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And a beautiful lady shared the true story of foot

And a beautiful lady shared the true story of foot

Covered a number of outstanding Master Legend of the miracle, a 69 ho room ID, four years of university worthy of showing off without leaving any traces.

So when the recruitment of other cities in an inconspicuous notice sent later, I determined floating past.

Treatment in general, although the house is just wishful thinking, but still more than enough to feed themselves, rented a two room one hall, I began to look forward to insignificant posts shared shared MM ... sent out the first two days, I received so that I have waves of sound, crisp, too TMD crisp, and perhaps the reason I hold back too long afternoon, when I opened the door, even if like me, steeped (Harmony) BXJ so many years failed to suppress the hearts of living coursing over Meng's eyes, batch shoulder long hair, small black silk skirt under a small pair of spindly legs ... the dim empty, loosely, Lan Lan? ? ? ? Flashed according to numerous female stars of the fruit well, then I think a lot of the original JRS issued only really benefits all who stand in front of Java, in order to feel kind of like rock but not rock even more stimulation, "You Well, you are calling yesterday's ... "

"Ah, I'll see ..."

After some pleasantries, I began to preach how good a house, how convenient traffic after reading MM, chuckled: "The house is good, it does not look like you were a good man."

Is not it, a remark, I anxiously: "What is a good man you meet, you avoid the water!"

"Really, that under such a box next to help me move it ..."

At first, I thought that in such a small space, will be able to produce a lot of friction and ah, three seconds, a week after an offensive foul, I know, we both did not in the same league every morning when I go to work, never I saw her get up every day to sleep, cute japanese escort in mahhatan did not return more than 10 points on the weekend is out, come back until late at night like me a rich background for the JR, then cute japanese escort in mahhatan must immediately determine the National Security Agency.

Since then, I did not dare to dirty underwear on the balcony watching the YY infinite spring, I simply rushed in the house on Tiger, right on the front of products on welfare plans, see more man, boring.

Until a month later, I did not know her name that night, cute japanese escort in mahhatan came back, my ho and students on the opening black room, sleep did not hear the voice of her bath, I heard the cries of severe cough, and that called a distressed, so I am not the most delicate girl look sick in the morning, I go directly to a pharmacy to buy her a Pipa Lu, leave a note: hey, this drink is very useful, do not delay --- - good to read the tutorial bare Hu because of who I know basic strokes consume at least a half of blood is no problem.

Sure enough, coming back from work at night, I saw more than a line of words on paper: I do not call hey, you asked me to Wenwen Well, thank you ~ ~ look at the bad guys words on paper, I do not blame the heartless that they committed the TMD abuse , I think the water can cure cough pear, cut into slices on it to buy a good rice cooker steam, I did not sleep downstairs to see her figure, and immediately put water on the table pears, leaving the paper Article: Man Man, this drink, keep a good man bunk tomorrow like ---- I heard movement outside MM drink indescribably happy, I know basically spike.

: Really tasty, thank you thank you ~ ~ bad guy: That's good, later told me ---- something good I want to fast forward, but I never thought so fast.

Weekend that week, she actually did not go to work, at noon it actually said to me a smile: "bad guys, thank you for the medicine, I ask you!"

"I was good, what to eat, say, how can I let a little girl would you please, really."

I took Wenwen eat, then lie to her to see a movie, though she said I was the bad guys along the way, but did not reject all requests to my home, I bathed in bed, just squint a while, saw off his jacket wearing a black silk skirt plus the Wenwen 站在房门口 flushed "bad guys, do me a favor, come to my room now!"

This is too fast, and I Miaole Miao my brother, JRS thought the old saying: in the future a little tweaking to say I pretended to her room, incense and "bad guys, you go bed ..." Wenwen sound small, but I had not heard it, she likes women's position?

"You turn around, lie well ..."

My God, she will not be the right man, this day of camouflaged too TMD demon, right stockings, my God, she used her feet rubbing my feet, "comfortable?" Wenwen's a little shy I have to storm the sound of the "comfortable, really comfortable TMD" So love her feet, ah, really eccentric calf, thigh, buttocks, back, she was wearing stockings Yuzu constantly flirting with my body's cells followed, she suddenly double pressure on my back legs, long hair hanging down in my ear flowing, well, when I have the heart to stone more of her in the end to be doing?

"Bad guys, his hands to me."

If you can hold your hand, even if I am willing to be twisted into a bow, "the bad guys, squatting against the wall you go"

I looked back and saw her lying behind me actually, but not great fullness in the chest in my underwear against the backdrop of the saliva inside the pharynx to the stomach only, is not it, can you? She actually wanted to use top up my knee I finally realized that she gave me a massage "line, you relax," she have to get flushed several times after the failure, and finally succeeded, actually happy she jumped up, I think many fail several times, because I can lie on her arms, especially small hand touched her leg when wearing a black silk after a long, hard, we have two no barriers, starting with me about her Wenwen all: inside the store and sisters do care have stepped back, she will not do, had to take me to do experiments.

"Girl, even though you try, you're welcome!"

"Bad guys, I thought you would despise me it ..."

"How will that only regular hard just like you do, but be careful you do this."

"Well, I know, I did not read good books, do first the little money."

After that, I just known for many years and Wenwen friend, I began to deliberately wait until the night with her supper, she began to take advantage of the surprise I was not clean out my room, only two days off a month she will always and I fool around, I started holding her hand go to the movies, she began to drink tea I drink half of the ice, I do not know if this is is love, but I only know the feeling of holding her very happy really, although At first I had to her underwear countless wretched idea, so I hugged her when no one thought to do in bed I did not mention exercise, even if fragrant harmony of her mouth, tongue ... ... that on such a day daily flow of happiness, the idea that the lens only on television staged a relentless home phone, the news that his father was seriously ill cry Wenwen spot down at her emotional instability, I sit down with her decisive the train home maybe I should have known her family is not rich but just work for me, not how much money people have to take out all my savings, borrowed money with my colleagues, so money will basically maintain a 2,3 months now Wenwen not refuse my money, arranged home, she actually came back with me to comfort her, I said, all right, work together to find ways Wenwen smile will get better the next, lying on my arms crying one night.
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