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help friend shoot A's film

help friend shoot A's film Little things to do at night, to Sina chat, chat room, the woman usually very reserved, and a few girls have a ride without a ride to talk with, feel dull. Point called the style of a woman's name, asked the sentence is good, Fashionable Japanese escort in new jercy was soon asked me good. She very simply answer is that I was not really good in the online chat, I do not know what to say, and very few people very sincere face. Next, we briefed each other on yourself, on age, occupation. She is a foreign staff, 28 years old, married. Photographer if she told me very interested in this career, asked some very professional. She said she liked taking pictures. I said well, I'll give you the opportunity to shoot, then she said to look at my photos, I gave her my website address, and she looked very surprised, that you would so professional, ah, nice shot. Later, she saw the inside of my photographs, said: Ha, you so cool. I laugh.
Then talk some irrelevant, then gradually turn on Nannvzhishi topic. Some talk of their experiences and experiences. She said she had had many sexual experiences, but also, and I said something. Chatting chatting, she suddenly asked me, you would use DV capture it? Camera I've ever played, there is a large small DV, it is not strange, I told her I would, she was silent for a moment that you help me take one day DV cost? I am a bit shocked, it depends on what you shoot, she was silence for a moment that you want to help me take my husband and I love the process, I was hesitated, before it touches the film was seen shooting in the A sex , but never thought I would shoot those. She asked me how much money do you? I thought for a moment it said 1000. She seems to think the price a bit beyond her expectation that, I thought it was three thousand. I said, I did not filmed this, did not intend to rely on this money. I asked her this is your idea? She said no, she and her husband would ever mentioned before, she wanted to shoot down, you can stay and enjoy themselves, but when two people do not approach operating machinery, they also try to rack up the machine, but always vivid enough , there is no sliding lens, there is no way close-up shot, but can only be fixed in one place, but affected the sex passion. I said well, I can do, but I take pictures with no DV. She said the machine I have, you just shot on the line. I say yes, I like new things, although my studio offers a variety of filming, I went for a lot of the human body, but this film I have not tried method. So I think novelty. She told me near her home in International Trade, gave me her phone number. We agreed to take on this Sunday.
Sunday morning, I went to Trade car near her I called, she and her husband a while to come, and I say hello, it is natural, not shy, I naturally do not perturbed. She is very beautiful, Fashionable Japanese escort in new jercy is also very good, the curve punch delivered, Mr. his kind of person looks very elegant, with eyes, two people look very good fit.
Came to their home, much room, very spacious, orderly placed in the room, we sat down to chat, it is natural to enter the topic, they did not a little unnatural, they say their ideas, but want to make their sex shoot down the process, you can enjoy yourself, because they feel that sex is wonderful and sacred, it is our common understanding, so we very pleasant conversation. She occasionally the arm up from the sofa to give me tea or fruit delivery, and then sit back, reclining in her husband's body, looks very loving way.
Talk about almost all the same, they also mentioned a number of requirements, I feel hard to do, read the DV, quickly familiar buttons and functions. They saw their bedroom, pulling curtains, lights on, a little dark, yellow tone are ambiguous atmosphere, it seems they carefully prepared a little, also sprayed some perfume.
Generally looked at space, this time she came out from the bathroom, for a see a thin, transparent pajamas wearing nothing inside, the body's curves looming, his face a hint of blush. Head down, when I saw her a little shy side. She did talk to me in bed, her husband, she got a pajamas back. Also done in bed, we indicate what each other can be started, I opened camera, he slowly Banguo her shoulders, kissed her lips, very gentle, hand slowly stroked her back, she bit too natural, passive acceptance, his hand on her walk. Stretched inside the pajamas rubbing her thigh, she began a little emotional, gentle hum up. Also began to kiss back, eyes closed, it is to enjoy the pleasant gentle. My hands very smooth movement of DV, sometimes shooting them intoxicated expression, sometimes shooting his hand movement, and her response.
Her clothes have been slowly lowered down, she is really good, firm breasts, even lying down there is also a wonderful curves. His hand on her slip, her moans getting up, more and more appealing. Has been slowly planning his fingers into her vagina, her body up one, called a bit loud, enjoy, finger firmly grasp the sheets. I have it all recorded. She was very excited, sounds more and more, breathing more rapid. Fingers casually chops his pajamas down, grabbed his penis, rubbing up fast Taonong, he also enjoyed cried, I changed the point of view, to the close-up, put his penis shoot down the process. His penis is very long and very thick. Hard up and suffused with light. They changed the angle, start mouth to the other services. She put his penis in your mouth, tongue stir. Then spit it out, tongue licking his penis, but also wet with spittle, and he was very emotional, very hard at the other side of the tongue to stimulate her clitoris. Two people groaned, her ass Alice excitement Lao Gao, showing a beautiful curve, because I was the photographer's sake, these wonderful curves and sensitivity. In fact, I too am excited, but I have always maintained a sense, and try to make some of his hand steady.
Two people doing 10 minutes, they have full access to the state, even in the face of my camera, and no sense of shyness in his campaign under the tongue and hand, Fashionable Japanese escort in new jercy has a little stand, twisting body, loud groan. Mouth and cried, ah ... ah ... ... her husband ... ... ... ... ... I want to see the time is ripe for him to finger out from her vagina, turning her body, let her sit on his body, her hand on his penis, slowly sat down, her vagina has been full wet, so the root of the penis is not as easy to all, she looked up, exhaled a heavy, very heavy Oh, a cry, a very comfortable way, this action filled with beauty, I always think the most emotional time in a woman is beautiful, it is a most essential beauty, with no demonstrations and shy. I was only feeling sorry I did not bring a camera, this screen shot down. Fortunately, I have a camera.
She began to twist the body, very skilled, to see that this is a very tricky kind of woman. Her body, eyes closed and enjoy this wonderful moment, and gently humming. He naturally, her penis is worth a cool, drunkenly cried, that sounds really fascinating. I gave a penis from behind inside the vagina and out of the lens, and then slowly moved down her body to her face, the passion of these scenes recorded. Her breasts with her ups and downs and beat the body, this picture is really sultry, my pants have long sticks up, but I have not forgotten my duty. Faithful record of all this.
Like to see him a scholar, did not think he should have the capability, she did a 10 minutes, have an orgasm, Scream aloud, moving did the tricks, although he is also very excited but definitely do not see the way to ejaculation. Holding her slender waist, her control range of activities, occasional hand holding her breasts, her nipples with your fingers fiddle. She soon reached the climax of the peak, and gradually slow down. He sat up a body, took her in his arms, lower body on the top, the whereabouts of her body and then engaged up, mixed with his water, physical impact issue pops crash, she just has to turn off the flame he ignited. Ah ... ... ah ... oh ... oh ... ... the barking, and began swearing a. I'm so comfortable speaking husband was fast ... ... ... ... ... ... dry dry my dead me ... ... a small force to Shuangsi. He naturally to be outdone, a good wife, you are forced to dry up the good little uncomfortable with wet tight ... ... ... ... ... ... comfortable ... ah ... dry ... dry out and die ... you die you die you little dry ... ... ... ... show force mixed with snapped snapped ... ... ... ... is the sound, this is really a wonderful piece of music.
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