to a sister: "Yes, I also quite boring at night, you come chat with me well."
Be sensitive sister left, I asked my sister: "Sister, how do you do that? Not to say good night to that?"

I am a white sister: "every day to play this, you do not bother you? This evening rest, after the opportunity still living."

Although has millions of reluctance, I can only put the idea of ??extreme pressure in my mind.

While I was washing dishes after dinner, while the hearts curse sensitive sister: "When are you going to bad? Happens this time, the worse my good!"

Watching TV, sensitive to the sister: "yo, you watch TV you?!" Look of the smile.

Saw her coming, I know that tonight I was destined to sleep alone I am unhappy to say: "Sister, I read to go. Do not call me, maybe when will I fell asleep watching it. "

My sister looked at me and laugh, laugh a mystery.
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