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Pretty boss is cute japanese escort in Queens

Pretty boss is cute japanese escort in Queens

 I looked at some run-down in front of the house, the heart of the excitement is simply difficult to express in words. I finally come to the cities, and since I was a city person. I cry in my heart was hard.

But to be honest, this is a place where old extreme, even our family can not keep up his pen. Dirty ground piled thick layer of broken plastic bags, standing on top of soft, piece of dirt road entrance to the village as we had just been rain soaked the same. Above the heap of garbage mixed with some other, non-stop waves of pungent odor comes out.

However, this taste at the moment seems to smell in the nose is also the home of the pen than a hundred times on the smell good, because here, I earn every month on the five hundred dollars, which for me since childhood, grew up in rural areas children is undoubtedly an astronomical figure.

"Tigers." As the boss cries, to wake me Congchensizhong.

"Do not look, this is your way to work, children, job quite simple, every day you broke my bags back to the mix on this machine is broken, then give it to Pharaoh, Pharaoh put them do have a new bag of melting, what wages, we have reached an agreement in the labor market thing, what do not understand and asked Pharaoh. "boss pointed to a more than 30 years of age, hair a mess of a man said to me .

"Pharaoh, This is new to the workers - two tigers, then he do not understand what you bring along with him, anyway you with me for several years, handed him over to you and me at ease." Boss have against Pharaoh said.

"OK, boss Do not worry, they give me." Pharaoh replied with a smile on the boss.

In this way, I am in the old settled down plastic factory at night, when they saw another worker - big Gang, a twenty-year-old boy, go somewhere else during the day a delivery. He saw the arrival of a newcomer, you smiled at me, I feel very kind to others. I smiled at him, even know each other. Chatted for a few and found that he actually is in the Formation of the neighboring village to the city's time is not long. In this strange city to see a fellow suddenly feel a lot closer.

A few days later, I saw the woman in from the field, as cute japanese escort in Queens and her boss are great I was three or four, but I feel as if they were a lot younger than me, like.

To be honest, the wife is not particularly pretty long, is the only count on it. But I saw her heart to feel powerful, the face is always hot hot. In our village, I have never seen a woman like her. cute japanese escort in Queens wore tight pants ah well, each time after she turned from me, can see her ass out of a deep gluteal cleft Le. I can not help breathing it becomes thick.

Cute japanese escort in Queens's really thin waist, and walking as if the whole body twist, two chest bulging with meat ball and went back and forth shaking. I have never heard of a woman like her so good, every smell the smell of her, my heart is like to be burned the same. But I can not see her, never dared. Fear of leakage from the face of those strange idea of ??my heart. So, every time, and boss speak, I always head down to answer. My boss has been really fun laugh, like a big girl shy. Every time this time, I will work hard for, if this can ease the atmosphere than the same kind of embarrassing.

So, after a month, I got my first eighteen years to earn money. I tightly clutched the five new hundred dollar bills, I feel the people are floating almost to fly, I carefully folded it into his trouser pockets hides, they thought, or feel less secure, but also out to firmly wrapped with a cloth, wearing a jacket stuffed into the pockets of paste. Separated by a thin shirt, I seem to feel the money is attached to the hard on my heart.

I did not dare to ride, for fear of being stolen, simply trotted went to more than 10 miles outside of the post office, sent to the family of four hundred and fifty dollars, just give yourself a fifty living expenses. Delivery staff took out a small change (I have a few dollars deducted postage) I re-pack it neatly in Bristol, turned around and ran back to the factory. Along the way, I felt more blue than the previous day, the air is especially fresh. More than 10 miles away as if blink of an eye to go. That are not tired.

In the evening, we three workers lying north of the big house kang. In normal times, I just on the kang, an instant will sleep in the past, although vaguely aware of Pharaoh and the big talk for a while every day and just sleep, but I have never been to ignore. But today is too excited, simply sleep, simply open eyes watching them.

"Hey, this is how the two tigers? Zhuangxie it? How such a spirit?" Pharaoh looked at me uncharacteristically strange asked.

"Oh, he was the first time today paychecks, not the past that kind of sub-excitement kept it to, we went last night 'where Buddist' talk." Big just to the side talking.

Pharaoh did not answer, first elated smile for a while, then said solemnly: "Well, not to mention, do say something to write with color, the tigers are led astray."

"Well, also fitted Shaya, tigers are big, and also set a bad ass ah." Disdain big mouth to say just tilted, and then turning his head came up to me and said: "tigers, brother taught you today, first a four- large hard, listening to - a carpenter's hammer under the dragon egg, a man's cock diamond. "finish, his first ha ha laughing.

My life, I was the first time heard this straightforward doggerel, hey just could not help but also followed the great music together.

See the next Pharaoh did not care for him, as if a little anxious, show off the side of the shouted: "Damn, you know something so right, there are four soft, four incense, four smelly, you know it? "

Just heard a large, hastily turning his head over, facing Pharaoh said: "Well, do not hedge, and you speak, listen Men go again."

I also side nodded.

This proud Pharaoh up, the first cough a few times, then self-satisfied, said: "Four soft Yeah, that is - rotten persimmon yellow cake, bitch's waist cotton bag."

Hearing this, I am, just have involuntary laugh again.

We hear the laughter, Pharaoh is more proud of, "There are four fragrant it - spring wildflowers Liquor, Pork tongue bitch."

Just listening to great, almost passed out laughing, his mouth still kept talking about, as if these words should have memorized the same.

I find it very strange, even puzzling. Endure for a long time, or did not hold back, simply facing the Pharaoh asked: "You say the first few samples are fragrant, so what can a woman's tongue taste? Full of spittle stars, and more nausea."
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