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Confessions of female conductor

Confessions of female conductor Beijing Fu Yuan Hotel. Charity auction site, an ancient Ming and Qing porcelain auction is being conducted, such as fire
The auction of tea all the famous Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient porcelain, one of those porcelain - "small mouth vase"
Is already the world's only isolated products. All proceeds of the sale proceeds will be donated to the State's poverty-stricken areas.

Climax finally came, "small mouth vase," the auction began.

"One million" a network of CEOs head start. Upset about more than half a million. He really NN cattle,
"Two million" front an infrastructure manager is well prepared, reported that the price of the top network executives have hesitated.

Three million counted in his eyes ass ah! Out a few more "shabby" to earn back.

For a time, maybe a boss in the price between the violent rise. "2.5 million" infrastructure manager grinding his teeth,
A stirring call for price. Network executives weigh a bit, talk to the estimated cowards. After all, network
Network economy is not very good, I really do not spend so much money to buy a face worth.

"2.5 million a" "There is no one with the" master of ceremonies took voice shouted.

"2.5 million two", "2.5 million ..." dragging voice, master of ceremonies who see it is not like,
Ready to call for "three" the word. Field was quiet. Infrastructure manager has emerged a proud face, smile.

"3.5 million !!!", a sudden, a crisp female voice echoed in the field.

"My God! '" Wow "3.5 million, and who has so much courage and financial resources. All of a sudden, everyone scared
Cried looking at the big store behind a woman walking slowly. Infrastructure manager's smile froze, staring at the beautiful dead
Amazing woman.

One hundred women dressed in skirts fluttering, shoulder-length hair naturally draped behind. Only one of the makeup, but did
Does not affect her stunning beauty. "I would rather heart shadow," whispered the network manager can not help but cried.

Yes! Indeed rather the heart shadow, just married "electronic community leader," Zhang Tianyun Ning heart shadow. Only Fashionable Japanese escort in Long island,
Have the financial resources of a lost daughter. 3.5 million, no one had the courage to go with. Side of the correspondent
Was about to rush to interview. Behind the heart shadow was rather a few bodyguards blocked. Full view, rather the heart shadow is almost floating
Into the front of the hotel's luxury Mercedes-Benz, and floated away.

Gallop along the seaside road with cars. Ning opens the heart shadow windows, breathe the salty sea breeze with a trace,
Ning Ying's mind and heart of drifted out of control five years ago. Migrating to a period not forget the tragic day. Also
Xu was himself the humiliation suffered a human, to know all the poor people with the pain and suffering. Will then
Deep sympathy for the poor struggling life. Have used large sums of money to subsidize these poor life.

Five years ago, a vocational school, two-year-old boyfriend Aaron came to the heart shadow rather rent a house, to prepare for the Arab
Long celebrated birthday.

Days, the dark. Small house. Ning heart shadow and Aaron sat around the table. Ning heart shadow in Aaron's persuasion,
Drink a lot of wine, blush all, and radiates a seductive atmosphere. Although the contacts for years, but rather very heart shadow
Conservative, but pro a few times and Aaron. This time, the strong of wine bile, Aaron, could not. Hold up
Live with a bit tipsy rather heart shadow.

Ning heart shadow struggling a little as a few have no sound, and Aaron the rather heart shadow to bed. Eyes rather heart shadow
Closed, the chest rise and fall dramatically, looked a little nervous. Aaron hugged her back down, Coushang mouth, open
Ning heart shadow began to kiss.

"Ah ... ah ... ah ... ... ... ..." I would rather have some heart shadow is pro-love move, issued a slight cry.

This touching voice screamed Aaron distraught, really anxious to immediately dry Fashionable Japanese escort in Long island pussy. Rather by the heart shadow
Hand on the breast, worn under clothing at the moment from the inside, feeling her Jianting peaks.

Rather small heart shadow hands, out into the unconscious at Aaron's crotch and began pressing up.

Aaron kissed the side, the side off a rather heart shadow pants. His hand touched her most sensitive parts of the -
Clitoris, a small finger like a normal cock gently in her pussy twitch. Before long, rather the heart shadow pussy sexual secretion,
Like a trickle-like, began to flow out.

"Oh ... ah ... ah ... ... ... ... ... oh ... ah ..."

Ning Ying's heart desires in the stimulation of alcohol and Aaron, burn more brightly. Her whole person, stop
Twist, could not croon.

Aaron's tongue, the heart from the shadow of the breast down rather slide down to her attractive pussy. I saw Ning heart shadow
Saoxue in the sexual secretion, crystal clear, slightly protruding clitoris, like a ripe grape, Aaron could not help but
Bite. "Ah ... ah ... ..." rather stimulated a flurry of Langjiao heart shadow. Aaron and extending the tongue,
Rather that in the micro-hot heart shadow within the labia, licking back and forth, this lick, sexual secretion flow was rather more heart shadow, and the
People began to shake more than.

"Ah ... oh ... oh ... ah ... ... ... ... ... Aaron ... I do not lick tickling the following ... ah ... ah ...

... Where ... oh painful death ... ... ... ... ... itch ... ah ... ah ... "

"Oh ... there really itching dead ... oh ... ... ... ... Long itch! Ah! ... ... ... ... Do not ...

... Oh ... you do not lick ... ... ah ... oh ... "

Ning heart shadow's hand, holding the following violent in Aaron, the first stop shaking, a hair are dispersed.

"Well I beg you Aaron ... ... ... ... ... ... I beg you oh ... oh ... oh ... ... ... ... ... ... I want you to give me
Quick kiss ... ... ... ... ... ... oh ... my ... Do not lick the ... oh ... "

"Ah ... ah ... the dragon ... ... ... ... ... you were fast! Push me ah! ... ... Ah ... ... there really can not stand ...
... Oh ... can not stand ... "

Could not resist the temptation to get Aaron to be Langjiao, and got up quickly took off his underwear, grabbed the hand of the heart shadow rather, the chicken
Barcelona in her hands!

Something long and big, scalding, heart shadow in the rather small hands which could not beating, like the demonstrations like.

Ning Xin Ying Qing Hu said: "A big, Aaron, wait a minute will really hurt."

"Heart shadow Do not worry, I will take it, you will not hurt me."
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