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I am a white collar and a body indulgence

I am a white collar and a body indulgence
Spring of 2006, I madly in love with the online chat. Sina chat room, Zhengzhou people I frequented the place. Out there, I met a friends, and honor her in a hotel and made a passionate afternoon.
I, as usual, to the chat room for each girl (of course do not know is true or false girls girls) made a sentence "Hello" and then wait for someone to talk to me. This time I saw her name: red armbands licking fragrant. Good and poetic a name! I think at that time, the name brought back from that is a scholar of my interest. Unexpectedly, she quickly gave me back then, so we chatted on.
What concrete began to talk, and now I have to remember. Just remember chatting chatting on the chat to love up with sexual problems. She told me her boyfriend in Beijing, her boyfriend often go to see Beijing. They have bought a house, get married. I tentatively asked her, you only go once every few days in Beijing, met her boyfriend you must like wolves, like sheep met it. . . . . . She said ah, but her boyfriend's friend does not always play gooseberry ah at night we dined also chosen to join us to her boyfriend's house, playing to the middle of the night still hang. I said it does not affect your good thing? She said, I do not care, I just enjoy yourself, I miss a few days and not see him enjoy the passion! I said, his friend says no madness in your peeping at the door when fighting it. She said that sometimes the next morning they also jokingly said: We hear you so crazy last night, if he can not satisfy you, ah, when we need help to call soon ah. I listened to them will soon Pooh! Then I do not know how we like the content of talk these have had a great interest. We exchanged their sexual preference, she told me she and her boyfriend likes to lick each other like crazy to stimulate the sex, she liked to wear very sexy underwear. She said she travel every place, we must Guangyi Xia mall, buy sexy underwear she was never mean money. She also has a special trip to Hong Kong to buy a lace underwear, so beautiful this sexy underwear so that he is only willing to have sex with her boyfriend when wearing. She told me that her boyfriend is also a clear understanding of how a man of passion and style. Once, he said he wanted her weekend, she flew to Beijing to find him. To her boyfriend's residence, opened the door, she saw her boyfriend stripped naked at the door waiting for her! She said they hugged tightly at the moment, they began having sex crazy! And the third day of her talk, we exchange their photos, photo, she was a plump girl, not very tall, curly hair natural is the way that a lot of flavor. She looked at my photos to me that does not want this pervert quite Road, you handsome ah. I can not say how handsome a man worthy of you ah. She Hehedexiao for a long time.
We talk to the passion with the possibility of this problem up. I said, one can do with you? I will touch you gently kiss you, make you cool to the extreme. She said that, these days No, my aunt came. I am a bit strange, and asked her aunt to the pipe you love what we do ah? cute japanese escort in ny laughed not, say, stupid, even this did not know ah you? I my periods. I was really shallow for their blush.
A few days later, we met as long as you have the opportunity to chat with online. Of course, the content of chat is very in-depth study in sex when their favorite kind of Choucha way and how the height of pleasure is exactly what the feeling. She promised me in the chat, a few days and I do, be sure to buy from Hong Kong to wear that sexy lace panties so I appreciate the appreciation. At this time, we have each other left a phone number. Unexpectedly, she was to work in an executive body. This morning, I called her and said, do it together today, I want to die you. She said, OK, ah, right at noon, 1:00 or so you call me, I and my colleagues at noon to eat. I am extremely excited, even that good good. Put down the phone, I store in the unit downstairs to buy something to eat casually filled Tiandu Zi, on the Internet easily and sisters chatted, agitated waiting for the arrival of one o'clock.
1 point to, and I called her, she said, we just had dinner, I wait for you in Rd after you come to me. I said OK, hung up the phone immediately taxi in the past.
I am a taxi to the agreed place, much to see her at the junction. I pulled out a cell phone to call her, she look at my phone, there is no connection, look around to find me, I get a taxi to stop, shouted: In this it. She went over, sat on the car. The car, cute japanese escort in ny asked me to go there? I said, go to Henan hotel bar. cute japanese escort in ny said OK.
To Henan hotel, I went to register the total station room, she in the hall waiting for me. Registration is over, I beckoned to her, she followed me to the room to go. And a strange girl, after all, the room, I felt a bit embarrassed to face the waiter, and fear encountered an acquaintance, gave her that you find a waiter to open the door past the first 10 minutes after my past. She said yes, took to go to the registration card.
After a while, I gave her a cell phone, she said, I am in the room, you come. I hurried to the room in time, but, on the third floor in the wrong direction, or be cross-examined the waiter about it, was able to escape. I do not know this small text to see the color of you brother color brother who is not and there have been such an embarrassing experience?
Into the room, I saw her mouth was the bathroom, I used to own a pro her gently. She said softly, do not worry ah, I have to take a bath. Then she went to bed and undress. Tell me, if you have the face of a horny for a long time now you undress in front of a woman, you have much patience waiting for her to take a bath? Anyway, I can not wait for the moment it! I walked a few steps in her skirt off and quickly helped her when a sudden exposing her plump thighs! Then I would not hesitate to pressure on her body! Then I hand around her, untied his pants with one hand. At that time, I think too many people wear clothes really fuck over it!
Oh, I heard her excitedly called a cry!
Then I was impatient to get my calendar already up victims of the penis into her vagina. A lot of water inside her vagina, I did not cost nothing on the inside, and into very deep.
I started moving up and down, while I plug her mouth, hello sexy so beautiful. . . .
She was very excited in my body twisted under and ambiguous to say that your cock a good rough ah. I say that today I will let you cool your fill. . .
She did more plentiful, I plugged her feel very comfortable. Inserted for a while, I want to change the position, I know she likes from behind, on out of the penis, indicating she rolled over, she was with in the ass to me, I held her ass white and tender, fierce of what the penis inserted into her vagina! She cried excitedly.
They inserted a while, I want her to lick my cock, taking dick on his back in bed. She quickly understood my intentions, gently lowered his head, on my cock licking up little by little. My dick is on her Aiye, licking her very seriously. While, she again my cock all with the mouth, moves quickly up and down shaking her head, I feel very comfortable. Slowly, she licked faster and faster, tongue licking my cock head was itching uncomfortable, I felt the urge to ejaculate, I want her to play more for a while, now do not want to ejaculate on the out hands trying to push her, and behold, I want to push her to see her, but stimulated my desire to lick her, she hugged my waist, licking faster. I really can not stand to shoot, push hard on shouting her! I said, you better lick of effort calendar harm. She smiled proudly. I lie on the up, turn the body, so that my ass to face her, she motioned to me to lick the anus. I would just like to try her, thought she does not hesitate to get on the ground body, to stretch my tongue Ding ditch, her tongue in my ass licked up and down the ditch, I'm so comfortable. Exercise his mother! I am almost 30 years old, was the first time was, by a woman licking asshole! I was great. . . . . . . .   
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